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Travelog for: Veggies

Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 26th March 2008

By: sararingham

Hey! My name is Veggies the bunny! I was rescued by BunTraveler and then rescued by sararingham and as Sara promised, I'm going to become a toyvoyager, and today I became a toyvoyager! Here I am:


As you can see I have my luggage all packed and I'm ready to travel. Sara says I'll be going to New Zealand tomorrow, how exciting is that? I wonder what it'll be like. While I was here I got to see a bit of Australia but I hope to see the rest of the world soon!

If you'd ever like to host me, just message Sara and we'll work you into the itinerary. I hope I see a lot while I'm in New Zealand, maybe I'll see a kiwi bird! :-) Who knows what all I'll see, Sara has told me a bit of what she knows about New Zealand, lets see how much she really knows!

See you in New Zealand! :-D

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Wellington, New Zealand - 1st April 2008

By: Melancholy Pie

Veggies arrived in Wellington (New Zealand) while I was away visting my family so my lovely boyfriend bought her to the airport to greet me.


It was so nice to meet Veggies, she is really beautiful and soft.

As we drove away from the airport towards the beach Veggies got to see a plane.



And after the after noon of excitement in a new country she got to snuggle up with her foster siblings for a sleep. It's going to be hard to send her on to a new family!


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Wellington, New Zealand - 10th April 2008

By: Melancholy Pie

Wellington has been a bit cold and wet lately so Veggies has spent a lot of time indoors, all cuddled up in bed with her host siblings and watching TV. I think she's getting addicted to Shortland Street like the rest of us :]

But...today it is a beautiful day so I bought her into town and we went for a walk down by the water front at lunchtime. She even got to see the Rainbow Warrior (2) which is in the harbour at the moment.

There will be lots of pictures tonight.

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Wellington, New Zealand - 10th April 2008

By: Melancholy Pie

Here are the pictures from our sunny walk in Wellington

First veggies had to come to work with me

But then we got to look at the harbour and boats. You can see Te Papa in the background, the lagoon and even the Rainbow Warrior.









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Wellington, New Zealand - 23rd April 2008

By: Melancholy Pie

After her 3 week visit in Wellington I had to say goodbye to Veggies and send her off to her next host in London. It was sad to say goodbye to my first TV (especially as she's so cute) but I'm looking forward to seeing her next adventure.
Unfortunately she just missed out on meeting Benni the little bear!

Bye Veggies!



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London, United Kingdom - 29th April 2008

By: iddewes

Veggies arrived safely in London on Tuesday the 29th. :)
Hopefully I'll be able to take her out a bit this weekend, but she's not too impressed with the horrible British weather after all that sun in New Zealand!!! :( She's been hanging out with Shaggy Marley the long-haired tabby cat and some other toys who live here. :)
Unfortunately she just missed going to Sweden as well but hopefully she'll like it here apart from the weather!!!

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London, England - 12th May 2008

By: iddewes

Well, here's some more from Veggies...:)
It took a few days before we could go out...it was probably actually a bit sooner than what I've put on here but I can't remember exactly! :) The weather wasn't very good for a while and then also I was working. I did take her along to work one day...here's a photo of one of the buildings that belongs to the University where I work...http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f65/tablaqueen/CNV00001.jpg
This is the Islington Library nearby, a good example of Victorian architecture in the area (a bit different than the rather modern University building!)
Then that evening we took a trip on the London Underground! Here is Veggies inside the train...I'm surprised it wasn't very full!
And inside Covent Garden Station...
Covent Garden is an indoor market, with shops and nice artsy stalls, where you can often find nice gifts.
We also went down from there to a very busy road called The Strand, on the way to Trafalgar Square, one of the most famous places in London! :)
http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f65/tablaqueen/CNV00007.jpg here you can see one of the typical London black taxi cabs and the red double decker bus :)
Here's Trafalgar Square, the high up statue of Admiral Lord Nelson, who won the battle of Trafalgar.
And here's another view of Trafalgar Square
This is the National Gallery...
And the famous church, St Martin in the Fields, which has just been cleaned so it looks lovely! :)
On another day, we went to visit Tower Hill, where the Tower of London is. I didn't really have the money to go into the Tower of London, it's really expensive nowadays :( but we had a look around the outside. Here's Veggies on the best seat in a double decker bus going down there. (although this is just somewhere in Hackney, on the way :))
And here's a view of the Tower...
this is a bit farther down...you can see the famous building called the Gherkin in the background too (called that because it looks like a giant cucumber!)
Here's Tower Bridge, too...it's also very famous and has a museum inside it!
Then we went on a boat to Westminster! There will be more photos of that later...well Westminster and Waterloo, anyway, but here's a couple from the boat.
This is the London Eye
We also visited Stoke Newington, which is very near where I live. There's a really old church there called St Mary's. It's so old that they built a replacement church, which is across the road from this one, and they don't use this one much now. But it looks nice anyway!
http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f65/tablaqueen/CNV00015.jpg the sign over the door says 1563!
Here's the old churchyard too.
Well, like I said there will be a few more photos coming, but I haven't finished the film on that camera yet...

