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Travelog for: Ziggy Dragon

Münster, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: indrarado

hello world!

right know i'm sitting at home making plans for my world tour. if you are able to offer me a place to stay for a few weeks please let me know! i would really like to see the most famous or special buildings in your hometown. and i'm interested in the places you find most beautiful.

see you!

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Münster, Germany - 4th December 2011

By: indrarado


I'm on my way! So excited!

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Wyomissing, PA Visit with Santa, USA - 17th December 2011

By: Boris Kitty

I arrived safe and sound at my hosts house and met with Boris and his humans, Human1 and Human2.


I got here just in time to go along with Boris' human2 to help with One By One Cat Rescue's photos with Santa Claus at the Petsmart. I went with my new pal Edgar who is dressed as Edgar Claus to help out. We watched the donation collection bin carefully while Santa sat with the dogs and kitties.


Then we had our chance to sit with Santa and tell him what we would like for Christmas. We both whispered in Santa's ears at the same time. I do hope he heard us correctly.


It was fun sitting on Santa's lap.

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West Reading, PA, USA - 21st December 2011

By: Boris Kitty

Wednesdays are new comic book days and I went with Human2 to the comic book shop to pick up her comics. She hasn't picked up her books in a few weeks and needed my help to make sure they were all there.

We are going to read Catwoman and Buffy comics first!


They had this sign up in the shop asking us not to touch the statues. So of course I had to TOUCH the statues!


OOPS! I guess this is why you are not supposed to touch the statues.


While we were in the shop I got to meet two new pals. Edwin Morose and Mazey Podge, they are Teddy Scares (scary teddy bears -- although I did not find them terribly scary). They were very friendly and I wanted them to come home with us. They said maybe next time.


And this guy just kept staring across the room at something...


...he was staring at Rogue's butt!


Oh my goodness this guy is scary looking! He is not at all like that other Santa I got to meet. Not jolly at all!


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Terre Hill, PA, USA - 24th December 2011

By: Boris Kitty

It is Christmas Eve and Human2's family always gets together for a BIG family dinner and visits from Santa and the Belsnickel. The Belsnickel is a Pennsylvania German tradition from the 19th century that is not practiced any more, unless your part of this Haas clan. He carries a bundle of sticks to spank bad children...That Belsnickel sounds kind of scary.

But first we had dinner and played in the "snow" on the table.


Then we checked out some of the family photos from Christmases past with Edgar.


Then it was time for Santa to visit and of course he brought along that Belsnickel with his switches to swat anybody who has been bad this year.


When it was our turn we had been good so we did not get hit by his bundle of sticks!


Many kids in the US are afraind of Santa Claus but if they all had a Belsnickel visiting them as well they would REALLY have a reason to be afraid!

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Pottstown, PA, USA - 25th December 2011

By: Boris Kitty


Christmas Day is a busy day around here. First we got up and got ready to travel to Human2's family for Christmas lunch then it was off to Human1's family for more festivities. The humans exchanged gifts while we listened to Christmas songs.


And checked out the Christmas Tree (we loved the spaceships best).


We were having a great time, especially after being frightened by that Belsnickel last night. We even thought we were safe from him here, but NO!

The Belsnickels were here too! And so many!


CosyFuzz and I had to run before they could catch us!


When we got back to our host's house we were told that we could help Edgar open up his gifts be fore we went off to bed.


His first gift was a fun fishing pole. He said it is too cold to go fishing now though.


The next present was a neat rake and shovel so Edgar can help out with the lawn work in the Autumn.


His last gift was a neat garden set so he can plant things this Spring. He likes working in his garden.


Finally we hung  up our hats and said good night. It has been a very busy day indeed.


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Reading, PA, USA - 26th December 2011

By: Boris Kitty

Today we are going to be playing with one of Human2's Christmas gifts. We are to build a LEGO Superheroes set with Batman and Catwoman!


First you dump all the bits out and look over the instructions. Edgar is going to be in charge of the instructions for us.


Then you put the mini figures together. I like the Batman best because he has wings like me! Cosyfuzz likes Catwoman -- "MEOW"!


Then we built her motorcycle -- VROOM VROOOOOOOM!!!


In no time at all Batman was chasing Catwoman through the streets of Gotham city!


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Wyomissing, PA -- The Dentist, USA - 5th January 2012

By: Boris Kitty

Today Human2 was off from work. We got to sleep in but when we got up we had to get ready for an appointment. Cosyfuzz and I  were going to the dentist with her.

We met the very nice Dr. Andrea who would be drilling and filling Human2's teeth.


We got comfy in the chair.


But the instruments were a little scary...


...so we thought we should check out the equipment. The lights look fine (and they're fun to swing from)!


But those drills they are REALLY scary. But you know what? Human2 had her teeth drilled without getting a shot of Novocaine! Can you believe that?


