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To travel the world visiting beautiful gardens

To visit Monet's garden in France

To visit a butterfly farm

To see beautiful flowers

To see a hummingbird

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Travelog for: Helen Bear

Jerusalem, Israel -

By: alleycat

Bye bye Israel, I went home :)

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Calne, England - 26th August 2007

By: Steve & Helly

I'm a very little bear with a big heart. I love flowers and being in the sun, butterflys and pretty birds. I'm very shy but would like to travel the world seeing lots of differnt sights. The more gardens I can visit the better.

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Calne, Wiltshire - 27th August 2007

By: Steve & Helly

I stayed in Calne today to explore.

Calne got it's name from 'Cal', meaning 'little' and 'Aun' or 'Avon', meaning 'little town on the River Avon'. The tributary of the River Avon, which runs through Calne, is now renamed the River Marden.

My first stop was to have my photo taken by a branch of the Wilts and Berks Canal - that's it, with the bridge. The canal was opened in 1810 and ran from Semington in Wiltshire to the River Thames in Abingdon. Eight miles of it have been restored, with a view to making the whole length navigable again in future.

I then stopped to look at some tiles made by local school children. I particularly liked the blue butterfly. I sat and looked at this for a while.

Finally, I went down to the River Marden and watched the ducks.

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Calne, England - 7th September 2007

By: Steve & Helly

Today I prepared for my forthcoming trip to Miami.

I'm very nervous about travelling so far but I've been told I'll be safe and warm for the journey.

I've got a new passport, I didn't like the plain English passports so I have a special one, with flowers on the cover. I hope my new friends will add to with some photos and souvenirs of my journeys.

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Miami, Florida, USA - 23rd September 2007

By: tarepanda

Wow I arrived safely in Miami! Weather is really warm here.  Sarumaru and Mocha are here and they gave me a nice welcome so I feel more at ease now, after a bit of rest. 
I look forward to visiting the beach and gardens here!

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North Miami Beach, Florida, USA - 28th September 2007

By: tarepanda

Today we went to eat some doughnuts at a place called Krispy Kreme.  It's my host's favorite because they are so fluffy soft.  And you can see how they are made too!!!

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Key Biscayne, Florida, USA - 30th September 2007

By: tarepanda

Today was my first day out to the beach.  It' was interesting to see all the palm trees.  They look so different from the trees I am used to seeing!! The weather was rather pleasant, though a bit warm.  We can see the buildings near downtown Miami.  There was a cruise ship docked at the port also.  It would be fun if I could take a cruise one day.

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North Miami Beach, Florida, USA - 1st October 2007

By: tarepanda

Tonight I went to Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant.  They have a Ladies Night Special and we had a big group.  I met Budd, who was also from England.  How happy I am!! I was awed to hear of all the places she has been to.  I don't have much adventure to tell her about, but she assured me that travelling is fun and now I feel a little bit less scared.

helen fondue.jpg

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Miami Beach, Florida, USA - 2nd October 2007

By: tarepanda

Today we go to the Deco Drive on South Beach.  It's a famous tourist destination, where people go to "see and be seen".

The street is famous for the Art Deco style buildings in colorful pastel colors. 


This is where Versace used to live.  I remember seeing his name on the fashion magazines I read.  He was murdered at the doorsteps I was pointing at.  Hmm, I feel that I can almost see the blood stains... How creepy.


The South Beach is beautiful.  I look out at the calm blue sea, and remembered that on the other side of the vast Atlantic is England.  Suddenly I miss home very much I want to cry. 


Sensing my sad mood, Mocha challenges me to climb a palm tree.  Yikes! I have never climbed anything before!  But I decide to show him that I am a brave bear, and I did it!!!


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Miami, Florida, USA - 8th October 2007

By: tarepanda

Today I visit the Ichimura Japanese Garden.  It is very small but a quite little refuge.

Then, I go to the BookCrossing meetup.  I am glad to meet more TVs, including Romeo the handsome little pup and Snergovik, a snowman from Russia.  They are coming home with me for a visit!  How lovely!

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Butterfly World, Florida, USA - 14th October 2007

By: tarepanda

The Butterfly World has a lot of beautiful plants too!  This one is called passion flower.



Marina told me this flower is called bunny ears in her country.


Isn't this a beautiful pond?


This is a lorikeet.  I like them because they don't eat seeds, but rather drink the nectar of beautiful flowers.  How romantic.


Hmm... let me get some souvenirs!


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Butterfly World, Florida, USA - 14th October 2007

By: tarepanda

I am so excited!! Today I am going to visit Butterfly World, where I can see a lot of butterflies and beautiful flowers!!!  But even before I get there, I have a nice surprise already, for there are a lot of TVs going with me.


I am happy to see Budd again, and to meet some new friends: Ruzovacek, Mumble, and Prince Charming.  It makes the ride so much more enjoyable.  Listening to their adventures, I begin to feel braver...  In fact, I am getting curious about visiting more places and meeting new friends.  When I found out that Palmito and Sarumaru are visiting my next host in a few days, I decided that I will join them.  Although honestly, it gives me some apprehension about traveling with two monkeys.

Anyway, it doesn't feel like an hour and a half's drive.  Here we are!!


This is where they keep the baby butterflies.  Although they don't look like butterflies yet.  They are just little eggs and caterpillars.


I think this caterpillar likes me.


Keep it up! One day you will turn into a big, beautiful butterfly! 

This is where the pupa metamorphisize into butterflies.


I start counting how many butterflies I have seen but I give up pretty soon...



There is one on my host Tarepanda's back!! She must likes her pretty dress because she just sticks to her all through the garden.  Unfortunately the staff tells us that she can't follow us home and lifts the butterfly away. 


This one is called an Owl Butterfly because of the big eyes.


Boy, I am so tired I need to rest!!


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Grand Junction, CO, USA - 7th November 2007

By: wourpet

I arrived in Colorado today and was very surprised to find my friend Ruzovacek was already there.  But I wasn't half as surprised as he was.  He didn't know who I was until I stood up and took off my costume.  Then I told him all about the halloween party I had been at in Oregon. 

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Fruita, Colorado, USA - 14th November 2007

By: wourpet

Wourpet has been quite busy but I have been having a lot of fun with Ruzovacek and Soar playing in all the leaves outside.  Last night when I came around to the front door I found some flowers still blooming in a pot and some scarecrows that I visited with.  Today we drove to Fruita and we were going to come back along the Colorado Monument but it was too hazy for pictures so Wourpet said we'd try another day.


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Grand Junction, CO, USA - 22nd November 2007

By: wourpet

Today was Thanksgiving Day in America.  It has been celebrated here since 1621 and started with the Pilgrims.  My friend Soar, the bald eagle, told us all about it and you can read his page.
I helped Wourpet make the salads because she had asked all of us to join them for dinner.
We were quite anxious when we got to the table because it seemed very exciting that there was going to be so much food and such a great celebration.
When the food arrived we ate and ate -- all of us like little pigs -- not just Ruzovacek.
Unfortunately I ate far too much and I dozed off before I even got myself pushed away from the table.

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