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Travelog for: Lady Mary

Bruchsal, Germany - 17th March 2008

By: fam-united

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Bruchsal, Germany - 18th March 2008

By: fam-united

Today two new toyvoyagers arrived and Petra said, that they - AliG and Curly - brought sunny weather to Bruchsal.



We already had some fun together. You know, it is springtime and we all are a bit hilarious. I'm not sure, how Petra will handle this ;)




After we built this toyvoyager pyramid (have I every seen another here???), we sat down - yes, we really just sat down quietly- and listened to Holiday Harry, who told us many things about Bruchsal. It was kind of sitting in school and listening to a teacher. Petra said, that she really wondered, how Holiday Harry, this crazy monkey, remembered so much about this place.

First Petra told us everything and HolidayHarry jumped behind our backs like crazy.
This photo shows the Damian's Gate. It's the northern entrance to the palace area.

This photo shows the palace and the rooms inside. The palace was destroyed during the second world war, 80% of Bruchsal's buildings had been destroyed. The palace was rebuilt during the 70th. In the south wing of the palace the parish of St.Damian and Hugo has its church with a modern interior.

We all thought, that it is silly to take photos, where everyone can see only us toyvoyagers and the real photos only while making a handstand, so we asked Petra to take the photos standing behind us and letting Holiday Harry explain everything. He just couldn't sit quietly enough, so he had something to do now and he seemed really proud of it.

HolidayHarry told us, that there are concerts in the palace sometimes. And there is an exhibition of Mechanical Musical Instruments.

There are several events in front of the palace during spring and summer.

One of these events is the summerday procession in May, when they burn the snowman in front of the palace.

The carnival procession is especially interesting, because you can listen to the crazy music called "Guggemusik" - a music, which even Holiday Harry had been unable to explain. On the right page you see the baroque church St. Peter and the arm of Bruchsal. The flags of Bruchsal are in front of the old town hall.

Each Wednesday and Saturday there is a market in Bruchsal, where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables and flowers. You can also buy plants for the garden.

On the left side you see the limestone building of the Pallottines' private grammar school St. Paulusheim, built in 1923.

The Belvedere, a former hunting lodge, was built in 1758. It serves a very fitting background for open-aur plays.

This left building is really interesting, but not easy to take a photo with it. It is the men's prison of Bruchsal, built in 1841 and called "Café Octagon".

The baroque church St. Peter: Cardinal Schönborn began the building in 1740 and Cardinal Hutten completed it and had the interior finished. The architect was Balthasar Neumann from Würzburg. The church holds the remains of the last prince-bishop in a cryp.

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Bruchsal, Germany - 24th March 2008

By: fam-united

Happy Easter to you!!!


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Bruchsal, Germany - 24th March 2008

By: fam-united

We all thought, that we maybe would have better weather now. It started to be so nice, when we arrived here in Bruchsal, but I think, that I have to travel to a far away place to stay in the warmth. It is only warm in the house, when Petra heats the oven in their livingroom. Yes, and today it was really warm in the kitchen, because we all helped to bake a biscuit. It was really crowded in the kitchen.

This was the place we had to sit down at first, because Petra had to get everything prepared.


Then everyone was allowed to hold the stirrer for a while. Wow, I think, if Petra wouldn't had been there to help me, it could have been really dangerous for me. I had been trembling from head to toe. Did you know, that ladybirds have toes?

Then I wanted to help to stir the flour under the dough.

While we waited for the cake get ready in the oven, we wanted to walk into the garden to take a look at the flowers there.





This is the basket, in which Petra carries us around, when she takes us to other places in her house. She says, it is the only way to carry so many toyvoyagers. If you wonder about the amount of toyvoyagers, that are here right now: Petra just started to find several hosts in Asia, Africa and South America. And now she activated many toyvoyagers and of course she wants to make some updates, before they start their travels. It is really exciting to hear about the places, which they plan to visit soon and even more exciting for me, because I'm part of it.

Finally the cake was ready - ok, not really ready, I suppose. Petra talked something about butter cream and chocolate icing. So I will see, how the cake looks like later.

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