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Travelog for: Edelweiss

Sacramento, California, USA - 14th April 2011

By: kcrawfish

Hi everyone!

Mom made me to spread flowery joy around the world, but some toyvoyagers are second hand and just as lovely.  This little bear Vanilla is exactly that kind of TV.  DuDette ain't bad either!  ;)

Would you like to host me?  I love white and yellow flowers and being outdoors and eating purple things.  I like to pose for photos taken inside, too, to be sure.  My mom is crazy to look at foreign homes, restaurants and stores from the inside.  :rolleyes:  I am made of wool, so could you please send me on future travels with my piece of cedar, a bag and my little box?  Oh, and maybe sand-paper the cedar a little bit to refresh it?  :)  Other than that, I am low maintenance!  Honest!  :p    :D



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Sacramento, California, USA - 27th April 2011

By: kcrawfish

We're all posing for no special reason except that we're together and we're happy.  :rolleyes:

Also, I am hoping people will see me and read about me and be my future hosts.  :D


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Bodega Bay, California, USA - 9th May 2011

By: kcrawfish

Hey everyone!

We drove to The Sea Ranch!  I love it there!  But first we went through Marin County near Petaluma, then Valley Ford and Bodega Bay.  It was a lovely drive with good company.

Any good company out there ready to take on a little bear like me???  :)



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The Sea Ranch, California, USA - 11th May 2011

By: kcrawfish

The Sea Ranch is so relaxing.  It must be all those retired folks! 





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Sacramento, California, USA - 18th May 2011

By: kcrawfish

Hello folks!

I am so excited to report that there is a candle lit for me on an English windowsill!  I'm a little nervous, too, traveling alone, but I have snacks and the Englishwoman has a kind smile and I will see everyone soon online.

Love  :)



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Warrington, England - 26th May 2011

By: Gizalba

Mom I've arrived! :D I am so proud that I managed to get here all on my own. I was a bit worried when I arrived though as my host wasn't answering the door. She was asleep haha, at 2pm! But she reached the door just in time before the postman gave up.

I could hear lots of chattering from inside my package, and there was also some quacking. When they finally got me out a little dog came to recue me from my plastic bag. The toys around me where exclaiming that the bag matched my purple colouring, and so did the sweets! I realised the quacking had come from a big duck and unlike the other naughty ducks I had heard about, he was pretty sensible and friendly ;)

The brown bear was _Mishuta_ also a visiting toyvoyager, and he explained how much he had been looking forward to my arrival. It was lovely to feel so welcomed :) We had a group photo with Mirembe  Albus Star, Mishuta and Big Ducky. Although Ducky felt he looked a bit out of place so he took one of us small toys without him.

Bye bye for now, Love Edelweiss

P.s. My host says thanks for the scenic photocards and sweets!

EW 6.jpg
EW 7.jpg
EW 3.jpg
EW 1.jpg
EW 5.jpg
EW 2.jpg

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The Trafford Centre , England - 30th May 2011

By: Gizalba

Today was my first trip out in England! It looked rather wet outside when we left the house so we went to a nearby shopping centre in Manchester. The first thing we saw were lion statues! So Mirembe, _Mishuta_ and I went to investigate. There were flowers next to the statues, they weren't the best in the world but I took a picture just in case we can't find any more yellow and white flowers. When we went inside it was sooo crowded! It is bankholliday in England today, so it wasn't really a surprise. We still managed to get lots of photos though.

The main orient is where all the resaurants and cafes are, but the ceiling is amazing! It is painted to look like the sky. There is an arcade there which my host didn't want to go in as it was very LOUD, but us TVs pursuaded her to have a peek. There was a game where you could win giant cupcakes, and another one was filled with Toystory toys! I was sad that we couldn't rescue them all and set them free as toyvoyagers :( I am glad I am not stuck behind glass. We also visited China town where there was a scary Dragon.

Ooh, the last picture is one of me and my host's cat, Gizmo! We had to take a quick snap before Gizmo spotted me.

