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To meet Bugs Bunny and outsmart Elmer Fudd.

To visit a real bunny and share a carrot for lunch.

To visit a real meadow where a bunny can run and play freely.

To visit the home of Beatrix Potter.

To eat carrots prepared in a variety of ways.

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Travelog for: Candy Cotton

Sydney, Australia - 29th April 2007

By: becka_kate

Between March 2008 and September 2008 Candy Cotton's temporary mentor will be Stef.

While Froddo  was excitedly telling his best friend the fisherman all about his travel plans, a small voice was heard to say "Me too!". Looking around, a small pink bunny was seen to be hiding in the strawberry patch.


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Sydney, Australia - 29th April 2007

By: becka_kate

Hopping across to the strawberry patch, Froddo explained about ToyVoyagers and how he was hoping to see the world. Candy saw her chance to escape her over crowded family. She raced to the back door, and, although it went against all her training as a rabbit not to go into people's houses for fear of ending up as rabbit pie or stew, knocked on the door and begged to be registered too.


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Sydney, Australia - 29th April 2007

By: becka_kate

Luckily, there was a spare tag available and Candy Cotton leapt for joy! She was going to get to see the world, as soon as someone answered her ad in the forum. Amazingly, almost as soon as it was placed she had a reply and an invitation to visit Florida! Wow! She very eagerly began bouncing around the house in a fluster making plans about what she should take with her, and had to be calmed down with the reminder that she would not be leaving right that minute. To help her to calm down, she was shown how to use Google to find out more about her destination.


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over the pacific ocean?, ??????? - 10th May 2007

By: becka_kate

Candy started on her trip around the world, heading to Florida. Her friends and family in Australia can't wait to hear from her!!

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Tampa, Fl, USA - 16th May 2007

By: raina4fairy

Candy Cotton arrived in sunny Tampa Florida today.  She thought it was so funny that the postman was amazed that a package from Australia came only the way to Florida. 

Her new friend Raina, was so excited to meet her.  She has alot of plans coming.

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Temple Terrace, USA - 17th May 2007

By: raina4fairy

Candy Cotton went to a small park with Raina today. There she helped feed the ducks and laughed with Raina at how small the park was.  It is a park around a small resevoir.  The park though is visited by raccoons and possums.

After a while they both went down the street to another park by the river where Cotton Candy could play in a field where she could run free.

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Weeki Wachee, FL, USA - 19th May 2007

By: raina4fairy

Today Candy Cotton and all of Raina's family went to see mermaids at Weeki Wachee, Fl. It took an hour to get there from Raina's house but Candy Cotton was happy to take a nap with Raina's brother Scott.  Of course the whole family laughed at the sight of a 21 yr. old guy sleeping with a pink bunny but he did not mind.
When Candy Cotton woke up she was amazed to see how many people were waiting to go into the park. 
The first thing that they did was go see the mermaid show. It was so much fun. The mermaids have been performing at Weeki Wachee Springs for 60yrs and are still amazing. After the show Candy Cotton posed for a few pictures as a mermaid. Then she went with the family for a riverboat ride up the river. After the ride she took a picture with the captain.
What a busy day.  Hopefully Raina's computer will work andpictureswill follow.

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Tampa, USA - 23rd May 2007

By: raina4fairy

Cotton Candy and Raina went to, Busch Gardens, a theme park today.  Busch Gardens is only a couple of blocks from Raina, so he could see many rides right from her house. His favorite rides were the rollercoasters that went upside down. Oh what a day.

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Plant City, FL, USA - 24th May 2007

By: raina4fairy

Candy Cotton went to Parksdale today to help Raina buy some fresh strawberries for jam. Parksdale Farms found how to keep strawberries fresh longer so that they can transport farther.  Because of Parksdale, Plant City, FL claims to be the strawberry capital of the world.

This is the last day of traveling in FL.  Candy Cotton will be packing up to travel to England next. First he has to say goodbye to Raina's family.

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Over the ocean again, International Waters - 26th May 2007

By: raina4fairy

Candy Cotton is now traveling over the ocean to beautiful England.  He can't wait for this next adventure to begin.

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Honiton, Devon, U.K. - 1st June 2007

By: drakie

Well I have arrived after my great trip to Busch Gardens... had a wonderful time I did.  But today I arrived at Honiton in Devon, nice but rainy at the moment, supposed to be warm tomorrow, so maybe we can all sunbathe....

Well here I join my family, CK we had a big hug we are together again, we are the same family hurrahhhhhhhh..!!!  then Taro, and Siti Smut .. but we are on our own travels again next week....    and I met Lilabunz... she is a bunny too like me, I think we will have a great time together, and guess what!!  another girl bunny is with us, a real life one called snowy, I think we will have fun, cos she is a bit naughty and nibbles everything in site, furniture, wires, curtains, parts of the conservatory.... but her owner is very kind she lets her come into the house so I think we will be real good friends...  we can share carrots and tea time together....  cannot wait... apparantly she loves grapes too... yum yum yum  I can taste them now.

