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Travelog for: Jujube

Powderface Ridge, Canada - 26th November 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we went for a short hike in the foothills :). As it often happens, we spent the first part of the day between the trees, but soon the view improved :).


This ridge was very exposed to both sun and wind, so all the snow had disappeared :stare:...


...but our way forward looked snowy enough :rolleyes:.


Luckily TVs are lighter than humans ;) and donít sink so much into the snow, so, since the trail was well marked, we left smaug toiling up his way behind us and marched ahead following sammino :D.


Eventually we reached the summit ridge where the view was great. We could see the prairies and even Calgary far in the east :o...


...and mountains everywhere else :D.


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Calgary, Canada - 23rd December 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

After a long time being very quiet (smaug was quite busy and, despite our best efforts to get his attention, we felt a bit invisible over the last few weeks :(), today we had the first glimpse of hope of being active again :). sammino left us for the day and came back with two guests....two deeply asleep guests :stare:.


As they woke up they introduced themselves as Landroval :), a native Canadian eagle coming back for the holidays and Sigfrido, samminoís delegate and representative in France :rolleyes:.


They offered to us some lovely (and very appropriate) sweets that they collected while travelling here :D. But they also told us that they have even more interesting goodies hidden somewhere in their baggage, canít wait to see that ;).


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Calgary, Canada - 25th December 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Merry Christmas :D!

This morning we found a lot of presents on the floor...


... but, since they didnít seem to be for us :rolleyes:, we focused our attention on some of the sweets that Landroval and Sigfrido brought from France and Italy :).


Later we decided to burn some calories ;) and went for a walk along the river.


That red bridge over there is a new pedestrian passage over the river which was supposed to be open almost 18 months ago :stare:...and that hopefully will be open sometimes next year :rolleyes:.


Back home we expected to have a turkey meal :), but sammino said that he had organize and unconventional Christmas lunch based on his favourite local product...massively thick steaks :D!


After that, to be even more unconventional, we topped the meal with a lovely chocolate cake ;).


Well, eventually we were so full that we fell asleep...dreaming of more food, of course :rolleyes:.

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Elbow Valley, Canada - 28th December 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we went for a short trip near Calgary in the Elbow Valley. First we walked a bit along the Elbow River :).


Moving on we reached the Elbow Falls and had a look at the falls from the upstream side...which looked a bit scary :stare:.


While the canyon immediately downstream was quite nice :)....but freaking cold, so we just went back hiding in the car :rolleyes:.


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Calgary, Canada - 29th December 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we explored a bit around Calgary :). First we roamed around the streets looking at the skyline.


Then we entered a mall and stopped a bit to rest.


Those flags are for the Junior Hockey World Championship which is going on right now in Calgary.


Later we explored a bit the mall...


...and just before heading home we found this lovely curtain of lights :)...it probably looks better without the daylight coming in from the glass roof :rolleyes:.


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Calgary, Canada - 30th December 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we gathered all together to say goodbye to Landroval and Sigfrido who are travelling back to Europe and will arrived just in time to celebrate New Yearís eve :)...assuming they wonít be too jet-lagged :rolleyes:.


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Prairie Mountain, Canada - 31st December 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we went for a short hike near Calgary. Most of the route was between trees with the occasional viewpoint :).


Once we reached the summit the views were great :D and, funny enough, the place is so windswept that there was hardly any snow around :stare:.


On the way down we noticed that someone had built a igloo :D. The outside didnít looked exactly state of the art in igloo construction :rolleyes:...


...but is seemed solid enough, so we went inside to take some shelter from the wind and have some rest. And it was actually very warm and comfortable :), too bad eventually we had to leave and go home ;).


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Calgary, Canada - 12th January 2012

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we said goodbye and wished a safe trip to both Quentin Ducky and Cassiopeia who are travelling to their next hosts in Chile and Germany :).


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Calgary, Canada - 23rd January 2012

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today smaug showed up with an envelope that looked like having a new guest inside :rolleyes:.


And it was a new guest indeed :D, Commodore Quack a nice duck from Wales. Of course we gave him a warm welcome and spent the night chatting and listening about his travels :).


