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Travelog for: PinkyHH

Kangar, Malaysia - 6th June 2009

By: aliah

Aliah's brother is wearing traditional Malay men outfit called baju melayu for the wedding


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Beseri, Malaysia - 6th June 2009

By: aliah

Before the bride & groom enter the hall, they are welcome with silat, a traditional Malay self-defence.


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Kangar, Perlis - 7th June 2009

By: aliah

At Kangar town centre


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Calgary, Canada - 23rd June 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

I arrived in Calgary, I am in Canada :D I completed one of my missions  B)...well, I hope my visiting of Canada will not stop at the post office and Smaug’s letter box and living room  ;)
When I was still in the envelope I heard a lot of voices and coming out I realised that they were other TVs  :o ready to welcome me, wow. Let me list them: Sully Monster is visiting from Australia, Purple Haze and Mr Bananas are from England, Pepita is here at home a few days waiting to go to Germany and sammino is a stay-at-home TV.
They are all very nice but I am so tired...I am sure they won’t mind if I fall asleep and chat with them a bit more tomorrow, yaaawn

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Medicine Hat, Canada - 25th June 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

today we went with Smaug to Medicine Hat, a town South-west of Calgary where he had to attend a meeting.  The place is 300km from Calgary so we had quite some time on the road to look at the prairies, my first real look at Canada. Well, here are a couple of shots that will give you an idea of the landscape.

But you shouldn’t think that the view was the same for three hours, there were plenty of changes like hmmm, the odd herd of cows grazing on the side of the road, the side of the road were the odd herd of cows was grazing on and of course the colour of the cows in the odd herd of cows, so exciting  ;)
You won’t be surprised that we spent most of the trip reading the newspaper and chatting.

We actually didn’t see much of Medicine Hat itself as Smaug was a bit busy so we only managed to get a picture with the biggest tepee in the world. It is actually a steel structure, much cooler if you are not too close to it B)

When we came back home Pepita jumped in her envelope and got ready to travel to her next host in Germany, wow  :)

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Moraine Lake, Canada - 1st July 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today was Canada day here and there was supposed to be celebrations everywhere, but unfortunately Smaug was working, so we were ready to spend the whole day at home  :(. But he came back early in the afternoon and we went out for a little (2 hours each way) trip to Moraine Lake  :D.

The others have been here already and they told me that last time the lake was almost empty, but today it looks pretty full; apparently the best location for photos was closed due to works on the path, but we still managed to take some pictures.
As you can see there was quite a throng  :stare:as a new TV, Orpheus, joined us and we had a guest from Europe, Sigfrido the moose.

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Calgary, Canada - 3rd July 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

today was the opening day of the Calgary Stampede, that the organizers call “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”  :o. Well, that might be an arguable statement, but it’s definitely something big. The core of the show are daily rodeos and chuckwagon races, so as you can guess the whole show has a strong western theme. To get in the atmosphere we decided to wear a cowboy hat before heading down to the Stampede Park...hmmm, finding a hat of the right size was a bit of problem so it was actually the hat that was wearing us B)


Down at the park it was very crowded: fun fairs, markets, animal exhibitions were all packed with people, but eventually smaug found a “quiet” spot where we could take some group pictures overlooking the park.
You can even see Calgary downtown  :) although you can barely see me  :(

What a long day! And when we came back Orpheus jumped in a suitcase to start his journeys, so we all wished him good luck  :)

and eventually went to bed  ;)

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Calgary, Canada - 7th July 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today is my first birthday, wow! I was a bit worried over the last few days smaug has been always at work and we have hardly seen him at all after the Stampede opening, so I thought that no one was going to remember about my birthday. But this morning he gently waked me very early before going out and wished me happy birthday, I was so happy and when I woke up again (yes, I went back to sleep ;) ) all the toys here sang happy birthday for me  :D


Sammino said that we should make the date a bit special, so first we had a hearty breakfast with chocolate cookies :)


We dipped  the cookies in milk and chocolate while Mr Bananas and Purple Haze had some proper English tea.


