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Travelog for: Frankie_Blue

Tirano, Italia - 28th June 2010

By: annix

Hi mum,
I spent the week end to the mountain. We left from Tirano, a beautiful town close to the Swiss border. From there we took the "little red train" for a touristic trip through the Alps. The red and white flag of Switzerland was waiting for us! On the train there was a map of our route.
Wait my next upload to see where I arrived!

frankie 52.jpg
frankie 53.jpg
frankie 54.jpg
frankie 55.jpg
frankie 56.jpg
frankie 57.jpg
frankie 58.jpg
frankie 59.jpg
frankie 60.jpg

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St. Moritz, Switzerland - 28th June 2010

By: annix

Here I'm in Switzerland!
I saw wonderful landscapes, lakes, mountain streams and, in the end, the glaciers!
Then I arrived in St. Moritz, a few pictures and a visiti in the neighbourhood, do you like these places?

frankie 61.jpg
frankie 62.jpg
frankie 63.jpg
frankie 64.jpg
frankie 65.jpg
frankie 66.jpg
frankie 67.jpg
frankie 68.jpg
frankie 69.jpg
frankie 70.jpg
frankie 71.jpg

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Milano, Italia - 20th July 2010

By: annix

Hi mummy,
I was so busy preparing my journey to my new host that I forgot to post my last pictures in Italy before I left!
My Italian host is doing it for me...

frankie 72.jpg
frankie 73.jpg

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Richlands, North Carolina, USA - 23rd July 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!!

I arrived safely at my host's house in Richlands, North Carolina.  My host says I look a lot like Snuttig!! Snuttig was here for a visit at Christmas time and I saw all his photos!!  It is VERY HOT and HUMID here!! Today was 106!!!  I was really glad to get out of my envelope!!  I had a long flight over the Atlantic from Italy.  Here I am getting out of my envelope!!


After I got out and had a nice stretch I felt something tap me on the shoulder.  It was two other TVs.. one is a Canadian Eagle named Landroval and the other is a Russian Beaver named Beaver.  Beaver has been here for a few months and Landroval has been here for almost a month.  They both told me I am going to have a lot of fun here!


My host told me that one of her TVs is named Boo Boo and he is a blue bear.  His life
missions are very similiar to mine!!  My host said that the Blue Ridge Parkway is in North
Carolina but it is a seven hour drive to reach it!!  I am going to see some photos of it online!  I smelled something really good cooking and it was time for me to go eat Dinner.
I had a delicious meal of Tandori chicken, Goya flavored rice, black beans and Garlic Naan bread.  It was VERY tasty!!


Ok well I am now going to go watch a movie called *Hot Tub Time machine* it is suppose to be really funny!! I am safe and sound and having fun!!


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MCAS, New River, USA - 29th July 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!!
Today my host had 24 hour duty on the Marine base so we took him Taco Bell for dinner and visited the base!  You need a special clearance to get out on the flight line, we got special top secret clearance to go in and look around!!

Here we are at the gate waiting for our host to come and buzz us through the gate.



We sat on a very cool staircase that went upstairs to the Duty hut. 


My host explained that the famous battles that the Marines had fought in were the ones painted on the walls.  Here we are with a few of them.



Once we got upstairs we got our yummy Taco Bell food out and ate it all up!!


After we ate, we went down to the Helicopter Bay.  We got to see the CH53 and the V22 Osprey helicopters.  Here we are with the CH53... this helicopter can hold 50 Marines and pick up 20,000 lbs of gear!!  Our host usually gets to take us inside the helicopters but there were too many people around... we still had fun though!!



Here we are standing in front of the CH53...look how BIG it is!!


On our way back to the car we took a quick photo of the V22 Osprey.  These are the newest helicopters and they have two rotar heads on them!! You can see both rotars on each side of the helicopter.  When they go up in the air the blades come up and over the top of the helicopter!!! we see them flying over the top of our house every single day!!

We had a lot of fun being honorary Marines for the day!! we got to see things that very few people have access too!!  hope your having a great day!!

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Richlands, NC, USA - 19th August 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!!!
Just wanted to do a quick update!  We have not done anything news worthy lately so I thought I would take a few photos of me and my TV friends cooking dinner!!

We all went out to the mailbox today and there was a beautiful postcard from Las Vegas!!  One of my host's TVs named Bart is out in Las Vegas and having a great time!  He sent us a postcard from Ceasers Palace!! Here we are with the postcard.


