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Pick real Eidelweiss flowers in Europe

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Travelog for: Rama

Stroud, NSW, Australia - 26th July 2007

By: Prowl_Worshipper

G'day! My name is Rama. I was named for the first male tiger cub born at Tiger Island, Dreamworld. That makes me feel very special!
My person Nik (she calls herself Prowl Worshipper on here but all her friends call her Nik) rescued me a few years ago from a cheap gift store. I had a very tight metal ring around my neck and I was meant to go on a keyring. I was the only tiger in the box which Nik says made me stand out, and because she loves tigers she took me home. I have been living on a handmade wooden picture frame since then, guarding a photo of someone special to Nik (she says he is her favourite rugby league player)
When we found out about Toy Voyagers, Nik chose me straight away as her first traveller! I am small but adventurous, and I can't wait to see the world!

If you would like to host me, please PM Prowl Worshipper. I'd like to go all over the world!

Rama's progressive itinerary (not yet in order):

Mistigree - France
Areir - Greece
Nikar - Slovenia
Alleycat - Israel
Niftylite - England
Yumi - Japan
Athena125 - Slovenia
Pandamao - Germany
Szandra - Hungary
Moira - Scotland
Delenna - Finland
AmyMS88 - USA
Aelina - Finland
Tarepanda - USA


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Stroud, NSW, Australia - 26th July 2007

By: Prowl_Worshipper

Nik has just told me I will be visiting Mistigree in France! Grrreat! I am not going until after we receive Mistigree's Phileas because I am looking forward to meeting him! Phileas is an archaeologist. I like to paw through history books but I have never been on a dig -maybe Phileas can tell me some stories?


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Stroud, NSW, Australia - 28th July 2007

By: Prowl_Worshipper

I have many people lined up who are going to take me into their homes!
I've been studying my atlas - I'm going to be so far from Australia. I'm excited and a bit nervous.
Nik says she has a little surprise for me. I wonder what it is? And when is she going to give it to me?!

*Big sigh* I have been waiting at our mailbox every day for Phileas, but Nik says I need to wait because mail takes longer to get here from France than ordinary, local mail.
Maybe he'll be here on Monday!


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Stroud, NSW, Australia - 31st July 2007

By: Prowl_Worshipper

Nik finally gave me my present tonight, and I am so excited!! I could not believe my eyes (after I was allowed to take the blindfold off) when my little paws picked up the brand new black backpack! It is the perfect size for me!
I was so rapt with the backpack that I didn't even think to look inside, but when Nik suggested I try opening it to make sure it wouldn't catch my little claws or anything, I found two more surprises!
There was a green velvet bandanna with "I <3 Australia" on it - Nik says that's to remind me of my friends here in Australia while I'm away - and an awesome new collar! The collar has a line of beads just like a rainbow. I love it so much. Nik helped me try all my new things on but the collar is my favourite. I must be sure not to lose it anywhere, it will be my lucky charm.

Rama 2.JPG
Rama 3.JPG
Rama 4.JPG
Rama 5.JPG
Rama 6.JPG
Rama 7.JPG

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Stroud, NSW, Australia - 1st August 2007

By: Prowl_Worshipper

So typical! Today, the one day I wasn't waiting at the mailbox, is when Phileas and another Toy Voyager named Barclay arrived!
I was checking our daffodils. Nik has been trying for years to find these - they are pink and white instead of the usual yellow, and this year she found some. I was wondering which TV will be visiting here when the first flower opens.

I knew it was Phileas in the first box because I could hear this perky voice saying "Bonjour Monsieurs and Madamoiselles!"
We hit it off straight away - maybe because we are both of the stripy clan?
Phileas' person Mistigree sent Nik a postcard from Toulouse and some very special French sweets made with violets. That was a lovely surprise for my Nik, she was so happy!
Phileas hadn't touched a single sweet on his journey to Australia (I don't know how he did it)
Phileas has a great hat, and he let me try it on, but it's too big for me. Never mind, it looks much better on him!

Then I saw another box, and looking at the stamps I saw it had come from somewhere else in Australia - what could it be?
Nik helped me open it, and out popped a blue elephant! he gave me such a fright! I have never seen an elephant before, let alone a blue one!
He introduced himself as Barclay, and said he was from Sydney. He apologized for scaring me, but I was a little bit wary of him still.
But then he showed us his brand-new travel diary, and after talking for a few minutes I realized Barclay is a very nice TV. This is his first trip too, so we have something in common.


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Stroud, NSW, Australia - 2nd August 2007

By: Prowl_Worshipper

Whoo hoo! Me Rama got Travel Tag today! I must memorize my ID number, just in case. I think tags shaped like a tiger paw print would look better, but this one is pretty nice too!


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Stroud, NSW, Australia - 3rd August 2007

By: Prowl_Worshipper

Well Nik showed me what I'll be travelling to France in shortly. This padded envelope. I'm not too sure about this....


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Stroud, NSW, Australia - 5th August 2007

By: Prowl_Worshipper

...so I came up with a better idea!


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Stroud, NSW, Australia - 7th August 2007

By: Prowl_Worshipper

The time has come for me to start my travels. I have resigned myself to curling up in that stuffy little envelope for a week or so, but it will be worth it to meet Mistigree and see the world!
I will have one last picture taken, and I want it taken in front of Nik's display of Postcrossing postcards. Looking at them gave me back my sense of adventure when I had second thoughts about leaving home on my voyage. I hope Phileas and Barclay have a good stay with Nik.
Well, here we go! Rainbow collar - on. Bandanna - on. Backpack - ready. TV tag - on.
Where's my envelope? Here. Ok, good byeeee! I'm off to France!