Hope you are well Mummy,
Love Edelweiss

TE 1.jpg
TE 2.jpg
TE 10.jpg
TE 8.jpg
TE 6.jpg
TE 15.jpg
TE 3.jpg
TE 11.jpg
TE 9.jpg
TE 4.jpg
TE 12.jpg
TE 13.jpg
TE 5.jpg
TE 14.jpg
TE Giz.jpg

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Durham City, England - 7th June 2011

By: Gizalba

Hello mum! Over the weekend my host took PinkyHH, _Mishuta_ and I to visit Durham city where she used to go to university. This uni has a collegiate system so each student belongs to one of 16 colleges. My host lived in the college of St Hild and St Bede, which you can see in the first picture and last picture (erm, my host has posted some pictures a bit out of order sorry!)

After visiting the college we went down to the river and saw some rowers. Rowing is a very popular sport amongst the students and throughout the year there are lots of races where other unis come to compete. We walked into the centre of town then went to view the iconic Cathedral. It was very big! My host said the cloisters were used for a few scenes in the first and second Harry Potter films (she is a BIG harry potter fan! ;) ).

At the other side of Palace Green there is a Castle, which along with the Cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site. The Castle is home to the students of University College who have formal dinners with gowns twice a week in their great hall. My host said that when you see them wandering around in their black gowns they really do look like they've stepped out of Harry Potter!

We then made our way down the Bailey to the river where we could get a fantastic view of the cathedral. We also spotted a Heron! It is very tiny on this photo, I don't know if you can see it?

At the end of the day we made our way back up to college. We were very tired from all the hill climbing so us TVs insisted on having a sunbathe in the grounds.

DU ED9.jpg
DU ED14.jpg
DU ED8.jpg
DU ED10.jpg
DU ED11.jpg
DU ED7.jpg
DU ED12.jpg
DU Pi6.jpg
DU ED6.jpg
DU ED4.jpg
DU ED16.jpg
DU ED17.jpg
TVs Durham 011.JPG
DU MiEdPi.jpg
DU ED15.jpg

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Huddersfield and Bradford, England - 11th June 2011

By: Gizalba

Today we went to visit my host's friend in Bradford, West Yorkshire. We had to get two trains there and wait 30mins in Huddersfield so us TVs wandered out of the station and found some fountains and a nice statue. My host is hopeless as history so I had a closer look at the writing below him. Apparently he was a Prime Minister... I really liked the fountains :)

The next train we boarded was very quiet so we had a whole table to ourselves. We were very excited to be let lose on a train and took advantage of all the newspapers scattered around. PinkyHH insisted she could read upside down writing, but I'm not sure I believe her  :p  It was a team effort to turn the pages as they were rather big.

When we arrived in Bradford we made lots of new friends. There was a friendly boy called Tristan who wanted to help us with our pictures. And the cats were very welcoming too, one of them even gave me a kiss!

Love Edelweiss


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Warrington, England - 14th June 2011

By: Gizalba

Hello mom, just wanted to update you with a few pictures. The first one was taken the other week when I was looking out of the window on that English windowsill you told me about! ;) I couldn't actually sit on the windowsill though in case Gizmo pounced.

The others are from the arrival of Buzz Bluejay today. We opened him on the front lawn because it was sunny, and I found a flower that was kindof purplely white and yellow. When Buzz appeared he started zooming around everywere! He landed in a bush then jumped down and found me some dasies to have a photo with :) I gave him a daisy to say thankyou and he hugged me. I think I have found a new friend  :D

B 1.jpg
B 6.jpg
B 7.jpg
B 10.jpg
B 11.jpg
B 12.jpg
E 1.jpg
E 3.jpg

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Warrington, England - 14th June 2011

By: Gizalba

Oooh, I forgot to update you on _Mishuta_ 's departure! I was very sad to see him go, but we promised to keep in touch via our travelogs :) He was brilliant at settling me into my host's home, however I still have Buzz and Pinky to keep me company. We have already seen updates from Misha in his new home and he looks very happy  :D


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Wigan, England - 18th June 2011

By: Gizalba

Hi mom, today we took Buzz Bluejay on his first trip out since arriving. We went to a nearby town called Wigan and took some nice pictures outside the church. We jumped into the flowerbeds and I found a flower just like the ones on my tummy! :D We had a group photo on a bush. I think I look cute ;) We then went to investigate further and saw a statue of half a face. When you looked at it from a different side it looked like a full face.

