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Travelog for: Budin Beruang

Kangar, Malaysia - 19th April 2008

By: aliah

Apa khabar?

I'm Budin a friendly teddy bear from Malaysia. I want to travel to see the world through a teddy bear perspective. I hope to meet you soon.



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Florida, USA - 26th May 2008

By: shana10214

I have safely arrived in the USA. It so hot here in Florida, they call it the Sunshine State. It is very pretty though. Andrea says she is happy I arrived, we are going to Disney this weekend. Yay! To epcot. When I arrived I was greeted by my new friends staying here which includes (Playmo)Bill, Ceryni, and Lillibe. I am sure my stay here will be nice.


I will update soon,

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Florida, USA - 30th May 2008

By: shana10214

Andrea's last exam was today and now she is officially on summer break from school!! Yesterday Ceryni left and also his brother Joonas arrived. I like him very much, he is a kind fire salamander.



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Orlando, Florida - 1st June 2008

By: shana10214

We just got back from Disney, on Saturday we went to Epcot and here are our pictures from there.

Here is a sign when entering Disney

Some beautiful flowers.

A Teepee(a place where native americans use to live)

A fun place for kids to play

A bush carved into a dog shape

A fun ride called "Fast Track"

Here is a picture of a ride we went on. It is a cute mexican boat ride.

The China area of the world showcase.

The German park of the world showcase.

The French park of the world showcase.

For dinner we ate at the Middle Eastern part of the world showcase and there was a dancer.http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3019/2543733502_af8dc50e5c.jpg?v=0

In front of our hotel.

A cute shaped bush.

A butterfly shaped bush.

A view of Epcot.

The Norway part of the world showcase.

We saw a Chinese acrobat show-very cool.

A sign in the German part of the world showcase.

The American part of the world showcase.

Those are our pictures from Epcot. We went to Animal Kingdom too. I will show you pictures tommorrow.

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Animal Kingdom, Orlando, Florida - 3rd June 2008

By: shana10214

On Sunday we went to Animal Kingdom. We wnt for a quick visit and we went on a safari ride and saw lots of animals and due to the speed of the jeep we couldnt put the toys in the picture and getting good pictures so the animal pictures dont have the toys in them.

Here is the sign:

Big fish:



A cute otter sign:

An Okapi:

A bunny rabbit:

A big scary snake:

A fruit bat:

A malaysian tapir:

A cool place where some monkeys live:

A rhino:

A giraffe:

A sign:

The jeep we rode in:

A gorilla:

An ostrich:

A Komodo Dragon:

An Elephant:

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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Florida, USA - 6th June 2008

By: shana10214

Andrea says I am leaving on Monday or tommorrow for my next host. Before I am leaving, I met some new friends, Hinz/Kunz and ZoSo.



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On the way too Northern Ireland, Florida - 11th June 2008

By: shana10214

Budin Beraung left today for her next host. Thanks for letting me host her. I wish you a safe and speedy journey Budin.

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Lisburn, Northern Ireland - 19th June 2008

By: HappySunshine


I arrived in Lisburn yesterday to find my friend Stutz was also staying with Emma!  We have started a busy weekend - today i went to work with Emma and stopped off at Parliament Buildings (the home of the NI Assembly) on the way. 

Later on we are going out for dinner in the city and i hope to see some of the sights.  Tomorrow - if the weather is good - we will be visiting a fair and then heading for the country.  Hope to get the time to go to MacDonalds on the way!!!  i should be able to send you some photos soon but in the meantime i am enjoying the weather and the food!!

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Belfast, Nothern Ireland - 22nd June 2008

By: HappySunshine

Here is a picture of me outside the Parliament Building. 


You're not allowed to take photos inside but i had a good look around!  there is a very big stairway in the main hall that all of the politicians use to get to their offices and into the debating chamber.  The main chamber is lovely - the seats are blue and the carpet has the flax flower on it, representing the linen industry which was very strong in Belfast during the last century. 

We didn't go the fair on Saturday as it was very wet.  By the time we arrived down the country, the gales had started and there was thunder and lightening.  It is still raining now!!!  we didn't take many pictures (and Emma can't find the tool to upload them!) but emma will be taking me and stutz back in the next few weeks.  no visits to macdonalds yet but we drive past quite a few!

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MacDonalds, Lisburn, Northern Ireland - 26th June 2008

By: HappySunshine

The weather hasn't been very good this week so today after we had visited the big cranes at Harland & Wolff's dockyard


we stopped off for my first MacDonalds in Northern Ireland!