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Ger, France - 16th August 2007

By: Mistigree

Hi Prowl !!

I arrived in France at Mistigree’s parents’house and this is the letter box in which I arrived !!

Here is the house where I’m going to spend a few days before going to Toulouse in Mistigree’s flat.

I was welcomed by Luffy and Muki who are ToyVoyagers too, and there were also others friends from here who made me feel at home immediately !

It is the countryside here, and all around the house, there are fields. If you look carefully, you can see the top of the church !

The farmhouse that you see on this picture is where Mistigree’s dad is born and where Mistigree’s used to play with her cousins when she was young, It’s a quite typical farmhouse from the area.

I met some cows in a field jut near… I was a little afraid because they were staring at us… and they have really big horns !! It's not that I'm fearful but... I prefered to stay hidden behind the leaves !

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Ger, France - 16th August 2007

By: Mistigree

I met Chelsea, one of the cats of the house... First she put her ears back as it was the very first time she met a tiger...
But we finally became friends rapidly (talking about our fur that has quite the same colour !) and she explained me she liked to spend hours watching at the windows So I watched at the window with her... (Mistigree told me we can usually see the mountains Pyrénées from the kitchen's window, but for the moment the weather is too bad and I haven't seen anything at all !)
http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1018/1251803922_0c0dccb9b4.jpg?v=0 http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1040/1251803934_020b9d4f21.jpg?v=0

But then, Chelsea felt asleep and I began to be bored...

So I went to see Absinthe, the dog... I noticed that when she was lying on her back, Mistigree patted her on the belly with her shoes, and as I wanted to be patted too, I did the same, but it didn't work, Mistigree did not pat me (in fact she was afraid of crushing me !)

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Ger, France - 17th August 2007

By: Mistigree

This morning, I helped Mistigree to cook... But before, we had to pick up some vegetables in the garden... It was hard... the tomatoes and the green peppers were bigger than me !!
http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1379/1252289468_9b8735c71f.jpg?v=0 http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1412/1252280186_f613ccfaa1.jpg?v=0

Mistigree decided to teach me how to cook "riz gaxuxa"... It's a recipe from "Pays Basque" (the Basque Country is an area from South of France just near Spain near the Atlantic Ocean and the Mountains Pyrénées), and at the same time I took my first lessons of French, trying to read the cookery book !

We needed rice, tomatoes, green and red peppers, onions, olive green, lardons, chorizo, some butter and salt & pepper !

First, I cut everything in small parts.

Then I put all in a big pot, and I had to mix, and mix again... it was cooked in about 20 minutes... and it was delicious !!! I took 3 times of it, because I needed strength for this afternoon : we are going to see a castle !

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Ger, France - 17th August 2007

By: Mistigree

The castle we are going to visit this afternoon is in a town called Pau. Mistigree doesn't think this town is famous abroad because it is small... She told me there was a formula 1 racing that takes place each year in Pau ("Le Grand Prix de Pau") in May or June... Talking of cars... this is the road we are going to take to go to Pau... Oh yes, I know, it is not the famous Route 66, but I will be happy with that for the moment !!! It is called "RN 117" (RN means Route Nationale = national road) and goes from Toulouse to Bayonne.

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Pau, France - 17th August 2007

By: Mistigree

So here I am in Pau !! in front of the entrance of the castle !  As we couldn't take pictures with flash in the inside, we stayed outside, I was a little disappointed but Mistigree promised me to take me to another castle another day.

This man is Gaston Phébus, he was a count and viscount in the area and the castle was one of his castles in the XIV century. There are many castles in the area (this region is called "Béarn") that were belonging to him.

Later it was the castle of King Henri IV, whose statue you can see in the courtyard of the castle. It is said that the cradle of King Henri IV was a turtle carapace (we can see it in the castle) !! Cassiopeia, be careful !!
http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1036/1252520206_a1a5534e7d.jpg?v=0 http://www.vialupo.com/henri4/pau/pau9.jpg

And this is the castle itself !
http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1397/1252520194_b45f8eb808.jpg?v=0 http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1217/1252520182_936657cf98.jpg?v=0

There is a garden at the foot of the castle. It is what we called "jardin à la française" (in opposition with an English garden).

After the castle, we went in the town centre, and I saw a shop where they were manufacturing and selling "espadrilles"... Mistigree wondered if we had those kind of shoes in Australia ?!

The soles are made of interlaced ropes.

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Ger, France - 17th August 2007

By: Mistigree

Once back home, I wrote a postcard to Prowl_Worshipper to tell her I went in Pau !! Mistigree and I had just gone to the post office in the afternoon to buy some stamps (I even helped her to carry them in my bag !!). There were no tigers stamps but I found this jaguar one !

Then, Mistigree lent me a book about French history so that I could learn more about this King Henri IV.

As it was a strip cartoon, it was not boring at all and I enjoyed reading all those knights stories !

Look, I'm KING RAMA and this is my castle !!!

I had a look at Mistigree's books and I found many books about animals that she liked to read when she was a child ! Look, 2 of them even have tigers on their covers !!
http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1089/1260007035_ed35cb7ecc.jpg?v=0 http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1089/1260007031_9519aae6f9.jpg?v=0

I went to bed then, I was so tired of this day !! Mistigree shared her bed with me and her 2 cats !! It was quite comfortable... for us... not for Mistigree !!

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