I asked my host what and where is Las Vegas.....we keep seeing really funny television commercials that say *What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas*.  My host says Las Vegas is like its very own country for adults LOL  it is located in Nevada out in the middle of the desert and it is spectacular to see at night!!

Tonight we cooked dinner.  We made 18 bean soup, potato salad and hot biscuits.  We had to soak the beans overnight in water and then today we cooked it and added smoked sausage and tomatos,  It was very tasty!!



Here we are getting ready to put the biscuits in the oven.


We are going to go to the movies and see *Eat,Love and Pray* we hear it is very good and my host loves Julia Roberts!! it has been 99 degrees with 100% humidity the entire month of August.....my host says hopefully next month it will drop into the 80s!  Can you believe 80 degrees in September??? well I am off to go watch a bunch of shows that have been recorded off the DVR..... *Army Wives*  *Rescue Me* and *Mad Men* are waiting for us to watch!! have you heard of these shows??  Mad Men is my hosts favorite and I have to admit the story line is fantastic!! talk to you later!!  ;)

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New River Marina, USA - 5th September 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi  Mom!
This weekend we went to the Marine Base where my host works.  They had a family day down at the Marina.  We got to play on the big slides, go for a boat ride and eat lots of yummy food!! You will see I am with a lot of BLUE toys on the playground :)











Before we get out in the Canoe we read that the water has alligators!!! Beaver tells us that it will be ok,  He  talks  to the alligators and explain we are TVs and we want to have some fun!



It was a really fun day!! we were really tired when it was time to go home!!! Hope you had a good weekend!!

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Summit Point, West Virginia, USA - 11th September 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!!!!
How are you???  We just got back from the race track!! This was my first time and it was sooo much fun!!  I am becoming a expert rider!!! I got to go in my first race!! My host put me inside his leathers and took me in the middleweight Superbike class!! hahaha! I got up to 175 mph on the front straight!!  We traveled back up to Summit Point, West Virginia for some fun racing!! The weather was nice and sunny and I had my two friends with me Landroval and Beaver.  This was my first time to the track, Beaver and Landroval have been here before, so they showed me around.

Here we are in the hallway ready to load our suitcases and get comfy for the 7 hour drive.


We go over to one of my hosts friends pit and check out his race bike.  His team is called *Angry Snowman racing* lol you can see right in front of this photo a sticker of the angry Snowman :) 


Here we are with the Angry Snowman banner.


Here we are on the Snowmans race bike.


It gets late out so we go to bed.  We know we have a lot of work to do in the morning. 

After some coffee we start working on my hosts race bike.  Here we are in the tool box doing the best we can!


After the bike is prepped we have to go buy some special race gas called U4 *VP* fuel..... my host says VP should stand for *Very Pricey* lol it is $85.00 for five gallons!!


Next we go over to the Pirelli Tires vendor and pick up a new pair for the race......one set of tires will last only three races....my host says she tries not to think about the money they spend on the tires lol!


Now it is time to race!!! here we are watching my host!! I know it is hard to see but he is the second bike in the blurry background.  We cheer him on!!

Here we are over at turn #10.  You can see all the bikes racing in the background behind us.


This is a very special weekend because the sidecars are here!!! These are two people motorcycles and they are soo exciting to watch!! we are down by the James Bond 007 bike on the ground...do you see us?? these were so neat!!



At night we each get a bottle of Boones Farm to celebrate the fun weekend with!! It is kind of a joke to drink this drink as it is VERY cheap!!! but it is soo tasty!!


I had a really good time and met some new friends.  I have been really enjoying learning all about Motorcycle racing.  We have to repack everything since we are going to the LAST race of the year which will be held at Virginia International Raceway....this is our hosts favorite track...and it is only 3 and a half hours away!!  This will be taking place September 23-26th.  A huge crowd will be in attendence as it is the last event of the race year for my hosts riding club.  I heard Darcie say she is ready for her credit card to take a break :) 

Hugs and kisses!
Frankie Blue

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Richlands, NC, USA - 19th September 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!!!

Today Nijntje arrived from The Netherlands with Lucan.  They have been to Jordan!!! They get out of their travel envelope and come  and tell us all about their travels. 



We have been REALLY busy getting ready for the last  motorcycle race next weekend at Virginia International Raceway!!  I feel like a Motorcycle expert now!  I am also told that my host is selling his motorcycle because he has a brand new one that we are picking up on Tuesday!!  I work hard with the other TVs to get the bike that is for sale all nice and tuned up and then I help load the trailer for next weekend.





