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Travelog for: Spots Leopard

Chiba, Japan - 11th January 2009

By: kiskis

Hi Mom!
I'm going to write about New Year's Day this time like I said.

We went to 成田山新勝寺(Narita-san Shinsho-ji), the temple nearby, for 初詣(Hatsumoude). The temple is one of the 3 best shrines/temples that gathers the most people for Hatsumoude. Hatsumoue is the first visit to a shrine/temple of the year, by the way. People are supposed to go there on New Year's Eve and spend the night there, listening to 除夜の鐘(Joya no kane, the sound of temple bells) but it was so cold and kiskis was a bit busy so we went there on New Year's Day anyway.

It was so crowded that the police was there to control how many people to enter the temple and such. Can you see the gate? It was impressive with those carves but I couldn't take a good picture of it because the police was ushering people in, telling us not to stop.

There were more people inside the gate, waiting to go upstairs where actual temple is.

The beautiful 3-storied pagoda. I wish you could see the details. It was so beautiful! If I have a chance to visit there again, I will take a better picture.

There were so many stalls on the street. We had ジャガバタ(Jagabata), a potato with butter, and it was so good.
It's one of those stalls that sells お正月飾り(Oshogatsu kazari), the Ne w Year's decorations. Aren't they impressive?

It was so crowded but I had so much fun! Hope you had a nice New Year's Day, too, Mom!

Oh, by the way, we have a new TV here, Yuki!

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Chiba, Japan - 26th January 2009

By: kiskis

Hi mom! Sorry for not updating much recently.

kiskis has been busy planning her wedding. She's going to have her wedding shinto style. It's been her dream.
She showed me the website of the shrine she's going to have her ceremony at. It's the first shrine they visited together. It's in the center of Tokyo and it's one of her favorite places.
She is buddhist but she told me that not much people have their wedding buddhist style even though most of Japanese are buddhist. Because shinto wedding had been popular before buddhist wedding was first done. And most of people don't want to have their wedding nearby gravestones.

Well, she's going to visit the shrine to have some details discussed and she might take me there with her!!
It's just a quick update but I will try to update more. See you!

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Nagoya, Japan - 4th February 2009

By: kiskis

Hi mom! I went to Nagoya, Aichi:)

It's the moat of Nagoya Joh castle.
The statue of the man who was in charge of building the moat.
The map of the castle and the park around it.
The east gate. There we bought tickets.

Nagoya Joh is one of the 3 best castles in Japan. It's famous for its golden end tiles in the sape of a shachihoko, an imaginary sea animal with the head of a tiger and the body of a fish.
Before 名古屋城(Nagoya Joh castle) was built, there was 那古野城(Nagoya Joh castle, the same pronounciation but different writing), where Oda Nobunaga was born. On the ruins of 那古野城, Tokugawa Ieyasu, the shogun, who was originally from Aichi, built 名古屋城 for his 9th son.
It was burnt down in WWII but it was re-built in 1959. (Some parts of the castle is still under construction.)
Now inside of the castle is a museum.

It's the famouse golden Shachihoko.
It's pretty huge!!
Those are shachihoko that were found in the ruins of Edo Joh castle in Tokyo. Not known which roof they were on.
Kago, a palanquin. You can see Tokugawa family crest on it.
Yoroi, the armor. It looked pretty scary.

The castle was pretty entertaining and I loved it!

After the castle, we went on shopping.
And we met Super Mario!
And we found Obamasks. It's weird but they are selling well.

Nagoya has pretty unique food culture and it is called Nagoya-meshi.
This is Dote-ni. Stewed beef guts and konnyaku with Hacchoumiso, the unique miso from Nagoya. It sounds weird but it was tasty!
Those are Tebasaki, fried chicken wings with spicy sauce. They are soooo tasty! Aichi is famous for its chickens; Nagoya cochin and Mikawa dori.
This is Hitsumabushi. You can usually see eel hitsumabushi but this one is chicken hitsumabushi. First, you have it without anything. Second, you have it with yakumi, spices. Third, you have it with soup. And finally, you have it the way you liked the best. I liked it with spices.
Well, there are more Nagoya-meshi but I couldn't try any other. I was so full and had so little time:( I want to visit there someday again!

On our way home, we saw Mt.Fuji from Shinkansen, the bullet train!
Can you see it? I was so happy!!

Well, I'm going to Thailand! kiskis has been there once and told me that it's such a exciting place and that she loves Thai food. I can't wait! I will update from there next time. See you!!