At the weekend we are going to Padstow in Cornwall mine and CK`s home town in Australia, I think we will feel homesick, you always do even if you are having exciting adventures, dont you think??

family hug.jpg
picnic with snowy.jpg

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Padstow, Cornwall, U.K. - 4th June 2007

By: drakie

Well it was a lovely weekend and we went to Padstow in Cornwall, thats the leggy bit at the end of South West England, well actually the leg of UK.  We firstly went to the market, our host could only hobble so did not stay their much. We then found this Pizie sanctuary, it was great we were nearly as tall as them!!  ha ha ha

Then we boys spotted the sign saying "Padstow", which is where C.K and myself come from but in Australia, amazing luck so we stopped so they could have a picture taken.  Then we continued to Padstow, lovely place with a lovely harbour, we were at the sea-side!!! yippeeeeeee.  We then went to the tea rooms, us boys were not that bothered so Lila bunz went on her own so we went exploring.  Then we went home to a roast dinner, yum yum,

Then it was time to be packaged up and sent to my next host!!!  how sad.... hope I meet the others again along the trail.  Pictures to follow

pixie house close up.jpg
padstow water.jpg
toy voyagers 2007.JPG

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Borth-y-Gest, Wales - 19th June 2007

By: drakie

Well we have just come back from Wales after 4 days there.  A place called Borth-y-Gest very mountainy and green.  Lila bunz and me had a great time.  We went up the Snowdonia railway, now that was steep ... WOW.... a bit scary but obviously I couldnt say that now could I.  We went on trips around the Welsh Towns, a lot of them spoke a funny language and it wasnt English.... they have thier own language Welsh, its a form of gaelic.  Lovely scenery, the place where we stayed was over from the lake and mountains, wonderful......  pictures to follow, having problems downloading and resizing... but they will come

Mount Snowdon, the Snowdon National Park, Cader Idris and the surrounding area.
Lake Bala, on the edge of Snowdonia, is 4.5 miles long and about a mile wide - it is the largest natural lake in Wales. The small town of Bala at the northern end of the lake is an excellent fishing and sailing centre
In the depths of the Lake live the rare white scaled Salmon - gwyniad. The lurk 80 feet down in the lake, and can only be caught by net.Snowdonia has some rare things to offer

As most places in Wales, Bala has a colourful Welsh history - there is the legend of a lost palace beneath the lake. Also the Welsh emigrants to Patagonia in Chile in 1865, came mainly from the Bala area - even today there are still Welsh speaking people in Chile, descended from these original emigrants. In the Andes instead of Snowdonia

Betws-y-coed A popular Welsh tourist village that stands at the junction of three of Snowdonia's  rivers and their valleys.
It's name means "chapel in the wood" and indeed it is surrounded by the Gwydyr Forest. It is  deservedly known as a walking centre for Snowdonia - the Swallow Falls and the Fairy Glen are each about 2 miles walk from the town

Blaenau Ffestiniog The heart of the slate quarrying country in Snowdonia. The blue slate crags loom over the town on all sides - and there are a number of working quarries that you can visit. Snowdon is not all slate, but you might think so after seeing this
Grand walking and fishing country, with over a dozen lakes in walking distance of the town. A path a mile to the south west, from Tanygriseau takes you to waterfalls near Lake Cwmorthin.- some of Snowdonia's prettiest
Portmeirion Portmeirion is perhaps the last place you would expect to see in Wales, surrounded by Snowdon and the Welsh Mountains
Built in 1926 by Clough Williams Ellis, a showpiece village based on Portofino in Italy. Williams-Ellis built a hotel, planted trees, erected many architectural fantasies including an Italian campanile, lighthouse and castle. There are splendid gardens full of exotic plants.

The village has been used for filming - The Prisoner. And Noel Coward wrote Blithe Spirit there


Snowdon is not the highest mountain in Britain, it can claim to be the most spectacular. There are lots of walks up to the summit of Snowdon from villages all round the mountain, ranging from brisk walks to full climbing routes with crampons. Mind you for the less energetic, there is always the train from Llanberis to Snowdon's summit. It is a rack and pinoin railway that mounts gradients as steep as 1 in 5, as it wends its way 5 miles up to the top of  Snowdon
As for walks, the easiest route up Snowdon follows a track alongside the rack and pinion railway from Llanberis. Then from the top of Llanberis Pass, three other routes fan out, the easiest is the miners track ( the name dating from Snowdon,s miners needing to get to work) which climbs from the shore of Llyn Llydaw. The Pig Track from there is harder and the third route, over Crib Goch, is not for the inexperienced - Snowdon is not just a big pussy cat.