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Tallinn, Estonia - 26th May 2008

By: MarionJ


I arrived safely, no bruises, no nothing. I think I'm starting to enjoy those flights in small packages. Hehe  :rolleyes:
I was a bit frightened at first, because right when I stepped out of the envelope, THOSE two were right there. Staring at me. Aaah, boys! They told me later that they were told a lady was coming, that's why they were so eager to meet me. I was flattered, of course.
And they turned out to be the cutest guys ever! They commented about my carrot and my fur colour - they said it's exquisite. Soo, looks like some charmers ;)
Of course they wanted to make a buddy picture, so here it is

My first trip outside was to the national football (or soccer, the boys told me to add in brackets) stadium, the A Le Coq Arena. Named after the biggest sponsor, a beercompany, pfff. :stare:

Ok, so I'll let you everyone know exactly what we've been up to, no worries.

Ciao guys and have a nice monday!
Veggies ;)

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Tallinn, Estonia - 3rd June 2008

By: MarionJ


Haven't been checking in here for quite some time. My host was a bit sick last week so we mostly stayed inside or only went to get the groceries. Because my host just loves to watch the America's Next Top Model show, we watched it every day! I think I know all the right poses now and I'm beginning to learn that Tyra-look in my eyes too. You might not believe, but a bunny like me could be in the top three too one day. You'll never know...  ;)
But well, yesterday was a very beautiful day, sunny and veeery warm. They tell me that this spring (although looks like summer already) has been suprisingly hot. Usually it gets this warm in the center of June, but has been like it since the beginning of May. So lucky me  B)
We went to the Old Town in the evening. The Annual Old Town Days opened yesterday morning, so all through this week there are different concerts and workshops and plays and lectures and much more. We arrived a bit late there, the RatRace was over unfortunately (office-workers raced in costumes for charity:)).
Behind me is the Niguliste (St. Nicholas)church which interior is said to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. During the Soviet time the church got bombed and burned, but has been entirely restored now. Now it's being also used for some concerts and as a place to display artwork for the National Art Museum.
Here I'm doing one of my supermodel poses.

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Tallinn, Estonia - 3rd June 2008

By: MarionJ

Looking at the map of the Old Town..
Okay, so here's a monument for one of the greatest writers in Estonia, Eduard Vilde. And you can see how big those block of stone were compared to me.
They always tell people to stop and smell the roses... hmm, they weren't actually roses, but smelled good anyway :P
As I told you before, the race was over, but the stage stays there until the end of this week. I'm sure we go there again, to see some shows. It's right in the centre of Tallinn Old Town, the Town Hall square (Raekoja plats).
And this is the Town Hall itself.
Oh, and I just wanted to take a picutre of this clock on the wall of another church called Pühavaimu - the church of the Holy Spirit.

Okay, so tomorrow we have plans to see a bigger show right there in the Old Town. I'll remind my host to load the batteries for the camera.

Until then, my friends, stay pretty and practise those supermodel looks!
Veggies ;)

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Tartu, Estonia - 24th June 2008

By: MarionJ

Hey, buddies!