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Central Rama II, Bangkok, Thailand - 14th February 2009

By: natt

**Sawaddee krup!! (Natt taught me how to say hi in Thai  :rolleyes:)

**Happy Valentine's day, Mom..I arrived Bangkok last night..It's a very nice trip from Japan to Thailand..Bangkok is a bit hot but I enjoy it here  B)

**Today is Valentine's day, Natt takes me to Central Rama II to have a nice meal out..There is this very beautiful Red lamps decoration here (Picture No.1)..Very cute, I love it so much ;)

**She let me have this very yummy strawberry brownie (Picture No.2) and chocolate mousses (Picture No.3) today..It's just the perfect dessert for valentine..Sweet :p

**Well..I talked to Natt..She said she will take me to many interesting places and we will have a great time together..I can't wait~!! I will definitely keep you post how much fun I have there..Bubbye for now..Take care  :)

Spots with Red lamp1.jpg
Spots with choco cake1.jpg
Spots with choco mousse1.jpg

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Wat Pak Nam, Bangkok, Thailand - 15th February 2009

By: natt

**Halo~ Mom  B)

**I went to Wat Pak Nam with Natt (Picture 1,2)..We went to this wat (Wat is temple in Thai) to do good merit and pray..We fed the monks, they blessed and sprinkled holy water to me..I'm so happy :)

**I took a photo with the waxwork of Master Sod (Picture 3), the very famous Master of this temple..Natt also taught me how to wai today..It is quite complicate but I like it..You may have a look at the website => "wai" for more information :D

**Then, we went to eat "Guai jub" (Picture 4), it's a kind of noodle with crispy pork and boiled egg in the special soup..We really enjoy it!! I love crispy pork  :p

**It's a nice Sunday..I'm so full of happiness (or maybe so full of crispy pork, haha)..I will write to you again soon..Hope you have a great weekend..Take care  ;)


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Natt's office, BKK, Thailand - 18th February 2009

By: natt

**Good Midweek~ Mom  B)

**Natt went to almost nowhere but to her office and home in these past three days..It's a bit boring but I enjoy the ride to her office (picture1), she's quite a good speedy driver (Slow speed, I mean) :p

**Her office is very beautiful..It looks like a park than an office, lots of trees..The roof of the building is a kind of Thai style's roof (picture2,3)..It's a 5 floor building, Natt works on the 2nd floor..She hasn't brought me to her desk yet, she said it's too messy to show..Hope she will clean it up soon..LOL :D

**Okie dokie, I'm going to have this cocoa milk (Milo, picture4) then go to bed..Sweet dreams~!!  ;)

Spots in car.jpg
Spots @Jong2.jpg
Spots @Jong3.jpg
Spots with Milo.jpg

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Wat KarnJaNaPhiSek, Nonthaburi, Thailand - 22nd February 2009

By: natt

**Hi Hi~ Mom  B)

**How are you?? I'm so happy here..The sun is shining, the weather is good (A bit hot but nice)..Natt takes me to Wat KarnJaNaPhiSek..It's the Chinese temple style in Nonthaburi province..It's about 1 hour ride..There is a little crowded there today but it's a very nice temple..(Picture 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)..You saw the little golden Buddha statues?? It's really really beautiful..People are doing the mediation and praying in this room..It makes me feel so good..Nice and calm :)

**Next..Have you heard of "Thai Spicy Papaya salad"?? Natt lets me have it today!! (Picture 6)..It's yummy but a bit too spicy for me..LOL..I probably have to go to the toilet now..I will keep you post for more updates :p

**Take care and have fun!! ;)

05_Wat Jean Wild GuanIm1.jpg
05_Wat Jean Wild GuanIm2.jpg
06_Wat Jean1.jpg
06_Wat Jean2.jpg
07_small monks2.jpg
08_with Somtam.jpg

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Bangkok, Thailand - 26th February 2009

By: natt

**Good Thursday, Mom  B)

**It's been quite a great week so far..Natt is quite busy during this time, but we go out to eat a lot :)

**We went to have Pizza at Pizza Hut restaurant the other day (Picture1, 2)..We had this large hawaiian pizza (Ham and Pineapples)..Love it!!  :D

**Then, we went to have some ice-cream at Baskin Robbins near Pizza Hut place (Picture3, 4)..I really do like sweets!! ;)

**I might gain some weights here, probably need to control the calories now..eiei..Take care~ :p


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Queen Sirikij Convention Hall, BKK, Thailand - 28th February 2009

By: natt

**Good last day of Feb'09~ Mom  B)

**How are you doing?? I'm doing well here..It's a sunny day here again in Bangkok..We go to Queen Sirikij Convention hall today..We takes MRT (Picture1, 2)..Natt doesn't really familiar with the MRT but we make it there  :p