When her teeth were all fixed it was time to rinse and spit! We don't normally spit but since it is a requirement at the dentist we really got into it!


Thank you Dr Andrea for a very nice visit to the dentist office.

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Exton, PA, USA - 10th February 2012

By: Boris Kitty

I went along with Boris' human2 and Edgar to the office, but we did not work. We had fun!


Edgar got these WAY COOL trading cards from TokiPoki.com for Valentine's Day so we filled some out for Human2's co-workers.


He even gave me one too! Everyone here is so nice.


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Exton, PA, USA - 14th February 2012

By: Boris Kitty

Today is Valentine's Day.
A day of love.
A day when many humans give each other flowers to say I like you.

I went with Boris' Human2 and Edgar daKitty to the office and we were surprised by a new friend...

This is Flora and we are very happy to meet her!


We got to know each other while Human2 spent the day doing work things.

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Exton, PA, USA - 15th February 2012

By: Boris Kitty

We spent the night at the office (don't worry we were having a sleep over with our new friends).

We woke up when every one came back into to start their day.

The best thing we did today is we got to sit and watch the birds at the bird feeder.

Here is a nice little Chickadee that came by to have lunch with us!


There were a lot more but the humans scared them away!

After lunch we were all put to work by Human2. She wanted us to help her sort and box a bunch of dog toys that were being donated by her company to dogs at shelters. I think this is a very nice thing to do as many of these dogs have never had a toy or know what it is like to play with some one that loves them.

Here we are gathering all the toys.


Once we had them all gathered up we had to sort them by size into boxes to go out to the shelters and rescue groups that are waiting for the donations.


We had to be very careful that we did not fall into the boxes because the dogs would love to put the bitey on us too!

It felt so good to help out all those animals in need. I was very proud to be a part of DogToys.com's donation efforts.

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Reading, PA, USA - 19th February 2012

By: Boris Kitty

Tonight we are making chain mail for Edgar. He is going to be a knight for a costume party and we are helping make his mail shirt.

First we coil the wire around the mandrel.


Then we had to cut the coil to make the jump rings.


We had to make hundreds and hundreds of these jump rings.


Then you link them all together and you get chain mail.


We are almost done with the back of his shirt.


Then Phoebe came by to inspect our work.


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Philadelphia, PA, USA - 23rd February 2012

By: Boris Kitty

We rode along with Human2 to the big city. Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.


It was a long drive but we finally got to see the city off in the distance.


This is the 30th Street Station. Lots of trains come and go from here.


We did not get to ride on the train but we did see one leaving the station.


We were not in the city to site see but I would like to come back and visit some of the great historical places this city has. We were here to visit Human2's doctor. She sees a specialist at the Hospital at the University of Penn. To get there we had to drive through Drexel University. Their mascot is a dragon and I was very excited. (There is a dragon on the flag behind us and a big statue on campus but we could not stop and say hello because we had an appointment to keep.)


We had the entire waiting room to ourselves.


I decided to check out the anatomy of the lungs.


I also found this fun lung replica that would "breath" when you squeezed the bulb in the back. It was a lot of fun.


We left after seeing the doctor and getting new allergy medicines. On our way out of the city we got a glimpse of City Hall (it is the tiny little building that you can see above Mary Mof's right ear).


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King of Prussia, PA, USA - 23rd March 2012

By: Boris Kitty

Human2 loves LEGO toys and we got to got with her when she went to the LEGO Store today.

Mary Mof and I jumped right into a big pile of LEGO bricks and started building things right away.


We built a very nice boat to sail on the ocean!


Then we decided to go see all the neat LEGO displays in the store.

This is a nice construction site made by the folks of a local AFOL (adult fan of lego) group called PennLUG.


There were LEGO swimmers.


Lego ducks. Look that one duck has cuba gear on.


I got to eat cheese with the mice (until the cat come and ruined the party).


There were some bunnies there too and they let me have one of their carrots. That was very nice of them.


Before heading off to our next adventure we were invited to a wild party and danced and danced.


Now we are off to Build a Bear World to make...I mean meet a new friend.

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King of Prussia, PA, USA - 23rd March 2012

By: Boris Kitty

After the LEGO Store we went to Build a Bear Workshop to help Human2 make a new friend. First we had to help decide a puppy or a bear. Both were very nice but but I said make a puppy!


As you can see our new friend is very flat and floppy. He needs sum nice fluff inside like me.


So we went to the stuffing machine and watched as our new pal got his fluff. Looks painful but we promise it is not.



Next he needed a shower to help get the extra fluffs out of his fur.


Last step before adopting him completely is to name him and print out his birth certificate.

Our new pal's name is Woofy McGee.


We all got to ride home in Woofy McGee's new house carrier! It was very roomy and we all had fun getting to know each other on the drive home.



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