On the west of Snowdon, two tracks are worth mention. Beddgelert Track which starts 2 miles north of the village, is the harder of the two. The easier is the Snowdon Ranger Path starting from the shore of Llyn Cwellyn

The experienced climber might consider the Watkin Path from Nantgwynant on the south side of Snowdon. You need proper climbing gear for this ascent of Mount Snowdon


And what I forgot to say was apart from it rained, then my host said she has been to Wales 5 times and its always rained but it has beautiful green grass, at least I didnt float away and we bunnies love green grass..  I went for a horse ride on a big live horse!!!  Lila bunz had to go side saddle of course,  but I loved it ,  she was a bit scared but I was not.  I went with my hosts friend.  now that was good and the horse was so well behaved.

train on hill.jpg
train window.jpg
view from house.jpg
wales 1.jpg
wales 1.jpg

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Honiton, Devon UK, UK - 24th June 2007

By: drakie

Back in Honiton after our stay in Wales, very rainy Wales...  but back home is not different, this is the lovely Summer in the UK it is June nearly July and has not stopped raining for a month.  All in the news there have been floods, cars being washed away.  I wonder what Winter is like if this is their Summer... help..... hope Im going somewhere sunny next????

anyway got a few trips planned yet, going on an old fashioned tram in Seaton - a holiday town near my host.  Then another trip to Dorchester in Dorset, to see two exhibitions one is for Tutenkhamuhn - not sure exactly of spelling he is the one from Egypt.... then one of Terracotta Warriors, taken from the originals ... now that should be interesting.  So could be an exciting week.

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Dorchester, UK - 1st July 2007

By: drakie

Well it is now time to say goodbye to all my friends but first I will tell you where I went last week.

Well firstly, we had several coffees as you do, then went to two Exhibitions Tutenkhamun and Terracotta Warriors.

King Tuts I think was the best, very interesting details and a great exhibition, I learnt quite a lot here.

Worldheritage 2007


This World Heritage Exhibition, currently shown in Dorchester, is the original Tutankhamun Exhibition established following the the success of the Treasures of Tutankhamun Exhibition at the British Museum London. The Exhibition is unique for its innovative approach. It features Tutankhamun's major treasures meticulously recreated, wherever possible, in their original materials, and has been extensively featured in television programmes and major documentaries on Tutankhamun throughout the world.

In addition, the ante-chamber and burial chamber Tutankhamun's tomb have been accurately recreated together with all the tomb furniture and treasures making it possible for you to experience the wonder of discovery and enter the tomb just as Howard Carter did when he discovered it in 1922.

The Tutankhamun Exhibition in Dorchester is also the only exhibition outside Egypt where you can see an exact anatomical recreation of Tutankhamun's mummy. The mummy took over two years of research and experimentation to recreate, following x-rays and measurements of Tutankhamun's mummy which still lies in his tomb and which cannot be seen by the public.

During its twenty years the Exhibition has been seen by visitors from all over Britain and many parts of the world exceeding most attendance records.

The Tutankhamun Exhibition features amongst many wonderful treasures: The Golden Mask of Tutankhamun, The Golden Throne of Tutankhamun, Tutankhamun's mummy. The Golden figure of Tutankhamun the Harpooner. A selection of Tutankhamun's jewels is also displayed.

Then we went to Terracotta Warriors, and apparantly we could not take any photos inside which was a shame but .. naughty my host managed to get some in the Warriors, not on purpose she did not actually see the signs, she did in King Tut but not in Warriors as she kept falling ove her crutch as she is still not used to it and carrying two bunnies, camera, bag and crutch can be quite critical.  This was interesting but only a few scattered about so we were not too keen on this but interesting just the same.



The Terracotta Army of China is a spectacular NEW exhibition which brings together all the wonder of the discovery of the many treasures of Chin She Huang Di, the first Emperor of China. He conquered and united China to become its First Emperor. He built the Great Wall and amassed great works of art. A megalomaniac, he sought the secret of immortality. 70,000 workers built his tomb filled with legendary treasures. His 3000 wives and concubines followed him to the grave.

Over 6000 fantastic life-size clay warriors protected his tomb. The Famous Terracotta Army - one of the wonders of the ancient world. The Exhibition features a spectacular group of these warriors which have been special created in China by the conservation technicians who preserve and restore the warriors after excavation.

Also featured are fabulous recreations of Ching She Huang Di, his uniformed officers, and the life-size clay warriors.The dramatic audio presentations and lighting bring the whole experience stunningly to life.

The exhibition has been exhibited in Jersey and at various centres in Britain. It is at present at The Terracotta Warriors Museum, Dorchester, UK.

And at last I said goodbye to Lila Bunz, and met a new voyager, Purple Bun who is getting ready to leave home for the very first time to go to alleycat in Israel so it was nice to meet her.    3 Buns together and all girls what a relief after the boys.

Time to say goodbye , not enough time to go to the Trams, ahhh another time maybe.  I think my host will miss me she had a tear outside the Post Office.!!!

3 bunnies.jpg
cc and warrior.jpg
cotton candy and tut.jpg
cc and warrior.jpg
ghost of cc.jpg
tut card.jpg
warrior card.jpg

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