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Visit Lakes and Ponds Around The World and Feed Ducks (Get A Picture Of Me Feeding Them/Near Them)

See All The Oceans Of The World

See Many Exotic Birds From Around The World

Visit The Globe Theatre, Stongehenge, Big Ben, London Eye and Buckingham Palace

Visit The Great Barrier Reef and See The Beautiful Whitsundays

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Travelog for: Lucky Duck

Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 11th April 2008

By: sararingham

Hello! My name is Lucky Duck I was found in a supermarket and after a lot of questioning with the staff, my new mom realised I was left by someone - and they offered me to her so I came to a new home. Shortly after I got to my new home I laid down and relaxed on the lounge...


...That's when I was quickly approached by 3 other toyvoyagers... well, one of them is an official toyvoyager from the Netherlands, which is the red long haired mouse, he's called Bon, and then there's Toothy Walrus and Roots Bear.


Bon told us all stories about his travels, even though he hasn't traveled much yet, he's excited to travel more... and then Sara joined in the conversation and showed me some places where I might be going...


I saw these beautiful postcards and I decided it was time for me to see the world as well. I'd love to see ducks, and birds from all over the world. I'd love to feed ducks from all over the world! I'd love to see lakes, oceans, any kind of water source. I love the water as I'm sure you'd know, but I don't like getting in, I don't think my skin would like that so much, as you might not quite know I'm not a REAL duck... yet...

So anyone want to host cute little old me? I'd love to visit you!

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Nijmegen, The Netherlands - 24th April 2008

By: vanessa

Oh boy I'm so tired....they should call me Jetlag Duck instead of Lucky Duck! I arrived here in The Netherlands, but I haven't been able to do any site seeing or duck feeding yet. So far all I've done is rest! My flight here was way too crowded for comfort. Tomorrow I'll check out the city of Nijmegen and see if I can meet some ducks or see some other exotic birds.

IMG_2829 (Small).jpg

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Kronenburger Park, Netherlands - 26th April 2008

By: vanessa

Today was such a wonderful day! When I first got to the park I made some daisy chains and enjoyed the sun.

Then I met a couple of nice chaps. They were very friendly, although they sure had a funny accent!

IMG_2830 (Small).jpg
IMG_2835 (Small).jpg

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Kronenburger Park, The Netherlands - 27th April 2008

By: vanessa

Today the weather was so nice I decided to go back to the park and I'm so glad I did. Because one of my Life Missions is to visit lakes and ponds around the world and feed ducks, I thought I'd do a little of that today. I put out some bread and this gorgeous lady showed up!! We shared some old bread and she was totally flirting with me.

I thought I was just about to score her digits when he showed up!

Anyway, I didn't see a ring or anything, but I guess she was spoken for. I decided to move on, which turned out to be loads of fun. I ended up picnicking in the park with this crowd:

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Nijmegen, The Netherlands - 28th April 2008

By: vanessa

Cute! This morning I went out jogging and guess what I saw!? I was just taking a breather when I spotted this goose family.
See the little house on the island at the top of the picture? That's where the ducks sleep here...maybe I can spend the night there sometime!!
Anyway, I shared some bread with the baby geese and then watched them get a swimming lesson from dad!http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3173/2443393920_f86e33ed2d.jpg

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The Hague, Netherlands - 30th April 2008

By: vanessa

Last night was Queen's Night (Today is Queen's Day). I haven't seen any other ducks taking part in the celebrations, but I have seen a lot of crazy Dutchies in orange! Last night I went to some big street parties, but my host forgot her camera. Today I visited the beach in Scheveningen. I know it wasn't an ocean, but I was still excited!
I really wanted to make some sand castles, but it started to rain.[img][/img]
Here I am goofing around with a big plastic fish.
This is the Kurhaus Hotel.

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Dutch Things, Netherlands - 6th May 2008

By: vanessa

Today I visited some typical Dutch sights.
This is me by a real mill! I think I look a little funny in the picture, but the mill looks nice! This is St. Anna Mill.