I heard we are going back to the Marine base again but this time we are going to FLY the helicopters!!! I cant wait!!

Frankie Blue

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New River Air Station, Jacksonville, USA - 30th September 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!!
My host took us back to the Marine Corps Air Station where he works and we got to sneak out on to the flight line! 

Do you know where we are?? We waited till no one was around and got inside the helicopter!! Here we are at the controls!!


Here we are in the CO Pilots seat ready for take off!!


Here we all are inside my hosts hat looking out the back of the helicopter.


This is us outside the V22 *Osprey* helicopter.  This is the ONLY place in the world that they are kept!!


Here we are sitting on one of the V22 Rotar blades.  The blade is made out of Carbon Fiber and costs one million dollars a piece!! You can see the V22 sitting in the background waiting for us to go on a ride!!



I will post photos from the very last motorcyle race of the year that I just got back from when I get some more free time :)


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Virginia International Raceway, USA - 1st October 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!!!
I have uploaded the photos from the last motorcycle race of the year.  We had a fantastic time!  The race was at Virginia International raceway.  This is our hosts favorite track and it is located in a very beautiful part of Virginia.  Here are my photos!!

Here we are on the scooter getting ready to go for a ride!!


We were parked right next to a very good friend of my hosts.  His name is Jim and he races two bikes.  Here we are sitting on the bikes and checking them out!! They are both Yamaha R6s.


We set up our pit area and got the computer out so we could check the weather and surf the internet.


We make chicken burritos for dinner!!! they are soo good!!


Parked on the other side of us is our friends from New York, Danny and Gian.  Here we are on Gians motorcycle.  He went on to win lots of trophies on Saturday and Sunday.


Here we are on the winners podium!! we get on the first place box and pose for a photo. :)


Here we are with our friends dog.  He wanted to pick us up and chew on us but my host made sure that did not happen!! hahaha!


Here we are on on the track waiting to see the start of the race.  You can see our host on the red bike on the front row.  We love watching how fast the bikes go!!


We had a wonderful time watching everyone and we were sad to see the racing season come to a end.  The fun part is our host and his friends took us out on the track during one of the races!!! you could not see us because we were tucked inside the leathers!! I got to go sooo fast and I had sooo much fun!!

Frankie Blue

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Richlands, USA - 16th October 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Today a new TV named Regit Brown arrived!! here we are talking to him and welcoming him to North Carolina!!!


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Sülfeld, Germany - 25th October 2010

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

I arrived in Sülfeld today. Dicker Kumpel gave me a warm welcome.


Then he introduced me to the others.


I shared my Halloween-Sweets with my new friends.


Then we went outside to make a walk. Here you see us...


...on a big tractor.


Look - a beautiful plant and a lady beetle.


The autumn starts - the trees change their colors.



First I saw this little river...


...later a little lake.


We passed a dangerous place - it is the house of the shooting club.


I am sure that I will have a nice time here.


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Sülfeld, Germany - 31st October 2010

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

It is me - Frankie_Blue. Are you surprised to see me like that? It is Halloween!!! We all  wanted to go as ghosts - but to tell the truth, RikeH is not really good in creating costumes, although she spent hours on it. Well now I look like something between a ghost and a mummy, but I am sure, we will have fun this day.


Well, we went outside and stopped at the first house we found. It seems to be winter? A funny snowman.

Can you see me in my costume?



The door opened and we sang a song - and recited a poem.


Good luck for us - we got sweets.




Well - it was a rainy day - so we decided to go back onto our armchair.


We put away our costumes - well - not everybody did it. Maybe a real ghost - we all were very curious.


Fortunately not - it was a new ToyVoyager here - called Hoots. We were very surprised, because we didn't know that he would come. He was invited more than 6 weeks ago...


Dicker Kumpel gave him a warm welcome.


RikeH told us that we should eat something normal, before eating all the candys, so we had some burgers.


I shared mine with Padi.


It was yummy. We will spend the rest of the day looking out of the window - and watching the ghosts outside.


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Sülfeld, Germany - 6th November 2010

By: RikeH

Happy Birthday Rike!

We celebrated this day with RikeH, of course!


I played with the balloons.


Wonderful flowers!




I heart music with RikeH's new MP3-Player - it sounds great.



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