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Travelog for: Shirley Sheep

Honiton, UK - 6th July 2007

By: drakie

well I am sorry folks but my computer at home is changing server and this will take over 2 weeks, 2 weeks without a computer I cannot cope... help...  but my picture will be downloaded as soon as I can.

Well my name is Shirley Sheep and I will soon be going to the Netherlands with Tess, I am so excited, Purple Bun has just left for Jerusalem.... how exciting... I will be the last to leave and Eddy Bear has just arrived home.

Not sure of all my travel plans but will add to the site as soon as I know. 

My picture will be added as soon as the computer allows.

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Buitenpost (FRL), Netherlands - 22nd July 2007

By: Tess

Yesterday Shirley Sheep arrived from the UK.
She had been in the mailbox, cause we all where traveling to Assen to see Baby Alex Dad and prepare Wendy's birthday.

But Shirley has a party to attend today because.

Today was a real great event.Zahli Zebra from Australia is staying in the Netherlands  AND found the love of her life a red gentle Zebra. His name is Yentl.
Today  Sunday July 22  2007 ,they got married and Zahli was dressed  like a real bride...in a light blue wedding dress .She and Yentl exchanged earrings with one another and promised stay together for better and for worse.
Their  wedding vows and a official certificate will be in Zahli's logbook (travelbook)

SHIRLEY loves weddings and was proud being a brides-sheep..and a guest of honor (with Sabrina-Doll)...cause she  is very elegant!!
She has also befriended one of the monsters of the house ...a soft gentle black and white dog.

Look at her pictures and see for yourself.... :p

Herschaalde kopie van camera 060.jpg
Herschaalde kopie van camera 061.jpg
Herschaalde kopie van camera 063.jpg

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Buitenpost (FRL), Netherlands - 22nd July 2007

By: Tess


      On top of A monster

Herschaalde kopie van camera 067.jpg
Herschaalde kopie van camera 073.jpg

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Buitenpost (FRL), Netherlands - 31st July 2007

By: Tess

Shirley Sheep..would like to share about her day today.

We had fun today...since it still is raining cats and dogs (not ours!!) we stayed inside the house for most of the time.
But after awhile the weather seemed to be better and Tess decided Shirley could come with her and one of the dogs..to explore the neighborhood.(we took a raincoat ..and an umbrella just in case !!) :rolleyes:
Sadly enough Tess'hubby was away for the day, on his own adventures and he had taken the camera with him.!

We saw some silly geese that could swim where normally the sheep stay in a meadow near the house.
But due to the bad weather it's like a pool so these geese used it for teaching purposes & practice swimming
lessons for the young ones.They were not so friendly to the dog though., but  I (Shirley) could hide in the hood of the raincoat. :p

We came by several tiny frogs ...and I had fun ~(giggle)~  :cyclops:cause the dog jumps...every time she notices a little frog cross her path. Some great protector of predators... huh?

The other dog  is called Sparky , he is an old Jack Russell (age almost 14 years.) His likes to walk but not too far and not when it is  raining and very wet.!!
And he snores at night AND during the day!!!!!!!!!!!

Shirley had a long chat with some toys that are staying here permanently.

A family of Teddy-Bears, some 50 years old dolls, and a very friendly Turtle that is doing lots of  games & coloring stuff side by side with a Lady -Bug. Of course whenever the Turtle is finished his project in drawing ...Shirley is long gone to another adventure BUT she appreciated his offer to draw her a painting of some kind. :D

I also took some fashion -classes and that picture will be uploaded maybe tomorrow.
Bed Time bed ...Behhh...goodnight...and Oan't moarn ( in Frisian =  see you tomorrow)[/color] :p

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Buitenpost (FRL), Netherlands - 17th August 2007

By: Tess

Shirley has had busy days recently. Not only accompanies she her host in the car driving around this nice province ..or country but she also met new voyagers recently.
One of them is Blaze and another (private toy-voyager one is Teran from the USA)

Some pictures of this special arrival

Afterwards they had all a long chatr in bed to discus  adventures from their new friends.One has to go and two arrived .. :p

Herschaalde kopie van camera 019.jpg
Herschaalde kopie van camera 008.jpg

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Buitenpost (FRL), Netherlands - 17th August 2007

By: Tess

We DID have a farewell and goodbye party for Cool Jules who is very excited to leave for Malaysia, and Blaze and Teran who celebrated their arrival.

We had some drinks, only because we just had dinner and had all  of our bellies very full

Shirley and Jules {{hugged}} on another and posed under the Dutch and Frisian flag[color=red].[/color]

Herschaalde kopie van camera 013.jpg
Herschaalde kopie van camera 006.jpg
Herschaalde kopie van camera 005.jpg

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Buitenpost (FRL), Netherlands - 17th August 2007

By: Tess

One of the cats (Joey) in this home is a very fine gentleman who did not mind posing with Blaze and Shirley at all.
AND ...he is not a mouse killer..Our Vince and Vinnie are living proof of that !!

:p                                :p                                  :p

Herschaalde kopie van camera 022.jpg
Herschaalde kopie van camera 021.jpg

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Bruchsal, Germany - 1st October 2007

By: fam-united

Hi, Sylvia! I'm here in Germany now. It's just a short stop over before I travel to Australia. So I will not see many places here, but Sabrina is very happy, that I'm here right now. She says I'm so soft and she likes that  B)

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in the car, Germany - 3rd October 2007

By: fam-united

Today it is National Holiday of Germany and most people don't go to work on that day. There are some celebrations, that you can watch in tv (television, not in a toyvoyager :) ). But the people in Germany don't really celebrate on that day.
Petra and her family decided to go shopping in the Alsace, which is in France. So you see Sabrina and me with the other toyvoyagers in the car on our way to the border to France.

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Lauterburg, France - 3rd October 2007

By: fam-united

In Lauterburg my hosts had lunch. We were in a restaurant, where you only could order pancakes or crepes to eat and of course something to drink.

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Weissenburg, France - 3rd October 2007

By: fam-united

Then we drove to Weissenburg (Wissembourg), because we wanted to see the old part of that city, but it was so crowded, that we headed home again. Unhappily the photo with me in Weissenburg wasn't fine, so we only have this photo of our drive to that city.

Not far away from Weissenburg we found this chapel. I think, it was very interesting.
Of course it was a little crowded by us toyvoyagers, but we tried to keep silent.

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Schweigen, Germany - 3rd October 2007

By: fam-united

The German Winegate is a building of the worst time in German history. It was built in 1936 officially to make the wineyards of the Palatinate more famous. Of course it was also a provocation against France, because the border is very close (only 1km to Wissembourg). The gate is the end point of the Palatinate Wine Route.
(I can't put this online without telling, that I'm so sorry for everything that happened during these years.)


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Karlsruhe, Germany - 3rd October 2007

By: fam-united

I only saw this church, when we drove through Karlsruhe, but I heard, that there is a nice palace too.

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Maulbronn, Germany - 14th October 2007

By: fam-united

Today we visited Maulbronn, where is a famous monastery. It is Unesco World Heritage. I thought, that it looks like a little town in the city Maulbronn.
















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Bruchsal, Germany - 27th October 2007

By: fam-united

Today I helped Petra to bake cakes for Fabian's 17th birthday, which we will celebrate tomorrow. This cake is called Hannchen Jensen or Hansen Jensen cake.


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