When we arrived home the others helped me with one of my missions; to eat something purple in Europe. They tipped up the glass then ate all of the strawberries and green grapes so that I could have the purple ones. When i bit into it it was green inside! But it's still a purple food, right? :P It was extremely sweet but I liked it.

WE 6.jpg
WE 4.jpg
WE 7.jpg
ALL 4.jpg
WE 8.jpg
WE 3.jpg
ALL 5.jpg
ALL 1.jpg
WE 2.jpg
WE 5.jpg

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Home and Bradford, England - 25th June 2011

By: Gizalba

On thursday we said goodbye to Mirembe, I wish her luck on her journey! After her departure I went to look at the display cabinet in the living room. There was a scary skull in there, and a few heads, which was a bit creepy!

Today and yesterday we went to Bradford again but this time got a picture of the city centre. There we found a pretty bookshop and managed to get some pictures. I'm not sure, are toyvoyagers allowed in bookshops? Ah well, they didn't chuck us out anyway :) Afterwards we caught a bus to a different part of the city and saw a massive Sonic the hedgehog figure outside a shop. Can you spot me on it? I am very tiny! ;)

Bradford 034.JPG
Bradford 044.JPG
Bradford 045.JPG
Bradford 023.JPG
Bradford 019.JPG
Bradford 002.JPG
Bradford 021.JPG

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Manchester, England - 29th June 2011

By: Gizalba

When we got off the train we walked a bit to find a nice building. On the way we saw a Harry Potter poster which my host liked ;)

We found some pretty canal boats and on the other side of the canal there was a little toyvoyager-sized house. We wanted to visit it but we didn't have any canoes to get across the water :(. We also saw a Roman Granary, there was a sign explaining but we got bored of that and wanted to play :)

We walked through the centre of the city and there were lots of statues but there was some sort of festival going on, ruining the view!

Manchester 022.JPG
Manchester 038.JPG
Manchester 033.JPG
Manchester 040.JPG
Manchester 048.JPG
Manchester 050.JPG
Manchester 016.JPG
Manchester 049.JPG
Manchester 020.JPG

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Croft, Warrington, England - 2nd July 2011

By: Gizalba

It was the Croft village Carnival today mum! They have a procession through the streets with floats pulled by Tractors or Lorries. Buzz was very enthusiastic about driving a tractor but the rest of us didn't think it would be a very good idea! 

Miss Becca says that this is the only day of the year when Croft looks like it has people in! At other times it is extremely quiet. We walked out of the estate to get a good view with no heads in the way. I sat with Buzz and Pinky on someone's garden wall, to wait for it to begin.

First came the police! I think they were there to keep everything in order as the roads had been closed off. They were followed by the bagpipes and the pre-school walkers. Then came the queens. My host said that every year the kids apply to be a Queen, Princess, Rosebood, Attendant or Crown bearer. They used to have a curtseying and bowing competition but now they have a Disco and pick names out of a hat, apparently.  Next came the Women's Institute float called 'Women of the world', I liked the kangaroo. Ooh, and look at this space float. I think after that there was one of the girl scout floats but my host was too busy getting us TVs sorted to notice!

I have more photos which I will post later... Of scarecrows!

Carnival 015.JPG
Carnival 003.JPG
Carnival 036.JPG
Carnival 009.JPG
Carnival 047.JPG
Carnival 043.JPG
Carnival 051.JPG

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