After that we spent the morning playing cards…salzburger spielkarten not really something I expected to find in western Canada  :o


We played Watten, actually Blind-Watten and sammino explained us the rules….that took a while  ;)


You usually play in pairs, so I teamed up with Purple Haze against Mr Bananas and Sully Monster, but as we were all novices we got the help of an “experienced player” each. My help is not actually a fan of daylight, so I had to keep nudging him to prevent him from falling asleep  :rolleyes:


I think that in the end Purple Haze and myself won the game or so sammino told us. Later, after a bit of rest,  sammino showed us how to make a paper frog, well not just a paper frog, but a paper jumping frog  :stare:


We all got quickly into it and started preparing our own frogs, and after a bit we were all ready to line up the frogs for a race.


The race “track” was on the table with some, hmmm, artificial obstacles...


...but after a few laps all the frogs ended up jumping down the table so we called the race off and just spent the rest of the day chatting and relaxing as usual  ;)

Later sammino taught to me how to say honey in Italian: it’s “miele”. And when smaug came back in the evening he showed me your happy birthday message, I was so happy, thanks mum  :D!!


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Fairview Mountain, Canada - 18th July 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

After a couple of weeks when we have hardly seen Smaug, today we were active again. The weather forecast was for more than 30 degrees, first time of the year  :)....and maybe last time too  :( So we left very early in the morning to go to a place called Fairview Mountain, that, at 2744m, is one of the highest points that you can reach with a trail in the Rockies national parks.
We started taking some pictures while still close to the valley floor. Here is the Bow Valley heading North...


And this is our destination for the day.....are we really going up there  :stare:?


At this point sammino left us for a “reconnaissance mission” to the top and we met him only later on.
When we reached the top, smaug allowed us some rest while he looked for some got point for taking pictures...


...and sammino reappeared with some food for us :o When we asked how did he find kinder chocolate and a landjaeger  in the middle of the mountains he said that a bird of prey never revels the secrets of his hunting  territory...the fact that smaug, when he came back, started rummaging through the rucksack like someone who lost something was a bit suspicious....

After refilling our bellies we had a look around. The mountain is called Fairview for a good reason, the view is amazing :) The peak behind me and covered with ice is Mount Temple, the highest mountain in this part of the rockies.


This one is Mt Victoria, that closes  the West side of Lake Louise...


...and that down there is Lake Louise,  1km below me, wow  :stare:.


That is again the Bow valley. The cut in the trees is Highway 93, better known as the Icefields Parkway...I guess the name is quite self explanatory  ;)


On the way down we took a few more pictures. That’s Mount Temple again...

...Fairview Mountain from which we just came down...

...and the Lake Louise ski area.

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Calgary, Canada - 21st July 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

today is my last day in Calgary and all the other TVs gathered around me to wish me a safe journey before I jumped in the envelope  :)


sammino gave me a big hug and told me that he will follow my adventures on my travelog  :)


I can’t wait to meet my next host in east Canada, I am so excited  :D. Hopefully since I am staying in the country the trip won’t take too long...hold on a sec...4,000km  :stare:?!?, I can get more than halfway to Germany with 4,000km, you must be joking!...well, looks like the trip will be longer than I expected, almost 4,000km, I still can’t believe it, how big is this country  :o?

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Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada - 4th August 2009

By: firefaery

I have arrived in Antigonish! It was a long trip, and I didn't know if I was going to make it! It was very warm when I arrived. Here I am waiting in  firefaery mailbox for her to take me out!

Jessie the Pug puppy was interested, and we were introduced.

firefaery let me help her update my travelog & email mom!

That silly pug was very interested in me.... she thought I was a toy for HER! Imagine! Like I would travel all the way around the world for a Pug... well.. actually she's pretty cute....

Lucky for me, firefaery was home working today, so I didn't have to wait too long to get out of the envelope.. I think we should fly first class.

Mom needs to get ready to go into work, so she will post more pictures of us traveling later on!

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Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada - 4th August 2009

By: firefaery

firefaery had to go to work after I arrived so she put me in the car with G-Raffe. He is not a TV but he drives in the car, and we cuddled up to enjoy the view.

firefaery Took us to Afton Paqt'nkek Reserve, where she was supposed to do a playgroup. However, no children showed up so we left. I got to drive behind a big tractor!

