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Thal, Switzerland - 15th November 2011

By: KoboldJoe

My first Travellog...... it is cold here and i am happy that i have here so many friends and brothers

it is a wonderfill Time:)

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Hard, Austria - 17th November 2011

By: KoboldJoe

Our first Trip with all Friends :)
All people looks very crazy and smile at shopping .... B)

2011-11-16 13.38.16.jpg
2011-11-16 13.40.41.jpg
2011-11-16 13.41.13.jpg
2011-11-16 14.21.36.jpg
2011-11-16 16.14.46.jpg
2011-11-16 16.13.14.jpg
2011-11-16 16.19.16.jpg

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Zelg, Switzerland - 20th November 2011

By: KoboldJoe

yesterday we make a little Party in a Swiss Biker Bar Route202 with all my Friends they are stay here :)
We had a Original Swiss Cheese Fondue and i hope you are happy about the Pics.


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Rorschach, schweiz - 27th November 2011

By: KoboldJoe

No Fog and really nice weather so we walk around the Bodensee


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Rappenloch, Austria - 27th November 2011

By: KoboldJoe

Walk with Friends and Guest in the Rappenlochschlucht

2011-11-22 14.35.21.jpg
2011-11-22 14.38.14.jpg

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Thal, Switzerland - 30th November 2011

By: KoboldJoe

it is now the Time that i start my Trip around the World. i am so happy and i dont know what happend in the next Time...
i missed my Familie but i know it will a awesome Time now...

A little Joke before i start my Trip


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Oldenburg, Germany - 14th December 2011

By: wiebkay

Hii all :)

After some cold nights in the postoffice, wiebke came to get me. Finally, I was afraid, she forgot me, but she didn't :)

At her home I could warm myself up and enjoyed the cristmas decoration. I was very hungry, so we ordered Pizza and watched the simpsons.
All in all I had a very warm welcome and I think I can excuse her for letting me wait for so long :) (Wiebke explained to me, that the stupid german post could not reach her at home and, intead of taking me to wiebkes nearest post station they took me to the main office, which is not close to her home at all.... but she made it :)  )

Well I could warm up, and can't wait for the next days :)

Love, Dude

Dude 1.jpg
Dude 2.jpg

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Remels, Germany - 25th December 2011

By: wiebkay

Hi there :)

I found out, I'm able to chance the dates, so I can pretend to write the updates right on time *chrchrchr*

Yesterday it was the christmas eve, one of germany's most important holidays. Actually it isn't quite a holiday, since it's all about the night.
Fortunately my host didn't have to work, so we went with her boyfriend to her parents a day earlyer.
In the morning of the 24th we went to church on afternoon (see the first two pictures), listen to the pastor and sang christmas carols.
We took the pictures after the service, that way we didn't disturb anybody.

After service we went to wiebkes family, where we had a delicious dinner. wiebkes mother is a delicious cook :)

Now it's the most important part of this evening, the gift giving.
Therefore we went in the nice decorated living room and I already could see the presents unter the christmas tree - how exiting :)

now we all exchange our presents and we all were very happy of what we've got :) :) ( to bad I didn't bring a present, but it doesn't matter, nobody had a present for me as well ;)  no surprise, they didn't know I would celebrate with them^^)

but this is not important, we all hat a very nice time :)
So we played all evening with the presents. Somebody got "the big bang theory" on DVD, so we watched some of it.

pretty soon we all were very tired and a little bit tipsy, since we also hat some wine, sparkling wine and beer ;)

But it was such a nice evening, too bad this is only one time in the year ;) ;)

Dude 3.jpg
Dude 4.jpg
Dude 5.jpg
Dude 6.jpg

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Norden, Germany - 28th December 2011

By: wiebkay

hey :)

puh, lots to do during christmas days, but it's also a lot of fun. today we went to some family members. they live way in the north, even their city is called "norden", this is german for north.

But there is almost nothing ;) but wait until you see the pics ;)
I also met a little babygirl and we played a lot :) she's so cute. but she was about to bite me, that's not cute...thanks god her grandma protected me :)

so we spend the whole afternoon in "norden" and did some walking.
Back at home Wiebke invited some of her friends and we had dinner.
That was special:
they put something like a barbeque on the table and everybody got a little pan, which can be putted underneath the grill.
So they putted all kinds of goodies on the table, like meat, vegtables, cheese, potatoes, etc and everybody can take wtahever he likes :) Unfortunately wiebkes friends don't like pictures of themselves, so I only can load up pics where we get prepaired for dinner ;)

tomorrow, we're going to have a quiet day, after all the visits ;) I think we'll try a puzzlegame, Wiebke got for christmas.

Dude 11.jpg
Dude 12.jpg
Dude 14.jpg
Dude 15.jpg
Dude 9.jpg
Dude 10.jpg
Dude 13.jpg
Dude 8.jpg

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Oldenburg, Germany - 2nd January 2012

By: wiebkay

Hi @ home,

I'm very sorry, but I had no chance to write earlyer...before christmas my host Wiebke worked a lot and so we didn't have much time together...I believe her when she says that she's very sorry. But the days between Christmas and New Years Eve were very nice. We did a lot, but sadly I didn't have time to write...Also Wiebke went home to her parents where the internetconnection really was bad...didn't believe, there are still parts of germany with bad internet, but I was prooved wrong...Oh well.
Now we're back in the City and I have time to write to you. Unfortunately it is running late, but Wiebke needed the PC first, to update her appontments and checking mail....it took the whole evening...anyway,
I'm still alive, so please don't worry:)

I'll post the pictures tomorrow, because we both are very tired and need to sleep :)

I think I'm going to divide the following entries in several sections, because of the many different things I experienced.
So you can be courious :) :)

Write to you tomorrow :)
Have a good night and a HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

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Thal, Switzerland - 17th January 2012

By: KoboldJoe

I will be back at Home for a little STOP to see my family. Some Hours and than i start my log Trip to Australia :D

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