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Travelog for: Samantha Turtle

Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 1st April 2008

By: sararingham

Today I was reborn as a toyvoyager. Sara doesn't know my real birthday so that can't be put in, I just know I'm ready to start seeing the world! Where's my first place to visit? Does anyone know? I'd love to be near beaches and see lots of marine life, so does anyone in those areas want to host me? I'm not too heavy, this is what I look like...


As you can see I'm pretty small, pretty light, although I'm kind of long (at 21cms) I'm still pretty small for what I really am... Sara says she's going to look for a good first host for me. I hope to visit you soon! Let's do everything to make me happy again! :-)

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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 3rd April 2008

By: sararingham

I'm about to be sent out to my first host in California. I wonder what I'll see there, I have had a few days to connect with mom and a few of the other toyvoyagers, but most of us are off on our way now, some to see the rest of the world, some to see the rest of Australia - I hope they have fun!

Mom thought of a funny story she thought she's share. The day before I arrived at her home she was watching a show called Border Patrol where they inspect suspicious packages that come into Australia... and she made a passing comment about how it would be funny to see one of her toyvoyagers or soon to be toyvoyagers (me) pass through quarantine and get inspected...

...and little did she know, at that exact time I was being inspected myself. They opened up my very dark bag - I wasn't in there very long but I poked my head out to see hoping to see a smiling face looking in at me, instead I had some strange people with gloves take me out and pad me down. I wonder why they thought I could be suspicious!


I then got put right back in my bag with some paperwork - which I can't read but Sara says it's just something about "What not to bring into Australia". Then they put a bright yellow sticker on my package saying that I had indeed been inspected. What a strange journey I've had! I even got to see the inner workings of Australia's quarantine... :-) Too bad I didn't get any photos of that!

I'll talk to everyone soon, I'm going back to the United States! See you in California! <3

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Orangevale, Ca, USA - 11th April 2008

By: magickzzl

I have arrived in California, and was greeted by some wonderfully nice toys! Izzy, my host has been so busy taking us on adventures she forgot to update! oops! Here I am being greeted by Snuggles, Little Teddy, Pearly and Twilight


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Crockett, Ca, USA - 12th April 2008

By: magickzzl

Izzy went to the bay area to visit her family and stopped with us at the Carquinez Strait. There we stopped at a look out point to see the Carquinez bridge, Mare Island and the straits that feed into San Fransisco bay. it was so beautiful out, and we learned about Al Zampa, who was one of the men who helped build the bridge! Izzy's grandfather worked on the bridge to and was friends with Mr. Zampa. Mare island was an old Navel yard where they build ships! But it looked pretty quiet when we were there.

We also stopped at a nursery that specializes in native California plants. It was so dirty though, we stayed in the car, but Izzy took a picture of the plants for us!


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Sacramento, Ca, USA - 14th April 2008

By: magickzzl

So as soon as we got back home, we were off again to help Izzy house sit for her friend. We watched alot of TV and ate junk food. We also met a nice cat statue, but she didn't say much


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Sacramento, Ca, USA - 17th April 2008

By: magickzzl

After our trip to the bay area we took some time off to sleep. Izzy wanted to join us but she has homework! Anywho, today we decided to go to the BIG mall in Sacramento, the Arden Fair mall! One of my fellow voyagers, Little Teddy's goal is to go to a Hello Kitty Store, and so we took him! its was so fun! but we got in trouble for having camera's.

In the main part of the mall they had funny benches that looked like cats and pyramids! Weird! No turtles though, to bad.


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Placerville, Ca, USA - 25th April 2008

By: magickzzl

I got to go to a goat show mom! It was AMAZING! Their were African Pygmy goats, the little petting zoo kind, everywhere! About 200 of them. Izzy showed some of hers to, and I even got to meet the Grand Champion Doe! (which is a girl) who was Izzy's! I got my picture with her, her names Pandora.

We also got to sit in a stall just like a goat and Teddy and Snuggles put me in a milking station, which is a device to keep the goats still while milking or grooming them! the goats were so cute!


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Roseville, Ca, USA - 26th April 2008

By: magickzzl

So today started off nice and quiet. Izzy took us to a library where she let us read magazines while she studied. it was very nice, and quiet. After a bit of that we headed out to the park thats part of the library property. it was so beautiful!


