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To visit all major landmasses

To visit all large water bodies

To meet and photograph 20 or more Earth species

To try Earth food of many kinds

To meet another alien to compare research notes!

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Travelog for: Googly Eyes

Muskegon, MI, USA - 20th June 2011

By: kessalia

I went with Mel and the rest of the toys to the State Park to learn about sand dunes.  I wasn't much interested in what was going on in the building, though I listened to the stories.

But then we went outside.  As we all lined up to the read the sign, I just kept my eyes on the hills, and the woods, and the sky...  There were small animals and birds all around, and....  And I wanted to stay.

Mel had a hard time leaving me, the other toys urged me to come along, we would find a more often visited place for me to go out exploring, but I didn't want to wait for the festival.  I wanted some time in the woods, and I will hope that someone will come and I can travel and see more, but I just feel, that my journey starts here.




Good luck, Googly Eyes.  Best wishes, have fun.  ~Love, Mel and the tweebles.

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