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travel to Graceland, Memphis

go to an Elvis in Concert event - no impersonators, please

stay in contact with my family

travel to Bad Nauheim

travel to Hawaii - to places, where Elvis had been

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Travelog for: TeddyK

Graceland Randers, Denmark - 24th July 2011

By: Graceland Randers

TeddyK was found at Graceland Randers in Randers, Denmark!  :D

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Graceland Randers, Denmark - 16th August 2011

By: Graceland Randers

TeddyK has been passed on to someone very special! He went home to Tennessee with none other than Barbara Hearn Smith, the former girlfriend of Elvis Presley!

Here TeddyK is having dinner with Barbara Hearn Smith and Glen D. Hardin, Elvis' piano player, who appeared on the satellite-transmitted "Aloha From Hawaii" among other things.


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Trenton, Tennessee, United States - 18th August 2011

By: Gretchen

Barbara, her husband, and I left Randers on 17 August, but didn't arrive in Tennessee, one of the fifty states of America, until the 18th. And boy, were we tired? If I can answer my own question, you bet! It took many, many travel hours by automobil and airplane to arrive at Barbara's home, Holly Tree Manor, a bed and breakfast in Trenton.  Early on the 17th of August we departed Randers by automobile...kindly chauffeured by Jess Rasmussen of Graceland Randers...for Billund.  There, we boarded an airplane and flew to Amsterdam, Holland (52.23*N, 04.54*E).  After a short wait, we boarded another plane and flew to Detroit, Michigan, USA (42.38*N, 83.09*W).  And then, we even had to board another plane for Nashville, Tennessee (36.17*N. 86.78*W).  Here, we stayed overnight at Barbara's sister's home.  The next day we drove to her home in west Tennessee. 
    I must say that I've entoyed my stay with Barbara and her husband during the past three months.  Their home is beautiful and the the grounds interesting, as are their four horses.  The driveway is about one half mile long, and is bordered by more than two hundred American holly trees.  Surrounding the house are fields and fields of cotton. which were in full bloom and looked like snow when I first arrived, but have now been harvested. 
    This past Halloween I had a great time at To The Last Drop Coffee Shop in Trenton.  Lots of kids from Trenton came by for "Trick or Treating" and they all thought I was wonderful, of course.  I got a bit of a tummy ache from all the candy, but it was great fun taking photos, laughing, and visiting with the children.  The weather was perfect. 
    But now, I believe it is time for me to continue my journey.  Barbara and Jim have suggested I visit Sandi Pichon in Memphis, Tennessee, the hometown of Barbara and Elvis Presley, so that I could see Graceland, Memphis. Sandi has been to Randers so I should feel right aat home with her.  And she knows Elvis' Memphis inside and out.  Decision made.  Sandi, here I come.


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