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Travelog for: Purple Bun

Honiton, Devon UK, UK - 27th June 2007

By: drakie

Well here I am ready for my journey, from Honiton in Devon, My host still has Lila Bun whom should be going to Jellycat next week and Cotton Candy who will be leaving for Pandamao in Germany so I will have to get a picture before I leave.  I have the codes now just waiting for my tag.  I will join on journeys my brother Eddy who is just leaving Japan and Henry who is still beginning of USA trail.
I am getting so excited as I like girly things, and I am going to Jerusalem, now how exciting is that, I guess that could be my spiritual place, it is certainly holy in my books.  Albeit lots of troubles through the years it is still special _ I am the first traveller for Alley Cat so I cannot wait to be released. 

I maybe going to Iceland after that, do they get snow in Summer .. not sure.

Then will find others who might have me.  Anyway I am sure it will be fun and very exciting for a little Purple Bun

purple bun 300.jpg

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Jerusalem, Israel - 9th July 2007

By: alleycat

Yay! I've arrived to Jerusalem! It's a relief to get out of my travelbox. I'm so excited :)

Today I spent all the day in the University campus where my host works. It's a nice place, very green, quiet and peaceful, but I'll tell you more about it later, when she'll take the camera with us. Meanwhile, here I am at home, near the computer!


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Jerusalem, Israel - 10th July 2007

By: alleycat

Today I spent all the day with Helen at work again - mostly staring at the computers (was it worth travelling to another continent?!) But then we went for a walk around the campus, and it was really nice. The place looks like a park or a tourist resort! who could believe that it's one of the biggest universities in Israel and is even recognized internationally as a member of the 100 most outstanding academic institutions in the world.

Here is a fountain at the entrance - not that I like water, it's not healthy for my plushy purple skin, but it does look kind of nice.

The administration building, which contains also a couple of shops, a canteen, a students' clinic, etc, and most importantly, the post office. Here is where I had arrived in the box and waited to be picked up!

The alleys go alongside the green lawns which are very comfortable for sitting, relaxing or studying. It's also common to see families with kids here, but I didn't see any, maybe it was too hot for humans, I think around 30C.

The campus is decorated with some weird statues. This one is probably the least weird - I was wary of it at first, as I was sure it's a female troll, but Helen convinced me that in any case trolls do not eat bunnies.

And another alley. All the buildings around are quite uninspiring, so I didn't care for their pictures. Btw if you wonder what I'm sitting on - it's a CD case. I highly value my appearance and don't want to make my furry bottom dirty.

A promenade with pine trees around. (Maybe not exactly pine trees, but something similar)

It appears there's a great view from the balcony (but of course it pales in comparison to my ears).  I could spot the Israeli art museum on the horizon, but unfortunately, it's closed for renovations, so it doesn't make sense to visit it any time in the near future.

I've also made a few pictures of me around the flowers, but I'm saving them for the next post, to avoid overloading this one with pictures.

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Jerusalem, Israel - 10th July 2007

By: alleycat

It appears that the campus is a haven for all kinds of flowers! so colorful and pretty, I just couldn't resist posing for a few pictures.

(btw if you want to see the big versions of the images, click on the zooomr link in the alleycat's signature)


Playing hide-and-seek - can you spot the bunny?

I'm not afraid of the big bad scary cactus!

Oh and have I mentioned there's a lot of flowers?

I start to consider signing up as a student. Maybe I'll study... birds!

(click here for the big image with readable text)

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Jerusalem, Israel - 11th July 2007

By: alleycat

I was really excited to hear that we're going shopping - but it appeared that (1)it was a small lousy food store on the campus and (2)it was closed :/ Well, at least it was a nice walk in a nice company!

I must say that although my host's workplace is so quiet and green and peaceful, I'm already eager for some action! We're definitely going to the city center next week, for some proper sightseeing! and we have some plans for the weekend :)

The small human known as the Kitten was very happy to accompany me.

The cafeteria on the open air, currently closed.

I almost imagined myself in the forest.

One of the less impressive city views - but my host is slowly learning to make pictures of *me*, not the background scenes.

