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Travelog for: Carlisle

Altleiningen, Germany - 26th August 2009

By: fam-united

Altleiningen is a castle and a town in Rhineland-Palatinate. It belongs to destrict Bad Duerkheim. It was built on top of a 400 m high hill. You still can see a few remains of the old building from 1100 AD. Nowadays it is a youth hostel and my hosts' daughter already had been there with her class in 2006.


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Neuleiningen, Germany - 26th August 2009

By: fam-united

At Neuleiningen we only had a short stop to take a far away photo of the castle there.


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Kleinkarlbach, Germany - 26th August 2009

By: fam-united

On our way home we drove to a village and came through this beautiful street. Kleinkarlbach is a municipality in the collective municipality of Grünstadt-Land in the district of Bad Dürkheim in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in southwestern Germany.

Kleinkarlbach is a wine-growing village in the Palatinate lying near the edge of the Palatinate Forest.


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Schwarzach, Germany - 27th August 2009

By: fam-united

Schwarzach is a town in the district of Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It was first named in 1143, since 1823 it is divided in the towns Unterschwarzach and Oberschwarzach - we were in Unterschwarzach. It is about 0km east of Heidelberg.
At first we visited the wildlife park. It is part of nature park Neckar valley- Odenwald and UNESCO- Geopark.

At the entrance we saw the world's largest mortar bell.



I helped to feed the donkeys.


and the sheep.


In the far we saw some deer.



Here you see, how I saw them without zooming.


Do you want to read some German about the deer?



There aren't only animals, which are from Germany originally.


I also saw some zebras.


Feeding a shy roe isn't easy.


We had a nice funny ride on a small train.



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Unterschwarzach, Germany - 27th August 2009

By: fam-united

Then we drove to the "Schwarzacher Hof", which belongs to Johannes-Anstalten Mosbach, located at the castle set on a lake. The oldest building is from 1914/15, the biggest part was built in second half of 20th century. There's place on the farmyard for 780 living quarters and exterior living groups for disabled people.

We went throught the park, that belongs to this farmyard.

There is a small barefoot park and we tried it.



I went through a labyrinth. Do you see me? I'm with my host's daughter.



We are at the centre now.


When we were outside of the labyrinth again, we sat down on a large thumb.


Do you remember that blue room in the Japanese Garden of Münzesheim? Now I know, where they found the bottles.


We had fun on the slide.


A last glimpse at the labyrinth from a higher place.


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Bietigheim, Germany - 7th September 2009

By: fam-united

Today we and our host's daughter went on a surprise trip.

The Bietigheim Horse Market begins on Friday before the first Monday of September and ends on following Tuesday. Beside the traditional (actual) horse market on Monday, ride- and jumping tournament (Friday until Sunday), the other riding demonstrations as well as the procession (Monday) with following premium of the most beautiful cars, there is also an entertainment park with marquees, a large shopkeeper market.

I hope, you will like the photos.









Later we had fun on the river rafting.


The Bietigheim Enz Valley Bridge is a well-known German railway bridge over the Enz vallay at Bietigheim-Bissingen and one of the landmarks of the city. It was built from 1851-1853 as part of the railway line Bietigheim Bruchsal under the direction of Karl Etzel.



On our way home we took a photo of the landscape.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 20th September 2009

By: fam-united

The weather isn't that great. Another thunderstorm! So Petra decided to read a book and of course we were curious to know more about it.



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Bruchsal, Germany - 27th September 2009

By: fam-united


It is such a beautiful day, that we decided to go on a walk to the little field chapel. On the way we passed the seven sorrows of Maria, the holy mother.
They started to built the chapel in 1903 and consecrated it in 1905. In year 1908 the seven stations were finished. The first four stations were destroyed by environmental impact and war and so they were recreated in 1957 and consecrated in 1958.

The Seven Sorrows (or Dolors) are events in the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary which are a popular devotion and are frequently depicted in art.

It is a common devotion for Catholics to say daily a Hail Mary for each.

1. The Prophecy of Simeon over the Infant Jesus. (Gospel of Luke 2:34)


2. The Flight into Egypt of the Holy Family. (Gospel of Matthew 2:13)


3. The Loss of the Child Jesus for Three Days. (Luke 2:43)


4. The Meeting of Jesus and Mary along the Way of the Cross. (Luke 23:26)


Here is the field chapel, called Feldkirchle in Bruchsal.


5. The Crucifixion, where Mary stands at the foot of the cross. (Gospel of John 19:25)

6. The Descent from the Cross, where Mary receives the dead body of Jesus in her arms. (Matthew 27:57)


7. The Burial of Jesus. (John 19:40)






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Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic - 20th October 2009

By: scoiattolo

Hi mum, I´ve just arrived to the Czech Republic to my host scoiattolo.
The weather here is like in winter, I hope at the weekend will be better, I can't wait to see the countryside....
Bye for now, I'm tired, Jet lag, you know.

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Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic - 27th October 2009

By: scoiattolo

Hi mum,
I went to work with my host yesterday. Do you know where?
I was in the GP office.
I was a patient for a while.
My blood pressure and EKG was OK.
It was interesting day,
Bye Carlisle

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Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic - 1st November 2009

By: scoiattolo

Hello mum,
I visited the town and autumn atmosphere.
I saw the church called Hanging tower church. It was bombed at the end of the world war II, like many buildings in this town...
I hope I'll go somewhere soon, but it's raining and raining and raining.....
Bye mum, I send you a huge hug!!!

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Dubice, Czech Republic - 14th November 2009

By: scoiattolo

Hi mum,
we went outside today, to see the countryside. We went 10 kilometers by car and then we went to the forest along the tourist signs.
Visibility wasn't the best, but my host told me, when the weather is good- sunny - the view is imazing.
The river in the deep valley.
And also colorful leaves all around.
I like the nature here, I'll write you soon, bye Carlisle.

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Pihel, Czech Republic - 20th November 2009

By: scoiattolo

Hi mum,
I went to  visit my host's grandpa, he lives in the house with 2 dogs. At the beginning I was scared about the dog - Sam,
but then we had fun together.

We went to the nearest forrest, just behind the house. I tried how to fly,
how to climb to the tree,
I wanted to see the deer-stand.
I was a little tired, I sat to the forrest bench
but it wasn't so comfy - I had a nap in the grass.
We saw some views:
I was  starving and suddenly I saw a mushroom - I ate it very quickly, YYYUUUUMMYYYY!!!

That's all for today, My legs are so weak, I need some relax now,
Bye Carlisle.

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Prague, Czech Republic - 14th December 2009

By: scoiattolo

Hi mum,
I went to Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. I saw beautiful buildings, .... The first day we visited the center at night... not so good for taking pictures...
The dancing house:
The statue of the famous Czech writer Alois Jirásek:
and the Prague castle:

The second day I saw The Venceslav squere with the National museum on the top:
The famous czech horologe,
and other views from the old town squere:
and the Christmas tree:
and my colege, horse:
We walked to the river, you can see the Prague castle again and the Charles bridge:
And our walk finished in front of the national theathre:
I enjoyed this journey very much, although it was freezing...brrrr

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Christmas Eve, Richlands NC, USA - 24th December 2009

By: Pixiedustlady

I made it home to my mom for Christmas!!! My mom is soooo happy to see me and is so thankful for all the great friends who have hosted me so far!! I tell mom all about being in Germany and how beautiful it is!! I am going to spend Christmas here and then I am off to Costa Rica for some sun and fun!!!!

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