We drove to town, where firefaery works. Here is some nice scenery we took in, along the drive. It took about 15 minutes to get from Heatherton, where firefaery lives, to the town of Antigonish, where she works. It looks rural!

We arrived at St. Martha's Hospital, where firefaery's office is. She works for Early Childhood Intervention, with children who have developmental Delay. Here is a view of part of the hospital. You can barely see me in it! I was kind of worried, I hoped I didn't have to get a needle or something but I was assured that I was just visiting.

I really liked watching the goldfish on firefaery's desk. His name is Gilbert. He liked watching me too!

Lastly, this is the view I got from firefaery's desk. I thought it was pretty and the picture doesn't do it justice!

After all the traveling and driving today, I am quite tired. I think I will go to sleep and update tomorrow! ....as long as that Pug doesn't get me.

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Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada - 8th August 2009

By: firefaery

Hello again!
firefaery was away this weekend and sick as well so we did not do too much as far as photos and visiting.
However we did go to Cape Breton, specifically Glace Bay. It takes about 2 1/2 hours to get there, and it's where firefaery's partner lives.

This is a picture of us almost to the Canso Causeway, which is a 2 lane rock fill causeway between mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. At the end is a swing bridge, to let boats go through. It's base, under the water, is 800 feet wide, and the water is 210 feet deep. It took about 10 millions tonnes of rock to make it.

Here is us, on the highway. We are on mainland Nova Scotia, and you can see Cape Breton Island.

This is an arial picture of the causeway, though we didn't take it!

firefaery had to stay home sick today.. She has the flu :( However she did make me a fruit smoothie, which she drinks every morning. It had strawberries, mango, peach and Orange-Peach-Mango juice in it.. also a little bit of light Whipped cream... It was so yummy! I had to sit on the lid so I wouldn't fall in!

We need to go back to bed, so firefaery can get well.
Night Mom!

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Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada - 16th August 2009

By: firefaery

This weekend, firefaery and I were in Glace Bay, visiting her partner. I met yet another dog, this one was big and fluffy..he wasn't that interested in me.
We went for a lovely drive, while we were waiting for Bulk Barn (a great store where you can buy spices, candy, nuts, noodles, baking ingredients, soup mix etc in bulk) to open. On the drive, we saw..... HORSES! There were 5 in the field. They were kind of scared of me so they ran away before we could get a close picture.

They were very big! And ran around a lot!

On the way home, we took some pictures of the Canso Causeway, that we mentioned before.

This is the left side of the water. Porcupine Back mountain! It is actually a quarry, and if you went to the top and looked down you would see a big crater, from where they do all their mining! A train also went by while we were driving but was too quick for us to get a picture.

This is the right side of the Causeway. It is where the water comes from the Gulf of St. Lawrewnce. In the winter it gets filled with floating ice, but the other side of the causeway is ice-free because there is no through-flow! In the winter, firefaery saw a seal on the ice!

Well that was my travel weekend. We are going there this weekend again, so I will likely have more pictures. Firefaery says we're going to the Exhibition and will see lots of horses and cows and some other farm animals, as well as horse jumping etc.

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Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada - 17th August 2009

By: firefaery

Today firefaery came home at lunch and decided we needed to spend some time together.

The first thing we did was take a drive all the way down her street to Bayfield Beach, where the warf is. It's pretty calm now that fishing season is not so busy. But there were some boats docked, and some pretty scenery!




Then, we went back home and I went for a swing in firefaery's hanging basket! She gave me a push and I spun around in circles.

After that I went for a ride in the tree.... can you see me?

I went up and down in the breeze... don't worry Mom, I held on tight and it was so much fun! Firefaery wishes she could swing in trees.

Before we went in, I sniffed her flowers. They are starting to wilt, as summer is almost over... but they smelled delicious!

I was also a helper today. I helped change the nectar in the hummingbird feeder.

....and I helped take Jessie for some playtime in the yard!

It was a busy day! I am worn out again.. it was 34 degrees Celsius here all week! Hopefully it will cool down soon...
I'm really looking forward to my trip to the Exhibition this weekend..
Miss you mom!

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