I have had a nice time here, actually :) Only bummer is that my host has been busy, she's organizing some camps for youngsters and always on the run. So we haven't had much time to go anywhere.
But luckily there's this national holiday here - Jaanipäev (Midsummer's night, I think in english). So we had the chance to go to the south of the country, to Tartu, the secong biggest city in Estonia. Because it's a university-town, there are mostly students living there. All across Estonia people go to study there, because the university is the best. It's also very old.
The busride there took us 2h 25 minutes, Estonia is quite small thankfully :)
This is the pedestrian bridge near the market
Emajõgi (Mother's river) that runs through Tartu
Oh, there's this funny pig in front of an old market building, there's me and Chester and Woezel
The town square and the town hall
Famous statue of the kissing students here :) In summertime the fountain is filled with detergent (washing liquid) sometimes, so it flows over with foam, hehe
Here I'm with Chester in front of an odd house. Inside of it everythings level with the ground, but outside..
The University of Tartu, I was talking about
And the theatre Vanemuine. Estonian people go to theatre all the time! VERY popular.

Ok, that was our journey in Tartu. It rained all the time, that was a bit bad. There weren't much people out too.. but we looked the news and they said there that it rains almost everywhere in Europe :)

So stay tuned, I'll be posting some news about my next location very soon. Until then, stay pretty, guys!


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Rotterdam, the Netherlands - 3rd July 2008

By: dandilion

hello! I had to pick veggies up from the postoffice :-) yesterday evening I found a note in my mailbox. And today I picked the enveloppe up!

'I made it safely to dandilion her home!!
she told me she will post my weekend to England adventure after she and I will come back!

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Blackpool , England - 5th July 2008

By: dandilion

hello, here its me at Schiphol (Amsterdam) airport, I was looking at the Dutch/Holland souvenirs whilst dandilion, the other TV's and me had to wait to board the plane.

The bunch of us travelled with Leonie (dandilion) to England. We went on this airplane:
The flight went smoothly and fast!
It was very excting to be in the sky!

We landed at Liverpool, at the John Lennon Airport,
here you can see the yellow Submarine from the famous Beatles song

We took the train to Blackpool, I was told I was going on some roller coaster rides! WOW!
We arrived in Blackpool, this is the famous Blackpool tower. They have many shows there, like stand up comedy, musical, and dance performances. We saw adds all over the sea side town promoting shows which are currently held there.

This is the view of one of the beach piers. There is much amusement here in the seaside town. Alot of people come here for a day trip (like us) or they stay for the weekend or holidays.

It was so much fun to walk around the amusement park, we saw all kinds of rides, one even bigger and faster then the other!
Too bad the weather didnt treat us well, it was raining and a bit sunny when the sun popped up behind the clouds.
Here you can see me and the other toy voyagers, we were taking a rest after we went on a fast an very wet ride called the Valhalla.
We queded up and when we were at the front, it didnt work! So we waited for such along time! A few hours later we qued up again with succes! It was very fun ride, on water and in the dark, very scary!

This day was full of excitement!
I enjoyed it very much!
I was very sleepy after this day!

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Bolton , England - 7th July 2008

By: dandilion

This suitecase was too heavy for me to carry!
Normally Leonie travels light, but not this weekend, she had to bring back lots of stuff with her, like clothes from her boyfriend. The suitecase if filled up to the top!


Me on the bus from Manchester back to Liverpool..

Look! I spotted a typical English bus!

Together with Leonie and the rest of the TV's We all made our way safely back to the Netherlands.
It was a nice and fun weekend.

I am looking forward to see the veggie garden Leonie been bragging on about, I will go explore the garden later on this week.

Till then,bunny cuddles from me: veggies

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 10th July 2008

By: dandilion

whats cooking?

Together with Leonie (dandilion) Adelina sheep and Squiggles  we cooked dinner!

On the menu was diced chicken breast with spiral pasta with Boursin (garlic spread) and mushroom sauce.

We all helped out! I helped with boiling the water for the pasta:
It went too fast so it overcooked! I had to clean up after we cooked :S

Adelina got teary eyes from cutting the onions. She didnt mind it. Good for her ;)

"that smells really nice!!!"mmmm wonder if he wont let the onions get too brown, Squiggles kept an eye on the frying pan for me.

mmm!!! that smells great!

We all helped set the table... but nothings on our plate YET!

I have had the privilege of trying first and then my friends had a try.

This look and smells Yummy!


I ate and ate till I almost burst!

After we had dinner we went to the livingroom for a little rest, Leonie asked us to help out but the 3 of us were so exhausted of cooking and eating we didnt help her...
next time I will do the dishes, I promised to leonie :-)

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