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Find out if he is a bear or a dog.

Eat blue ice cream.

Meet more blue animals.

Visit the "Blue Mountains", either in the USA, Australia or Jamaica

Paint something blue.

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Travelog for: Frankie_Blue

Remscheid, Germany - 16th April 2010


By: olgamaus

travelling to, Italy - 26th April 2010


By: olgamaus

Milano, Italy - 4th May 2010

frankie 1.jpgfrankie 2.jpgfrankie 3.jpg 

By: annix

Milano, Italy - 5th May 2010

frankie 4.jpgfrankie 5.jpgfrankie 6.jpgfrankie 7.jpgfrankie 8.jpg 

By: annix

Milano, Italy - 9th May 2010

Frankie 9.jpg 

By: annix

Milano, Italy - 18th May 2010

frankie 10.jpgfrankie 11.jpgfrankie 12.jpgfrankie 13.jpgfrankie 14.jpg 

By: annix

Milano, Italy - 25th May 2010

frankie 15.jpgfrankie 16.jpgfrankie 17.jpg 

By: annix

Marotta, Italy - 26th May 2010

Frankie 17.jpgFrankie 18.jpgFrankie 23.jpgFrankie 24.jpg 

By: annix

Marotta, Italia - 27th May 2010

Frankie 19.jpgFrankie 20.jpgFrankie 21.jpgFrankie 22.jpg 

By: annix

Marotta, Italia - 30th May 2010

Frankie 25.jpgFrankie 26.jpgFrankie 27.jpgFrankie 28.jpgFrankie 29.jpgFrankie 30.jpg 

By: annix

Marotta, Italia - 3rd June 2010

Frankie 31.jpgFrankie 32.jpgFrankie 33.jpgFrankie 34.jpgFrankie 35.jpgFrankie 36.jpgFrankie 37.jpg 

By: annix

Bologna, Italia - 7th June 2010

Frankie 38.jpgFrankie 39.jpgFrankie 40.jpgFrankie 41.jpgFrankie 42.jpgFrankie 43.jpgFrankie 44.jpgFrankie 45.jpgFrankie 46.jpgFrankie 47.jpgFrankie 48.jpgFrankie 49.jpgFrankie 50.jpg 

By: annix

Milano, Italia - 21st June 2010

frankie 51.jpg 

By: annix

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