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Travelog for: Little Dragon

Vienna -Prater, Austria - 28th October 2012

By: Grinsekatze

Prater 28.Oktober2012

Hi there!

Today  I was with Violet MarieTV-TV +Karotti+Gina + Aaron + LittleNurseNicl  + Frank the Mops + Hupfi + Lotta in the Prater.
It was so great. I liked it very much.
The Wiener Prater is a large public park in Vienna's 2nd district (Leopoldstadt). The Wurstelprater amusement park, often simply called "Prater", stands in one corner of the Wiener Prater and includes the Wiener Riesenrad.
The area that makes up the modern Prater was first mentioned in 1162, when Emperor Friedrich I gave the land to a noble family called de Prato. The word "Prater" was first used in 1403, originally referring to a small island in theDanube north of Freudenau, but was gradually extended to mean the neighbouring areas as well. The land changed hands frequently until it was bought by Emperor Maximilian II in 1560 to be a hunting ground. To deal with the problem of poachers, Emperor Rudolf II forbade entry to the Prater. On April 7 1766, Emperor Joseph II declared the Prater to be free for public enjoyment, and allowed the establishment of coffee-houses and cafés, which led to the beginnings of the Wurstelprater. Throughout this time, hunting continued to take place in the Prater, ending only in 1920.
In 1873, a World Exhibition was held in the Prater, for which a large area of land was set aside, centered on the Rotunda, which burnt down in 1937. This land now houses the Messegelände (exhibition centre).
On the grounds of modern day Kaiserwiese, an attraction called "Venice in Vienna” was established in 1895 by Gabor Steiner. The area included an artificial lagoon to simulate the canals of Venice, Italy.
In 2004, major renovations to the Wurstelprater began, and a new underground railway line was finished and brought into service on May 11, 2008, which includes three stops along the Prater (see Vienna U-Bahn). The railway stationPraterstern has been in operation for a long time and is only a few dozen metres away from an entrance to the park.
The overall area of the park has also been reduced by the building of the Ernst-Happel-Stadion (Austria's national stadium), the Südosttangente (Austria's busiest piece of motorway) and racecourse.

Quelle: wikipedia.at
Look at the photos – we had much fun.

We were in the „Schweizerhaus“ where we`ve got the best „Stelze“ in Town.





On the way we saw this nice people and made some photos:





There was also a „Drehorgelspieler“:



And here the highest „Kettenkarussel“


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Wien Prater, Austria - 30th October 2012

By: Grinsekatze

Today we where again in the Prater.

We went with the rapid train:



Aaron and me against the Giant Wheel:


On the Lion:






The snake would bite me:



We go by car:



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Vienna - at home, Austria - 20th November 2012

By: Grinsekatze

Today arrived Sausi Karl at Vienna. It`s very cold here. We made him a warm welcome.

We are: TV-TV + Gina+Karotti + LittleNurseNicl +  Violet-Marie + Hupfi + Frank the Mops + Aaron + Melek and I!


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Vienna - at home, Austria - 20th November 2012

By: Grinsekatze

Today arrived Sausi Karl at Vienna. It`s very cold here. We made him a warm welcome.

We are: TV-TV + Gina+Karotti + LittleNurseNicl +  Violet-Marie + Hupfi + Frank the Mops + Aaron + Melek and I!


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Bruchsal, Germany - 28th March 2013

By: fam-united

Hello from Bruchsal,

I arrived in Bruchsal together with some other toyvoyagers. I'm curious to learn more about this city and to get to know all the other toyvoyager guests here. And then I'm looking forward to see some other places and maybe to travel home again.

Bye, Little Dragon

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Bruchsal, Germany - 13th April 2013

By: fam-united

The weather here is more than terrible. Most of the time it is raining and if it isn't, it surely the sky is grey.

So we had been very happy today, when we looked out of the window and saw the blue sky with sunshine. We decided to go on a walk to the river Saalbach, which flows through Bruchsal.

Here we took a photo of a restaurant, which has a nice beer garden.


Close to the river, which is on the right side of this photo, we saw this nice house.


We were still standing at the same place, when we took the photo of the river Saalbach.


Then we walked along the river.




Bruchsal is called Barockstadt, because there is a beautiful baroque castle and baroque church. Bruchsal and its suburbs have 5 partner cities. One of them you maybe know, when you read the Twilight series. It is Volterra.


We walked along the river again. You can see the tower of the old slaughterhouse, where nowadays is a restaurant and more.


When we took the first photo of the other house and the river, we had been standing in front of this nice house.


This small bridge led us on a small isle, where we walked between two arms of the Saalbach.


From here we took the photo of the baroque church St. Peter.


On our way home we had to walk over this bridge, which is called Nepomukbrücke.



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Stuttgart, Germany - 14th April 2013

By: fam-united

We are on our way from Bruchsal to Blaustein, which is a town close to Ulm. You can see the car park close to Stuttgart airport, which was built over the autobahn.




We had to drive about two hours until we arrived at our destination.

