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Travelog for: Dottie Mouse

Guargacho, Tenerife, Spain - 1st January 2009

By: katjaintenerife


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Guargacho, Tenerife, Spain - 6th January 2009

By: katjaintenerife

Happy Epiphany, or the Kings' day as they celebrate it here in Spain. My host doesn't celebrate the 6th of January for that reason though but for her birthday.

We made some oatcakes for lunch.

And in the evening a couple of friends came over for some birthday tiramisu and tea

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Guargacho, Tenerife, Spain - 9th January 2009

By: katjaintenerife

Today I said goodbye to my host, Stuart The Lion and GIRAY because I am going back to Germany now. It will be great to get to know a bit more about my own home country :)


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Hameln, Germany - 13th January 2009

By: Elayoe

Hi Mum!

today I arrived in Germany, exactly in Hameln. I cannot wait to see the town as my new host mum said, that there are a lot of rats in the town (but not many real), also if they had a plague of rats some weeks ago..
I was welcomed very nice by all the other toyvoyagers: Harold Giraffe, Mumu and Peti.
This is Peti and me:
Mumu is in the middle and Harold right:
I think I'll have a lot of fun with them.

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Hameln, Germany - 21st January 2009

By: Elayoe

3 days ago we celebrated the birthday of my hosts son. He got 7 years old. And today they made a childrens birthday party with 6 other children. They made a little pirate party out of it, with a pirate cake and treasure hunt. Here you can see us with the pirate cake, doesn't it look great and delicious?

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Hameln, Germany - 25th January 2009

By: Elayoe

This weekend wasn't so nice. My host mum was ill and my host dad had to write for his diploma. Thats why we walked through the flat and wanted to look what we should do.
Hey, here I am with the big map and the postcrossing cards in the living in room:
I also found a card from Germany:
Then we found all the crystals which my host mum collects:
This is the view out to the balcony:
And we didn't know what we should watch, Harold wanted to see Star Trek, Mumu wanted to see a Horror movie, Peti wanted to see Gilmore girls and I wanted to see LotR:
so we decided to play a game, but there where so many games again, that we didn't know which we should take:
so we looked for a book:
and the we read all our own books, I took: Das Geheimnis der Wanderhure by Sabine Ebert:
And later we thought of making decos, those are little booklets which are sent through the world:
This is a full booklet:
And here we are decorating one:
It was a nice weekend finally as we had a lot to do.. ;)

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Hameln, Germany - 12th February 2009

By: Elayoe

Today I was on my first medieval concert.. we saw the band: Corvus Corax.. These are some pics:
my host didn't want to hold Mumu and me so high as she thought, that the band would think she want to give us to them.. ;)
but the concert was great..

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Steinhude, Germany - 20th February 2009

By: Elayoe

Today we were in Steinhude for a short stop. We pick up the penpal of host mum at the airport and on the way home we stopped at the "Steinhuder Meer"
But it was too rainy to make more pics:

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Loccum, Germany - 21st February 2009

By: Elayoe

Today we made a walk at the abbey in Loccum. Here you can read a bit about in German and English.
Loccum is near Wasserstraße (the home village of my host dad). It is not a big town, more a village, but it is famous for the abbey. There is also a pilgrimage road to Loccum which starts in Volkenroda. My host mum said, that two of her friend walked this way in September. It tooks 300 km..

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Wasserstraße, Germany - 22nd February 2009

By: Elayoe

Today my host Mum had her 30th birthday. The only one, I want to show you from this day is that she had to clean doorknobs as the got 30 without being married:
she also had to wear a cow costume:
this is the door with the knobs:
and these pics her friends drawed for her in the evening:

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Hannover, Germany - 23rd February 2009

By: Elayoe

Today Mumu left Hameln. We drove with Christina and Mumu to the airport, Christina will take her to Vienna. This is the last pic with Mum:

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Hameln, Germany - 23rd February 2009

By: Elayoe

We made a walk through Hameln.
This a map for blind people:
This is the "Hochzeitshaus" (1610) and "Church St. Nikolai", in the Hochzeitshaus is the registry office and a police office:
This is the "Leisthaus" (1585), there is the museum in:
Thats the "Stiftsherrenhaus" (1556):
The Pied Piper:
This is the view on the "Osterstraße":
They are also selling bread rats here, isn't that great.. If you want one Mum, I could send you one ;):
Thats the "Rattenfängerhaus" with the legend on the wall:
This is again "Church St. Nicolai" (1200)
This house was built around 1500:

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Hameln, Germany - 25th February 2009

By: Elayoe

Today I went with my host mum to her work. She is working as a surveyor in the land register office. But today she had to sit on another place as in her room are build in new windows.
She is drawing new houses into maps and new borders. These papers she need for it:
These are old maps, older than 100 years:
this is a bit of the archive:
and here she is working with a drawprogram:
It was an interesting day at her office, sad that she didn't go out for outdoor work anymore. :(

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Hameln, Germany - 27th February 2009

By: Elayoe

Hey Mum, today my host Mum received the birthday present. She was really happy and I absolutely loved the mice on the blanket. Here you can see me with it:

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Hameln, Germany - 3rd March 2009

By: Elayoe

Today a toyvoyager arrived here in Hameln. I welcomed Rhyu. He is coming from the Netherlands and will stay a month here. He also gave our host some fbs and a postcard..

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