**Thai International Travel Fair 2009 is held at Queen Sirikij Convention hall this week..It's quite crowded there (Picture3, 4)..Lots of travel agencies organize the booth and offer cool cheap travle package tours..There is long holiday here in April, so Natt might go somewhere..But where?? We are there for 4 hours, walking and searching for the perfect places, but still cannot make decision..Anyways, Natt takes lots of brochures back, she is considering all the options..(mm) :rolleyes:

**On our way back, we stop at Central Rama II and have Haji Ban Ramen (Japanese Noodle) (Picture3, 4)..We have this seafood noodles..Very very yummy!! I totally enjoy eating here :D

**Well..Bubbye for now..Take care and have a nice weekend  ;)

Queen Sirikij1.jpg
Queen Sirikij2.jpg

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National Science Museum, Thailand - 8th March 2009

By: natt

Hi~ Mom B)

**It's been quite sometime since I last updated my travelog..Well..Well..Well..I have been to some interesting places here  :D

**Natt takes me to the national science museum in Pathumthani province..(Picture 1, 2, 3, and 4)..It's very fun and we do the walk rally thing there..The tongue statue is quite weird, but love it somehow  :p

**We met Uncle Ronald (of McDonald) today..He's in Thai's wai position in Thailand..(Picture 5).. ..It's not the same with other countries..How nice!! Do you like him?? I do!! ;)


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Natural History Museum, Thailand - 8th March 2009

By: natt

**Hi again~ Mom  B)

**We went to Natural History Museum too..It's in Pathumthani province near the national science museum..(Picture 1, 2, 3)..Lots of good stuffs there..People did studied about insects!!..The grasshopper wears Muay Thai suit.. :cyclops:

**For dinner, we stop by and have some Japanese food at Future Park Rangsit Department store..(Picture 4)..It's a self service Japanese restaurant (which is very rare in Bangkok)..Quite good  :D


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Portland, Oregon, United States - 19th March 2009

By: natt

**Halo~ Mom  B)

**We are in Portland, Oregon for business trip..It's quite cold here (VERY cold, actually)..Natt doesn't really used to this kind of weather.. :rolleyes:

**It's a working trip so we didn't have a chance to take much photos or visit many places..Just few of the surrounding and the car we used during our trip there (Picture1 and 2)..(Seven is our lucky number!!) ;)

**But we will go to Seattle after all the meeting's done..Will keep you post again later :D


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Space Needle, Seattle, Washington, United States - 22nd March 2009

By: natt

**Hi hi~  B)

**We are in Seattle today..Talking about Seattle, it reminds me of the movie "Sleepless in Seattle"..But we are the "Sleepy in Seattle" here..eiei  :p

**We stay at the travelodge hotel (Picture 1), it's in downtown which is quite convenience to go out..The weather here is colder than in Portland..We are quite lucky that it's not raining (the weather forecast is wrong!)  :D

**We stop by at Space needle (Picture 2), it's an observation tower which located at the center of Seattle..Really nice view here  ;)


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Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA, United States - 23rd March 2009

By: natt

**Hello~  B)

**It's me again, still at Seattle..It's a cold day but no rain (Lucky us)..We went to the pike place market..It's very lively there..There are lots of interesting stuffs there..(Picture 1, 2)  ;)

**Do you like starbucks?? We visited the first starbucks there!! (Picuture 3, 4)..People are so excited about the shop so it's quite crowded there..We had the hot skinny vanilla coffee there..Nice  :D

**Love it here but miss the hot weather in Bangkok somehow..eiei  :p


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Khanom, NakornSriThammaratch, Thailand - 13th April 2009

By: natt

**Hi Mom~  B)

**Miss me?? It's been quite some time since my last update..We just came back from Thai new year Holidays!! Wee hee~ We went to the beach in the southern part of Thailand  :D

**The sun is shining and the weather is so nice there..People are throwing water at each other (Yes!! It's how Thais celebrate their New year)..Natt knew I don't really like water so she doesn't want me to get well outside, so I mostly just stay in the resort..This is the only shot that I have during the trip in front of the resort with this funny statue, eiei (Picture1)  :P

**Here are some pics from the beach that we go..We take the speedboat to some island into the middle of the sea to see the dolphins (they move fast, so the shot is quite unclear, but it's a dolphin there  (Picture2, 3)..So lovely!! You must like that  ;)

**We are back already but still miss the beach and sunshines..Natt promises she will take me to the beach again soon!! Yeah Yeah~  Can't wait  :)

**Bubbye for now and please take good care of yourself, I will write to you more again soon  :cyclops:


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