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Visit and have my picture with the Historic Centre of Oaxaca and Archaeological Site of Monte Albán

Visit Washington DC and have my picture with the licoln memorial and other famous statues/monuments

See stone henge, watch for lockness monster and visit London (big ben, london eye, buckingham palace

Visit Malaysia, China and walk the Great Wall and see Tokyo Japan and Mt Fuji

Visit Africa and see the ocean, Table mountain, and an african animal (with pictures)

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Travelog for: Molly Weird

Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 15th April 2008

By: sararingham

Hello, my name is Molly Weird my new mom found me at the Salvation Army in a huge stack load of toys. I was with Bon who was the toyvoyager that assisted in rescuing me. I'm so happy. I don't even know how long I was in that pile of toys for before I felt like I'd never be rescued.


But now that I am rescued, I'm a very happy toy. Sara didn't really know what I was, so she named me Molly Weird. I don't know, I am pretty weird so I thought that name fit pretty well! After talking for a while with my first host she decided I'll be on my way to Mexico. I'm quite excited but I hope the journey will be a fast one! Wish me luck and see you in Mexico! <3

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Oaxaca, Mexico - 25th April 2008

By: gzvargas

Hi mama!! Finally I'm in Mexico, The travel was fantastic! My Host Giezi has received me few minutes ago!


And now we can wait!! We are ready to go out to Know Oaxaca, I'm really exciting, I can wait! 
In this moment I'm registering me, and I send you an e-mail, I'm Ok mom! My host told me that he's going to show me beautiful places and he's going to teach me spanish =)


I'll se you later mom, Oaxaca waits us!!!

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Oaxaca, Mexico - 27th April 2008

By: gzvargas


Hi mom! we couldn't go to the center of the city yesterday because it was raining allday! So tomorrow (Monday) we are going to go!  Today we ate TACOS and Mexican dish, I really loved it! I like my host's house is too colorfull and have many handicrafts. Today the weather is great it's sunny and warm! B)


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Oaxaca, Mexico - 28th April 2008

By: gzvargas

Hola mami!

We have known the Historic centre of Oaxaca today! It was terrific! I love this City, there are many places to go in the center! We have visited Santo Domingo Church, The Cathedral, The Soledad church, the dowtown, an old aqueduct, and many places! My host is very gentile, and he takes me everywhere. I'm close to my first Life Mission. Now we have to go to Monte Alban, but we will go the week end... I'm so impatient, I want to know right now!

Greetings from México mom!

Me gusta mucho Oaxaca, es una ciudad muy bonita!


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Oaxaca, Mexico - 28th April 2008

By: gzvargas

Hi mom!

A bit of History  :):

The Church and former monastery of Santo Domingo de Guzmán is the most important of the numerous baroque ecclesiastical buildings in Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico. The complex of buildings includes a substantial sanctuary and an extensive system of courtyards, cloisters and rooms that formerly constituted the monastery but now house the Cultural Centre of Oaxaca. This museum includes an important collection of pre-Columban artefacts, among them the contents of Tomb 7 from the nearby Zapotec site of Monte Albán. The former monastery garden is now an Ethnobotanical Garden, containing a large collection of plants native to the region.

The entrance to both church and museum is across a wide plaza that acts as a centre for local fiestas and other entertainments. It is located about half a kilometre north of the central squares of the city, the Zócalo and the Alameda, and the connecting street is pedestrianised, so it is a popular place for both tourists and local residents to stroll.


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Oaxaca, Mexico - 11th May 2008

By: gzvargas

Hi Mama!

We have Completed my first Life Mission, I have known The Historic Centre of Oaxaca and the Archaeological Site of Monte Albán.

Here We are in Monte Albán, a large pre-Columbian archaeological site close to the ville of  Oaxaca. The site is located on a low mountainous range rising above the plain in the central section of the Valley of Oaxaca.

The civic-ceremonial center of the Monte Albán site is situated atop an artificially-levelled ridge, which with an elevation of about 1940 m (6368 ft) above mean sea level rises some 400 m (1312 ft) from the valley floor. In addition to the aforementioned monumental core, the site is characterized by several hundred artificial terraces and a dozen clusters of mounded architecture covering the entire ridgeline and surrounding flanks (Blanton 1978). The archaeological ruins on the nearby Atzompa and El Gallo hills to the north are traditionally considered to be an integral part of the ancient city as well.

There have lived the Zapotecas and important civilization in Mexico, That place it's grate, i liked to much mom!

I am going to buy you a postcard from this site! i'ts fantastic!!!!