I had a Chicken Legend meal which was lovely


and a lovely drink of diet coke!

There are lots more MacDonalds in Northern Ireland and i will try and visit a few more!  will have to start exercising though if i eat too many fries!  :)

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Hillsborough, Northern Ireland - 2nd July 2008

By: HappySunshine


today we took the day off work and went sight-seeing in Lisburn and Hillsborough.

in Lisburn we went into the museum and saw the collection of precious gems and found out all about the history of linen.  Lisburn used to be at the centre of the linen industry in Ireland with flax being grown in local fields, and then being spun into linen and threads.  There are still some of the old factories around although they're changed a bit!  we also went for a wander in the Castle Gardens which have just reopened following an archaeological dig and restoration. 
i saw the fountain there but there were no ducks in it!

there was also a memorial and a canon.
can you see the sundial on the side of the memorial?


the canon was brought from the battle of sebastopol and presented to the mayor of lisburn in 1858!!!  hopefully it won't be fired in the near future because it looks over the house that i'm visiting!!

we went to hillsborough for lunch and a walk before the rain came on.  Hillsborough is about 3 miles from lisburn and looks quite posh!  it has a castle, a fort and a forest park plus a gorgeous shop full of chocolate!

Hillsborough Castle was built by the Marquis of Downshire but is now owned by the Government.  The Queen stays here when she  comes to visit but normally the Secretary of State lives here.  During the summer, garden parties take place here and sometimes you can have a tour.  It wasn't open for tours today but we took a virtual tour on the internet instead!  can you see the white box?  that's where the guards stand in their bearskin hats!

after the castle we had a quick look in the courthouse museum which was all about the law and how it operates.  there was an exhibit which showed what the inside of a courthouse looked like and some panels about how the law had changed.

then we went to the fort
but before we could have a proper look around the rain came on!!  we stopped quickly in the Chocolate Room on the way back to the car - we couldn't take any pictures there but we bought some lovely chocolate for later!  no visit to MacDonalds today but  we're going to belfast at the weekend and there's one there.....  :rolleyes:

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Dundalk, Ireland - 13th July 2008

By: HappySunshine

Well we went back to the country for the July holiday weekend.  We spent Saturday watching TV and playing in the garden which is full of flowers


we also went into the fields for a walk with the dogs and met some horses


it was sweet to watch the foal as she explored the field and played with the dogs whilst her mummy followed carefully behind.  I also had a play on the old tractor


On Sunday we went into Dundalk where i spied another MacDonalds!  We didn't go in though as we had a big breakfast so weren't feeling hungry!


Whilst we were in Dundalk we also had a quick look around the town at the courthouse, the town hall and the cathedral

It was a fun weekend, and on the way back to Lisburn we stopped off at the Slieve Gullion Forest Park.  It is a very big forest and a big mountain!  It has a lovely courtyard building and garden which we had a walk around.



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Bangor, Northern Ireland - 2nd August 2008

By: HappySunshine

Today we went to Bangor to see the seaside and the boats there!  i went with Stutz and Blue Rat who arrived this week from England.


we saw quite a few boats of all sizes!



We had a walk around the sea wall and stopped to take a picture - can you see the people and the sail boat behind me?


After a walk back and some shopping where i met another MacDonalds Bear, we went for some chocolate and vanilla ice-cream - it was lovely!


we didn't get to a MacDonald's today because we couldn't find it - instead we ate at KFC but i wouldn't let my host take a picture of me there!!!

Here is a picture of me and my new friend that i met today - i was telling him all about my adventures and how i hoped to see some more MacDonalds soon!


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Liverpool, England - 13th August 2008

By: HappySunshine

We went to Liverpool last Wednesday.  We had to get on a ferry from Belfast which took 8 hours to travel across the Irish Sea!  Here i am on the ferry:

we made sure we knew where the safety equipment was and that it fitted us before the ferry left Belfast

it was a very long trip but we were able to watch the olympics on the tv and read books to help the journey go quicker.

we spent a day looking for the Superlambananas in Liverpool



We also had a walk up Matthew Street so Stutz could see the Cavern and the Beatles Shop as he is a big fan!  I also managed to find the local MacDonalds!!


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Lisburn, Northern Ireland - 22nd August 2008

By: HappySunshine

Budin is on his way to Portugal!  I hope the sun is shining for his arrival as he left his wellington boots behind!  :D

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