And this being prime tulip season, I had to stop and enjoy the flowers!!

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Nijmegen, The Netherlands - 8th May 2008

By: vanessa

Being touristy in Nijmegen!! There's some really old story about a girl called Mariken van Nijmegen and a devil called Moenen. There are statues of both main characters in this city so today I went to find them!!

First I went to Find Moenen (oooh scary) by St Stephen's Church and then I visited the Grote Markt (big market square) and climbed up by Mariken and gave her a little kiss!
My host told me that a pair of ducks live in the Grote Markt, but I didn't see them. :(

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Nijmegen, The Netherlands - 9th May 2008

By: vanessa

Oh what beautiful sunny weather we're having here!! Today I went out for a jog in the morning by St. Stephen's Church. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2277/2477931864_ab53b8c92c_m.jpg
This city really is pretty, but I think I'm itching to go someplace new!
This is me sitting in the window of my host's house. Sometimes we go down to the terrace you can see and have a beer in the sun. In fact, today is Friday, so I might just have to go down there tonight!

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Nijmegen , The Netherlands - 12th May 2008

By: vanessa

Well, I'm moving now. The Netherlands was fun, but I'm ready for my next big adventure. I just thought I'd post my final pictures from this area. This weekend I walked across the Waal bridge.
And some other random pics:
A new friend!
A nice place to cool off.
And I tried to meet some exotic bird friends, but these guys were in a cage at a park and they didn't seem to want to play!

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Cardiff, Wales, UK - 16th May 2008

By: Penvmbra

Hello everyone!

Today I arrived in Penvmbra's house.


Later on Amelie arrived as well.


And we had a 'cheesy' tea time before we go to rest of out trips.


The japanese doll is a gift for Amelie's mother  ;)

Penvmbra's being occupied with her studies so my first days will be for resting  :rolleyes:

Take care,

Lucky Duck

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Cardiff, Wales, UK - 24th May 2008

By: Penvmbra

Hello again mates!

Today's an awsome day, quite hot for the average UK temperatures, so we went for a walk around the city of Cardiff.


Wales is a celtic land.
Our elder celtics had a tradition of offering a wooden spoon to their loved ones as a token of their love.

Here you can read the story:


Me and Amelie with an anciet warrior:


And now, just me and him, eheh


Then we went to a comic books shop called Forbidden Planet:


And finally, we went to a shop called Lush where they sell handmade soaps.The store smells really good and I took this picture on this 'soap cake' with the same color as me  :p


Penvmbra's having 3 examinations this week  :stare: so we shouldn't go out that much, but I'll be having fun with Amelie and trying to improve my Computer Science skill with my hostess' books  ;)

Bye bye guys and kisses to mummy,

Lucky Duck

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Penvmbra's place, Cardiff, UK - 27th May 2008

By: Penvmbra

Today Penvmbra's friend Hugo, who came to visit her to spend her birthday with her, cooked a spanish speciality called 'tortilla'.

It was really good.  :rolleyes:


Then, me and Amelie spent some time exploring our hostess' books.


But we got tired quickly.  :o


By the way, look at her laptop  :p


And this is all for today!

Take care everyone,

Lucky Duck

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Cardiff, United Kingdom - 29th May 2008

By: Penvmbra

Today was Penvmbra's birthday so, besides she's full of stuff to study for the exams, we went to have a british breakfast outside and walk a bit.

The typical british breakfast is full of greasy food! :stare:



Here's the tower of a church near her house:


And then me and Amelie spent the afternoon chatting on this nice art nouveaux gothic style sofa, eheh



Lucky Duck

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Cardiff, United Kingdom - 30th May 2008

By: Penvmbra

Hi there!

I'll let you with some photos me and Amelie took still in Cardiff.

The first two are in the Cathays Cemetery, where almost all tumbs have celtic crosses.

The last one is from a lunch we had with kidney pie, so typical in UK and with an awsome taste.




Lucky Duck

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