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Roseville, Ca, USA - 26th April 2008

By: magickzzl

Luau! I was invited to watch Izzy's friend Bon and Kate dance in a traditional Hawai'in Luau! It was put on by the Hui of Sacramento. They had a long boat out to show, and so much food and dancing! Those Polyniasian dancers are really good! I wish i could move my hips like that!

After a great show, we went to a resterant for some water to help hydrate our dancing friends. We had so much fun and were so full when we came home!!


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Orangevale, Ca, USA - 27th April 2008

By: magickzzl

As a good bye to Izzy, she showed me all her animals! I got to meet sheep and horses and goats and.. a turtle! Izzy forgot to get a picture of me with Tortallini the red eared slider earlier! now Im off to Pollunga


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Cirtus Heights, United States - 28th April 2008

By: pollunga

Hi Mom! I got to my new host today! She is very nice and she and my last host are really good friends! We all hung out for a little while and I was able to visit with some other TV's.


We decided to go back to Ishah's house (my new host) and have some barbeque dinner. I called shot gun and got the front seat! Bear was a little disappointed and then he drooled all over the place.


After dropping the dog off at home we stopped at the grocery store to get some hamburger meat. The big "S" must surely be for "Samantha".


I found this delicious looking dessert but we decided not to get it because one of the TV's coming to dinner is on a diet and trying to get in shape. His name is Scott and he is a lobster. He has nice abs.


We thought this was a great place for a group shot. It just fit the moment.


After dinner we decided to go for a good game of hangman. The answer was "goldfish", which Ishah has a lot of.


My first day in Citrus Heights was fun. Ishah is going to show me where she works soon and I'll let you know how it goes. She says there are turtles there! I can't wait to talk to them.

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Citrus Heights, California, United States - 30th April 2008

By: pollunga

Yesterday I got to go to work with Ishah! It was a lot of fun. I got to meet some really cool animals too!

1. We got there bright and early.
2. I met some red-eared slider turtles! They were really nice and told me about how every morning Ishah or one of her co-workers feeds them raw fish! That's be heaven! Hand fed raw fish everyday!
3. Next I was introduced to a ball python, sometimes they are called "royal pythons". This one is just a baby, he will grow to be 5 feet long!
4. For breakfast I had a meal with the iguanas. It was yummy greens with some strawberry-mush. I made a huge mess.


5. For lunch it was such a nice day we went and ate outside. Ishah has a current fascination with Terry Pratchett and she read us some chapters from "Color of Magic". The man is a genius.
6. We went and fed the fish and up swam a funny looking dog! His name is Will Turner and he is a Dog Faced Puffer. we chatted through the glass for a few minutes. Turns out he is very friendly and likes to be hand fed krill (kind of like shrimp). I tell you, it'd be great to live at Petco, all these people seeing to your every need.
7. This is Louie, he is a Jenday conure. He didn't say much, but he whistled at me!
8. While Ishah finished up her work day, I stayed in the break room and red up on Akitas.


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Citrus Heights, USA - 16th May 2008

By: pollunga

It's been terribly boring around here. Ishah has been studying for finals and hasn't taken me anywhere! But luckily there are a few other voyagers here and we have kept ourselves busy.
It has been so hot here in California too! I tried to go for a swim but the only pool of water I could find was this betta's home and I didn't fit anyways.


We decided to play hide and seek on one of the days. I had the best spot. They never found me. Turns out that after three hours they had given up looking and went and watched a movie without me!


We played Nintendo DS for awhile, but with each of us controlling different aspects of the controls, it didn't work too well.


Soon we go bored and decided to snoop around the house. Ishah was at work and it was the perfect time to look around!


Someone left a wallet on the table, we helped ourselves.


For the last few days we have just been running around the house wreaking havoc and then blaming it on the cats. I think we are going to go on a trip soon. I sure hope so!

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San Fransisco, USA - 18th May 2008

By: pollunga

This last weekend we went to San Fransisco! We visited China Town, Pier 39, and Japan Town. It was really windy so Ishah didn't take us out too much because once we almost got blown away! But we took pictures on the way there and crossing the Bay Bridge. At Pier 39 we got a picture with Alcatraz behind us. It's an island with an old prison on it!


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Citrus Heights, USA - 24th May 2008

By: pollunga

Well, I am off to my next host. I got all packed up today and Tuffy and Abeeku helped me into my envelope. I am so excited to seem ore of the world!


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