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Oaxaca, Mexico - 17th May 2008

By: gzvargas

We update the Blog =)

I'm ready to know my new host


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Leesburg, Virginia, USA - 7th July 2008

By: Kaiwiopele

Hello! Molly arrived this afternoon to me and just perfect timing as well since Tiger the Best and I are going to Washington DC tomorrow. :D

Molly and Tiger the Best

Molly watching me play Yooyu Ball (a neopet thing) we have fun with this since she is a neopet. :) http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r287/Kaiwi_o_pele/TOY%20VOYAGERS/IMG_2448.jpg

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Washington, D.C., USA - 9th July 2008

By: Kaiwiopele

Hello! Yesterday was very exciting as we went down into Washington D.C.
First we had a super fun time trying to park at the Metro but we made it eventually and found our way down to the monuments.

First we decided to go to Madame Tussaud's Wax museum. This was a lot of fun and I got to meet lots of interesting wax people.

First E.Aldrin an Astronaut...up up and away!

Madame Tussaud herself.

And the super handsome Johnny Depp (Tiger the Best and Kaiwi are also here) We tricked her sister into thinking she had really met him and that was really funny. She freaked out till she realized we were kidding. h aha

then we Tackled the monuments. It was super hot outside but the walkway to the Lincoln Memorial was shaded with lots of trees.

Here is the view looking from the Lincoln Memorial towards the reflecting pool and the Washington Monument.

The next three pictures are of the World War II monument. (This is between the reflecting pool and the washington monument)
And I'm in the bottom right of this one, above the Virginia part. I'm very tiny but I am there!

Lastly, me with the Washington Monument. Today was tons of fun!


We had a lot of fun being able to complete one of my life missions. : )

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Bremerton, WA, U.S.A. - 7th August 2008

By: knittycent

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3107/2739544957_412902bf3b.jpg Molly Weird says, "Hiya!" :D

She arrived safe and sound in Bremerton on Monday. She's looking forward to attending a Seattle Mariner's game this evening. More updates to come.

Until then, she's off to enjoy some fruit with her new host family!

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Seattle, WA, U.S.A - 26th August 2008

By: knittycent



I've been hanging out with knittycent for the past few weeks. She's been feeling pretty sad recently due to life events, so I've been sloughing around the house quite a bit to keep myself occupied. I've been eating plenty of fruits and veggies, as you can see in the pic above.

Soon after I arrived, I hitched a ride in knittycent's bag for a Seattle Mariner's baseball game.http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3251/2755953504_5d9ff24b01.jpg Boy was that an event to remember! Knittycent got vertigo so I didn't get any good ballgame shots, either way, it was fun hanging out in her knitting bag. It was a Stitch 'n Pitch night at Safeco Field. I got to hang out with another bear that had traveled all the way from the United Kingdom. We shared peanuts. It was fun.

Anywho, knittycent purchased a new knitting bag recently. Kuma and myself took it for a test drive.http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3002/2766991454_e073db804e.jpg

I'm really hoping to get out more in the next few weeks before shipping out to the next location. There isn't much to discover in Bremerton, but I'm determined to have a little fun here before I go! ;)

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La Crosse, WI, USA - 9th October 2008

By: Luv_Lioness

Hi Mom!!
I've arrived safely and even got to meet a new friend! He says his name is Digory. My host isn't feeling too good today but she promises that she'll show me lots when she's up to it!

Molly 1 001.JPG
Molly 1 002.JPG

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La Crosse, WI, USA - 12th October 2008

By: Luv_Lioness

Today was watching football... and I learned a new phrase: "Go Pack Go!" and they won!! :D

Watching Football 001.JPG
Watching Football 002.JPG

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La Crosse, WI, USA - 13th October 2008

By: Luv_Lioness

Today we got introduced to a new TV called Pinkz (just got created today by our host). We're telling her that we have seen a lot on our travels so she will too... she's waiting for a host now.

the tvs 001.JPG

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La Crosse, WI, USA - 16th October 2008

By: Luv_Lioness

Today she got out since it was a beautiful (and cold!) day. She wanted to show me around when the leaves are changing color and are at peak. It was  B) to see it!
First was a landmark spot which told me about the area that she lives in.
Then we went up to Grandad's Bluff which overlooks the city and more! (we had to observe the signs) To the far left on the other side of the Mississippi River is Iowa and then Minnesota. You can see the two blue bridges which cross over into MN.

TV outing 001.JPG
TV outing 002.JPG
TV outing 004.JPG
TV outing 005.JPG
TV outing 006.JPG
TV outing 008.JPG

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