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Travelog for: Palmeke

München, Germany - 23rd August 2007

By: Pandamao

Hi there, I'm a lady pelican and I want to fly where no other pelicans have flown before! I'm open-minded, cross-eyed and love to meet great hosts!!!!

My first host will be Emmicoa who has just joined toyvoyagers.

prlikan 002.jpg

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Flying to, Australia - 25th August 2007

By: Pandamao

Oh dear, I'm exited. I wanted to spread my wings and take off but my host convinced me to use the German postal service instead. The envelope seemed to be nice, padded and spacious. So I'm off to Australia now!!

palm 002.jpg
palm 003.jpg

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Western Australia, Australia - 7th September 2007

By: Emmicoa

Today I finally arrived in Beacon, Western Australia. My host was very puzzled by what could be in the package (it seemed to small to be an ebay purchase!) When she realised it was from Germany, she opened it in the shop to show everyone and they laughed at the thought of toys travelling the world :o

We were in a rush because it was school sports day today. I got to watch all kinds of races. There was long jump, running, flag relays, tunnel ball and leader ball.

When it was finishing it started to rain and now it is raining quite heavily. My host says I must have brought the rain with me!! Everyone is very happy that it is raining because they are having a drought here and really need the rain.

This is a picture of me sheltering under the front verandah watching the rain. As you can see there is a lot of red dirt and gum trees!

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Western Australia, Australia - 8th September 2007

By: Emmicoa

It wasn't raining today so I headed outside to explore. Can you believe I could only find ONE flower???  :o

I found a big tank where they keep rain water. I tried very hard to turn the tap on but it was too big for me!

After I finished exploring I had a very important job. I had to drive the grader and help make roads for the cars. It was very big and noisy, but I think I did a good job.

I was very tired after doing so much work, so I needed somewhere to rest. I made a nice nest near the water. I looked for a long time but I couldn't find any fish in there

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Bushland, Australia - 10th September 2007

By: Emmicoa

We went for a walk in the bush search of more flowers. We found a few and some interesting rocks as well!!

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Beacon Playgroup, Australia - 11th September 2007

By: Emmicoa

Today I went to playgroup. We had a great time stamping with all different colours of paint. I liked stamping the koala the best because it was just my size B)

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Beacon Dinosaur Dig, Australia - 11th September 2007

By: Emmicoa

Newsflash - Dinosaur bones found in Beacon. Paleantologists dig today!!

I went to the dinosaur dig to help discover the dinosaur bones. This is the area we were searching. It was all roped off into grids to make sure we looked carefully and didn't miss anything

It was very hard work chipping away at the hard rocks to find the bones. Its a very exciting moment when someone finds something! Here you can see that I have found a bone. It looks like it might be a spine!!

The rocks are very hard so it takes a long time to get the bones out. I promise to take some more pictures soon. Hopefully we will find enough bones to recreate the dinosaurs skeleton :o

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Western Australia, Australia - 13th September 2007

By: Emmicoa

I have been studying and learning all about pelicans. How else will I be able to find out where the REAL pelicans live? I haven't been able to find any that look like me yet though :(


They look so majestic when they fly, it makes me want to fly too!

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Perth, Western Australia, Australia - 15th September 2007

By: Emmicoa

Today we had a very long drive to Perth. I was disappointed that we didn't have time to stop and take pictures of everything :( My host has promised that when we go again she will stop and let me have my picture taken in lots of places. I can't wait to show you the tin dog and all the sheep!

Emmi said that if I was good I could go to Fun Zone with the kids. I sat very quietly after that because it sounded like a lot of fun! I got to go in the tunnels, and the slides and the ball pit. I could have played there all day!

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Beacon Dino Dig, Australia - 20th September 2007

By: Emmicoa

Today we continued our work discovering dinosaur bones. We are finally making some good progress! These are the bones we have uncovered so far..

And here we can see some more. We are working very hard to get them out. Hopefully next week we will be able to put a whole skeleton together  B)

I also learned about Triops. They are also known as 'living fossils' or 'dinosaur shrimp' because they have been around for more than 220 MILLION years  :o Two have hatched so far. They are very strange looking. They have three eyes :o

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Beacon, Western Australia, Australia - 21st September 2007

By: Emmicoa

Today I saw some sheep. Im sorry the picture isn't very good, we didn't want to scare them away

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Beacon, Western Australia, Australia - 22nd September 2007

By: Emmicoa

There was much excitment today when a package arrived from overseas. I opened it very carefully and found Shaun the sheep inside :D
I was very happy to see another Toy Voyager and wasted no time telling him about my adventures so far. He showed Likkity Lick and myself his Official Sheep Passport  B)

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Datjoin Well, WA, Australia - 23rd September 2007

By: Emmicoa

Today we went for a walk and a picnic at Datjoin Well. We saw some lovely wildflowers and some HUGE rocks!

WOW Imagine trying to hide from police with 12 children :o I wonder what he had done...

I found this nice shady rock covered in Lichen & surrounded by wildflowers, the perfect place for a little rest!

You might not be able to see me very well, but I am sitting up next to Shaun the sheep on this HUGE rock :p

After our walk we found a nice shady spot for a picnic lunch. I discovered that you can't have a picnic here without two things - ants and FLIES, so many FLIES :o I might have to get one of those Aussie hats with the corks to keep those horrible flies away. I think I spent more time shooing the flies off my food than I did eating :mad:

After lunch we collected acacia nuts. This is me with my collection :D

Somebody has made this bush barbeque for everyone to use! Its a shame that its is too hot and dry for a barbie at the moment :thinking:

We went for a drive a bit further along the track and saw these amazing rocks!

This is the big rock from the other side

And these are the wildflowers we could see from here :D

We saw lots more wildflowers as we were driving, this is me looking out the windscreen at more wildflowers

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Beacon, WA, Australia - 27th September 2007

By: Emmicoa

Today there was some excitment with the arrival of Jimmy D :D Shaun, Jimmy D & I enjoyed a quiet day relaxing outside in the sun

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On the road, WA, Australia - 1st October 2007

By: Emmicoa

Today was very busy with lots of preparations for our long drive. Emmi is taking us to Perth for the school holidays, its about a three and a half hour drive to get there.

Once we hit the road I looked eagerly out the window. Gee the places around here sure have some funny names :o

Its a bit hard to see on such a small pic, but the sign says
Wongan Hills
Dowerin (all straight ahead)
Goodlands (turn right)

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