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Find some clues for Norman's missing stuff.

Talk to other gnomes to see if they know anything about Norman's lost stuff.

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Travelog for: Nixie

West Virginia, USA - 31st May 2008

By: MissMelissa

Hello there. My name is Nixon Chadwick Gnome, but you can call me Nixie. I enjoy hanging out in the forest, playing shuffleboard with mythical beasts,  and making houses out of mushrooms (I'm what some might call a real estate mogul). That is, until just the other day...


I recently met another gnome from the United Kingdom. All I know for certain is that his name is Norman and he used to live with people named Steve and Helly.

He flew here on an airplane and I guess it's safe to assume that the flight attendant was not stingy with the spirits.

Now Norman is in quite the spot. He lost something very important, but due to his overindulgence on the airplane, he can't remember what he lost or where he lost it. Here's where it gets really bad. His flight was not direct, so he stopped somewhere. All he knows is that he lost something important in a "very strange place."

Since he beat me at shuffleboard (you should have heard the trolls laughing over that one), I have to go find whatever it is wherever it is.

Could be fun right? We'll see!


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shallotte nc, usa - 12th June 2008

By: flyingmonkeys

Well, I have arrived safe and sound. My hosts are a bit odd. They said that it is tradition that all the voyagers they host must meet Lord Vader when they arrive. I boarded the death star. He said the force was strong in me. Here's hoping. My hosts had some reading material ready for me , so I  already began to plan my trips for the time I am here. I took a tour of the house. Met a gnome named Belly. Apparently, my hosts have a garden called Gnome Hollow, with over 50 of my kind , so I will venture out when the weather clears for cocktails and a meet and greet. Going to a baseball game tonite. I have been told I will enjoy it. It apparently requires sitting  on metal , eating tubular "dogs " on bread and screaming at humans in bright colors running around dirt piles. Hmm, should be interesting. More soon . Lots of Love- Nixie


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Southport NC, usa - 12th June 2008

By: flyingmonkeys

Hmmm, baseball is an unusual sport. The team these humans were hollering for lost, 10 - nothing. Maybe the next one will be better. I enjoyed arguing with the person called UMP.


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holden beach , usa - 13th June 2008

By: flyingmonkeys

Well, met samantha turtle today! Hung at the beach, got my tan on. Built a sand staircase and shellhenge. Found a whelk in a tidepool. Don't worry , we released him after the photo op. Strange fellow. Didnt talk much. Off on an adventure tomorrow!


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Little River sc, usa - 25th June 2008

By: flyingmonkeys

Oh dear me. My host family feels so bad! Another flying monkey got sick!!! They feel rotten for not updating sooner,but are back on track now. The littlest flying monkey was sick this time, and I went and looked for norman's stuff around the clinic.


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Marys Gone Wild , USA - 27th June 2008

By: flyingmonkeys

Well, talk about weird! Every day , my hosts drive past this  crazy looking house, just off the road on the way to the beach. I insisited that my hosts stop so I could inquire about Norman's missing items. I met the owner of this wonderland, Mary Paulsen , the artist, and even posed with her. The property is covered with a 9 room tree house, and multiple other playhouses. Loads of odds and ends , and weird stuff!!!!! Take a look! Mary says the lord woke her up one morning and commanded her to build it. Whatever your beliefs are , it is a pretty wild place! For more info, check out www.marysgonewild.com. My hosts were amazed!

nixie sittingonstick.jpg
nixie doll house.jpg
nixie bug.jpg
nixie sign.jpg
nixie with artitst.jpg

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Alligator Adventure, USA - 30th June 2008

By: flyingmonkeys


Alligator adventure in Myrtle Beach Sc!
Saw loads of gators, snakes, frogs ,  crocs, Utan, the worlds biggest croc, a Komodo dragon and birds!!!!

chillin in rocker.jpg
ranger dude.jpg
scary jaws.jpg
gators 2.jpg
dont eat me.jpg

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Town Creek Ball Park, usa - 30th June 2008

By: flyingmonkeys

Well, went to a ball game tonight. Took a side trip to find a letterbox! Didnt find anything of Normans, but Willy Wau and I had a good time! Then was back in the safety of the bag and onto the ballgame! Go seahawks!

log nixie.jpg
bag tv.jpg

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Brunswick County Hospital, USA - 1st July 2008

By: flyingmonkeys

Oh dear. No luck for the junior  monkeys this month.  :( The game was incredible. My host monkey jr  made a fantastic catch in left field, grabbing the out. Smacked a double , stole third base. Took a metal cleat to the shin, ignored the spurting blood, and ran for home. He was safe! And the Seahawks took the lead! And the Monkey jr  was taken to the ER! six stiches later, he is up and about. Next game is on thursday. Lets hope he plays as well, but has NO injuries! Oy! What a month to be a monkey!

iv nixie.jpg
vent nixie.jpg
nixie stitch.jpg
kiss to makebetter.jpg

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Hard Rock Myrtle Beach, USA - 3rd July 2008

By: flyingmonkeys

Took Samantha Turtle out for a going away party! Went for a joy ride , Hung out at Hard Rock Cafe in Myrtle Beach , then took a stroll around celebrity square. Found Barry Manilow and Tom Jones hand prints. Snuck up on stage and grabbed a picture! Had a blast! Still no closer to finding Norman's stuff/. Looking forward to the fourth of july!

barry manilow.jpg

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Shallote District Park, usa - 4th July 2008

By: flyingmonkeys

Yeah! It's the 4th of july!!!! Sparklers!!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!!

sparkerls nixie.jpg

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living room, usa - 6th July 2008

By: flyingmonkeys

Ugh, i dont feel good. Last night, Mr.Miggs talked us into a poker party. I tried beer for the first time. Ugh. Never again! We made a big mess. Our host family was not happy :o

all poker.jpg
nixie poker.jpg
nixie hungover.jpg

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Holden Beach, usa - 15th July 2008

By: flyingmonkeys

Well, finally after a whole week of rain, it was back to the beach!!! I hung out with pearlz and willy wau  B) and caught some sun. Some tourist caught a shark while we were out , we met an angry crab and we flew a kite

sharkbea 045.jpg
sharkbea 036.jpg
sharkbea 028.jpg

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Lockwood Folly , usa - 22nd July 2008

By: flyingmonkeys

Well, a nasty tropical storm sat off the coast for several days, making it VERY difficult to get any beach time! I went to Tennis Practice today with the youngest monkey, and my friends. We chilled on the playground, checked out football sign ups and watched the matches. Hopefully , I will do something much more entertaining this week!


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