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Travelog for: Jelka

's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands - 13th March 2009

By: Marjolein

Hello everybody!

I am Jelka, a little monkey from The Netherlands and I love to travel! Meet lots of ToyVoyagers and people and animals!! I wouldn't mind hitchhiking and working for my trip, I just want to see the world! And be inspired and have lots of adventures :)

If you want to help me do this, just pm Marjolein!

First stop:
misspsychodoll (Puerto Rico)

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RioPiedras, Condado, Puerto Rico - 25th March 2009

By: misspsychodoll

Jelka came yesterday, I arrived quite late and found her waiting for me. It was quite a surprise finally having her here and she was happy.  :D We decided to update as soon as possible cause we were thinking that Marjolein might be worried. So I took a welcome picture!

So Cindy or Cyd as she wants me to call her show me around her house, she lives near the univerity of Puerto Rico which is in Rio piedras a county part of San Juan which is the city. Anyway she have 2 roommies in the apt, but sadly it was empty last nite, she showed me around her living room and her roommate collects buddhas so here are some pics with the ones I saw around.
This one was on the dinner table.
This is a painting in the living room.
Then here is the lamp.

So then one of her rommies arrived and they went to walgreens a pharmacy (which around here is almost like a shop with pharmacy).
This pic was taken outside thats the neighborhood. Im siting on some stairs cause she lives in a dead end street and to get to the other way they have stairs.

On our way to walgreens we saw this which Cyd said was a new painting cause it wasnt there before.

I saw lots of easter decorations and candy at walgreens...
Then we arrived at her apt she cooked for everyone and we stay home. She didnt took pics of the meal cause it wasnt something puerto rican which she'll show me later.
So today I went with her to beauty school where she worked hard. After it we went to her mom's house and she presented me some of her friends and other monkeys!  :D
B) There was this handsome monkey called Paquito which was very cute and friendly...

;) Anyway, we went out to grab something to eat and visit a bit of Condado one of the mayor tourist areas.
This was taken on our way cause we went walking.
So we stopped to buy some yummy chicken.
Cyd told me fast food isnt good everyday but when she studies hard the whole day she have to eat on the run.
So the combo was 2 pieces of chicken a yummy biscuit a salad and the drink and everything was good.
After our meal, we kept walking towards condado and as we passed under a bridge she took this pic, the paint of the wall i supposed to portrait the indians which were called Tainos and they're supposed to be playing.
Just after that we saw and old building which she told me was her highschool 5 years ago, here you can see it.
As we enter condado you can see the view
We were walking towards the beach, she wanted me to have a preview of what I will be enjoying all these days.
We found a rock and there I sat for my first beach pic!!!  :p
Look at this beauty!
Surely is even better than pirates of the caribbean!!! <3
Well we gotta go, dunno were we're off to, cause Cyd keeps saying everything is a surprise, Im having a blast. Miss you marjolein :(
Will be back to update soon!

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Condado, Puerto Rico - 2nd April 2009

By: misspsychodoll

Well...these past days have been quite boring since we've been locked inside cause of the rain, and Cyd's finals. But today we went for adventure cause she was frustrated for having me here going just to her institute lately. So she we headed to Condado once again cause last time i just a a sneak peek lol  :cyclops:
As you can see im just outside her moms house in the stairs

And you can see the neighborhood



So on our way we passed this time a disco which used to be call egypt and as you can see it had the theme.

So on our way to the park Cyd stoped at starbucks.  B)


Coffee is her fave drink.
Anyway we arrived at the park called Stella Maris, Cyd speak italian as a 3rd language she said stella means star in italian  :p

This statue is of a famous character in folkloric literature around here his name is Juan bobo which its in english Silly John basically hes a silly guy very innocent that everyone bother and make fun of but hes smarter than ppl actually believe.

The i saw this beautiful flowers  :D

And the virgin isnt it beautilfull?? <3

So we went to the part where kids play  :( But it was quite solitar, Cyd didnt know what to say cause it was 4pm and usually the park its full at that tiime i guess we werent lucky to catch them...

Then we went to another part of the shore to the beach  :cyclops: Her cam went nuts and batteries ended before we could finish taking pics but thsi is what we did...

We sat a bit on the sand

And she shot my footsteps  ;)

We off to the museum before saturday maybe tomorrow or friday  :o She says i gonna enjoy art.
Hope everything is doing great at home!

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Santurce, Puerto Rico - 3rd May 2009

By: misspsychodoll

:stare:Well dear Marjolein Cyd and I went around some nice places these couple of days, she's quite good right now. We've been following the news about the flu and everything, but she assures me i wont get it  :cyclops:.
Anway we are now uploading some of the latest pics around the city. We forgot we had some pics of a pool party that she and her friend had for her godson so here are the pics. Till we upload the other ones.
So this was before the pool fun, her godson and I. B)
We were eating at Wendy's a burger place.
We were at Santurce a county of the city which is call San Juan (which you'll be seen as soon as our pic are uploaded) In the background you can see the public transportation.
OK so we have here the theater Ambassador which was reconstructed a year ago or so.
Here we are on the party, Cyd was careful cause she didnt want her godson drowning me  :o.
We also went to the contemporary museum that week  :( but we couldnt take pictures!! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v640/PsychoDoll430/jelka/GEDC4207.jpg
This was the best we could do  ;)
I'll be back soon tons of luv!!! :D

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