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Blaustein, Germany - 14th April 2013

By: fam-united

Blaustein is a municipality in the district of Alb-Donau Baden-Württemberg in Germany. It is situated on the Blau River, 6 km west of Ulm and has about 15,000 inhabitants.

Really nice is a walk along the river Blau, but we had no time for it today.



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on the road, Germany - 14th April 2013

By: fam-united

Soon we had to go back in the car again to drive home.


There is a wildlife crossing over the autobahn.











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Bretten, Germany - 14th April 2013

By: fam-united

We had to drive through Bretten, which is a nice city, too. It would have been great, if we had time for a sightseeing tour.


There is a roundabout traffic with an interesting fountain and two glass towers.



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Bruchsal, Germany - 25th April 2013

By: fam-united

Wow! We have another sunny day! I really had no chance to see the flowers in the garden behind the house until now, because the weather was that bad. I can't remember, that we had springweather like this before. All flowers are blooming at the same time and the trees got leaves within minutes it seems.


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on the road, Germany - 15th May 2013

By: fam-united

We are on the way to Bad Wildbad, where our host's husband has an appointment. As the weather was so terrible again during the last weeks, we took the chance to take some photos today.



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Bruchsal, Germany - 26th May 2013

By: fam-united

Today we decided to bake a rhubarb cake. Our host allowed us to do it all alone without her help. So please take a look at the recipe. We explain it step by step:

At first we had to find a place - we are quite a few


Of course we aren't all traveling. Some of us are here as active toyvoyagers, but many of us are guests, who decided to stay here as long as the owners don't find time to get in contact with our host. And of course some of us live here, but we all have one thing in common - we are toyvoyagers.
At next we had to get the eggs. We need six eggs for the cake.


It was Sausi Karl's job to beat the eggs.



Then one of us - don't know who - added 50g sugar for each egg, so it was 300 g sugar. It's quite a lot, we know.


Madam Miff added one packet of vanilla sugar to the dough.



Of course we had to beat the dough again, but we couldn't handle the camera while beating the dough.
Matcha and Ted added 300g flour and one packet of baking powder.



Then we had to stir the dough again until it was fluffy.


Melek helped


and Nathalie


Then Matcha prepared the dish for the dough. We baked without bottom on a foil.


Nathalie was still busy stiring the dough.


And the she filled it in the dish.


Then we all were sitting there and waiting for the cake to get baken in the oven. Man it was boring at first. But we didn't expect, that half an hour can be such a short time, when so many tvs are together.



After this break we had to prepare the rhubarb, because we wanted to fill the cake with rhubarb cream.



I helped to skin it.




And Matcha helped to cut it in pieces.


Billy helped Matcha to stay on the pot during cutting the rhubarb pieces.





Then we had to prepare some ingrediences for the cream. We needed two packets of vanilly pudding powder, one egg white and one yolk. We had to stir the egg white.


Before adding the stirred egg white, we had to add the pudding powder. We had added a little bit of water to it and shook it until it was smooth. Then we added the pudding powder to the cooked rhubarb. We also added the yolk.


Then Louis the Rat added the stirred egg white and gently folded it in.



Finally we cut the cake in two layers and filled the cream on the first and then on the second layer and put the last layer on top of it.



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Blaustein, Germany - 9th July 2013

By: fam-united

My host traveled to Blaustein yesterday and we were allowed to join her. Today she and her son took us for a walk through the town. They decided to climb the small hill and to walk along the river Blau (German for Blue - we all believe, that the river shimmers blue, whatever other people say). I won't explain much here - just let the pictures talk.

This is Sanct Martin in front of the church St. Martin.















We went to a bridge from where we could "see" the Ulm Minster.


Then we walked back to our Blaustein home again.


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Ulm, Germany - 3rd August 2013

By: fam-united

Today we drove to Ulm. Ulm is a city in Baden-Württemberg,  located at the border of Swabian Jura to Bavaria and was founded around 850, but the oldest traceable settlement of the Ulm area began in the early Neolithic period, around 5000 BC. . Ulm lies at the point where the rivers Blau and Iller join the Danube.
Internationally, Ulm is primarily known for having the church with the tallest steeple in the world, the Gothic minster (Ulm Minster, German: Ulmer Münster) and as the birthplace of Albert Einstein.

The Minster is a Lutheran church. Although sometimes referred to as Ulm Cathedral because of its great size, the church is not a cathedral as it has never been the seat of a bishop.

It is the tallest church in the world, and the 4th tallest structure built before the 20th century, with a steeple measuring 161.5 metres (530 ft) and containing 768 steps. From the top level at 143 m (469 ft) there is a panoramic view of Ulm in Baden-Württemberg and Neu-Ulm in Bavaria and, in clear weather, a vista of the Alps from Säntis to the Zugspitze. The final stairwell to the top (known as the third Gallery) is a tall, spiraling staircase that has barely enough room for one person.

We had a wonderful view around, but the weather was not as nice as we would have liked it. It even started to drop.



Here you see the river Danube. The houses in my back belong to the so called Fischerviertel (fishermen's quarter), where we will go later. The houses on the other side of the river belong to the Bavarian city Neu-Ulm.




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