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Rawson Lake, Canada - 28th January 2012

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we were bored to stay at home so, despite the weather forecast not being exactly beautiful, we convinced smaug to head to the mountains :). It was actually a bit cold and cloudy, so we hid in the backpack until we reached the first stop of our day, Rawson Lake. The lake was frozen solid and covered with snow (like everything else around it :rolleyes:) but, half covered by clouds,  we could see the imposing face of Mount Sarrail at the back of it.


On the opposite side of the lake we could see our destination, that ridge up there.


So, up we went in the middle of the trees. Breaking trail in the deep snow was hard work...so we left smaug taking care of that ;).


Once we reached the top, the clouds were getting thicker and lower, but we still could see the frozen shapes of Kananaskis Lakes.


On the way down we had a great idea: instead of sticking with smaug at his painfully slow pace, we decided to practise glissading on the snow and wait for him at the bottom. It was so much fun :D!


On second thought, maybe it wasnít the best idea ever :rolleyes:. Oouch!


After this little accident we humbly went back in the backpack ad nursed our wounded pride with some chocolate for the rest of the day ;).

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Burstall Pass, Canada - 11th February 2012

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today smaug had some time for us, so he took us up to the mountains to snowshoe a bit :).  We soon started questioning his trail selection strategy as it seems that for the whole day the sun was always on the opposite side of the valley, but he seemed unfazed by our complaints :rolleyes:.


It was funny that, while we had to proceed in deep snow,...


...some of the peaks around us were almost snow-free :stare:.


On the way we stopped to talk to this friendly bird and asked for directions :).


Eventually we reached our destination, which unfortunately was battered by the wind and clad in clouds :rolleyes:...except for the direction from which we had just come. So we took a photo and quickly took cover ;).


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Calgary, Canada - 26th February 2012

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

It was fairly cold and snowing here in Calgary this weekend, so we stayed in town and went just to stretch our legs along the river, which is mostly but not completely frozen.


Not surprisingly not many people were around :rolleyes:.


On the way we stopped to check how construction of the Peace Bridge is progressing....it seems there are chances that it might open less than 2 years late from the expected date :stare:.


Later on, we politely explained to sammino that while we were sort of comfortable with the -15C :o, the wind was starting to bite a bit, particularly since we havenít got specific arctic survival training :rolleyes:. So we took a final look at downtown Calgary and headed back home...


...where we spent the afternoon nice an warm playing computer games :D.


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Elbow Valley, Canada - 3rd March 2012

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today was a nice and warm day so we went for a short walk to the foothills :). It was actually nice and warm in Calgary, but only nice and freaking windy a bit higher up :rolleyes:. Luckily most of the time we were walking between trees...


...passing by the occasional viewpoint :).


Once we reached the highest and most exposed spot of our little trip it got very, very windy, so we took a couple of shots trying not to get blown away and then took cover for the rest of the day ;).


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Lake Minnewanka, Canada - 17th March 2012

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today eventually smaug had some time for us, so, even if the weather wasnít exactly great, we went for a short hike in the snow :). After a a bit of walking we crossed this lovely canyon :D.


Then we reached the best viewpoint of the day: apparently on a normal day this would be a great view of the lake and of the mountains behind it....not today :rolleyes:.


So we kept going along the trail.


Later on we decided to walk down to the lakeshore where the view was a bit clearer...although it was hard to tell what was lake and what was shore ;).


And at that point the cameraís battery surrendered to the cold and, despite our best efforts, there was no way  to revive it. So Iím afraid I will not be able to document all the lovely fog and clouds :rolleyes: that we enjoyed during the rest of the day.

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Calgary, Canada - 21st March 2012

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today smaug came home with a parcel that looked very likely to be the travelling quarters of a new guest :), so we got very excited.


And it was a new guest indeed, Petit Lapin :D, a nice rabbit from Germany who is traveling the Round Robin 16.  He showed us the lovely cards that he brought with him :), and then we spent the night chatting about past and future travellling ;).


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