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Jerusalem, Israel - 13th July 2007

By: alleycat

Yesterday we went to buy new shoes (sandals) for alleycat, because her current sandals are almost broken in half, and I want her to be in a good shape to take me places!

This is a reasonably inexpensive neighbourhood, all the buildings are used for various shops.


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Tel-Aviv, Israel - 15th July 2007

By: alleycat

Would you believe it - yesterday I was on the beach! We went to Tel-Aviv to visit my host's relatives - which by itself was boring, I didn't even want to get out of my bag - I came along only because I was promised to be taken to the beach at the evening. We went only for a couple of hours, but it was the best time - just before sunset - and very nice indeed.

During the drive, I was watching the views from the car window - so many big and modern buildings! not like Jerusalem at all (or so I've heard... soon I'll be able to compare)

And the palm trees everywhere.

But a lot of streets look less fancy.

(The beach photos will be in the next post)

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Tel-Aviv, Israel - 15th July 2007

By: alleycat

So here it is - the Mediterranean sea!

The waves were too high to swim - but of course swimming is not my main concern, so I enjoyed just strolling around and breathing the fresh air.

There are hotels all along the embankment, but we were staying at the place which was a bit far from the big hotels (but close to the car parking - finding a parking place is a huge problem!)

This hotel is one of the smaller ones (I didn't succeed to catch its name)

(more to follow...)

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Jerusalem, Israel - 15th July 2007

By: alleycat

So quiet and peaceful.

Not many people swimming at this hour and weather.

I just can't stop watching these waves!

(don't worry, it's quite safe - alleycat is holding me tight, and far from the water)

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Tel-Aviv, Israel - 15th July 2007

By: alleycat

The sun is getting lower and lower...

The sunset at the sea is an amazing sight!


Oh and just when we were about to go home, I've noticed a flying kite!

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Jerusalem, Israel - 16th July 2007

By: alleycat

Today was a quiet day - I spent all the day at home, resting and contemplating the meaning of life, but the evening brought a surprise! another ToyVoyager - a parrot, called Robinson, had arrived from Germany! From now on, we'll travel together, until it will be time to depart to the next country. Now I'll never feel bored!

I also met a new ToyVoyager called Tux, who will be leaving to Germany very soon.


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Jerusalem, Israel - 18th July 2007

By: alleycat

Yesterday me and my new travelling companion (Robinson) went to the city center! We didn't see the Old City yet (except from the distance - we'll go specially another time to make pictures), but there was plenty to see.

The Notre Dame of Jerusalem, located not far from the Old City, is an international pilgrimage and cultural center. It has a web site: http://www.notredamecenter.org

We couldn't go inside, but even being there makes me all warm and fuzzy!


And this is the Holy Trinity Church - a Russian Orthodox Church. I really must try to convince alleycat to dress appropriately and visit it - even that making photos inside is not allowed.

It's difficult to make pictures because the church is surrounded with tall trees, and when you get close, you can't see it in all its glory.

...more to follow...

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Jerusalem, Israel - 18th July 2007

By: alleycat

On our way, we noticed an interesting place, which appeared to be the municipal building.


Lion is a symbol of Jerusalem, so there are pictures and statues of lions everywhere.

...more to follow...

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Jerusalem, Israel - 18th July 2007

By: alleycat

Walking the Jaffa street - one of the central, busiest and oldest streets in Jerusalem.

We tried very hard to capture the moment when there's no traffic.

A typical building on one of the small side-streets. Everything is kind of crowded.

Most of the buildings on the central streets (at least their first floors) are used for little shops, restaurants, cafeterias, clubs, etc.

...more to follow...

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Jerusalem, Israel - 18th July 2007

By: alleycat

We're on Ben-Yehuda street which is a pedestrian zone - and a shopping haven for tourists!

This street is usually crowded...

It's a popular recreation place, with numerous cafeterias.

The public is very various. Here's a street musician plays guitar, and nearby the religious Jews are performing the ritual of laying Tefillin

A shop of Jewish ceremonial accessories! shiny!

And an Arab shop selling beautiful chess sets...

...and jewellery!!!

But it's time to go. We're on King George street (another one of the main Jerusalem streets) on our way to catch the bus. (The big building to the right is a bank).

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