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Travelog for: Cooking Carrie

Laubach-Münster, Germany - 7th April 2012

By: Eustachia

Hello everybody http://www.gif-paradies.de/gifs/nahrung/karotten/karotte_0020.gif

My name is Carrie and i'm the cooking carrot.


I really love to cook and bake so i decided to become a toyvoyager and travel with Eustachia's cosmopolitan cookbook around the world to collect as many different recipes as i can!


Let me tell you about our plan:

If you would like to join Eustachia's cosmopolitan cookbook projekt, then take a look at this thread, send a reply and a pm with your adress to Eustachia. Then she will add you to the list of members and one day i will visit you with the cookbook.

Everyone can write at most 4 recipes into the book. And it would be very nice if we can cook or bake your recipes together. So you can take some fotos of me while cooking and post them at my travelog. So everyone at this site has the chance to get your tasty recipes  ;)

The recipe can be some sort of cake, bread, cocktail, cookies, dip, main dish, dessert... Write down whatever you prefer  :)

Oh before i forgot... it would be great if you take a picture of me with the finished meal, which you can glue right beside or below the recipe.  B)

I'm looking forward to visit you and cook with you!

As you can see, the book is still empty.. so i think it's time to write the first recipe in it.


Let me collect all ingredients, then i will start!

Cooking Carrie

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Kitchen, Germany - 7th April 2012

By: Eustachia

Hello my friends!

I got all ingredients, so it's time to bake my first cake for Eustachia's Cosmopolitan CookBook.


First i gotta write the recipe into the book. It will be a Banana-Condiment-Cake! Very tasty!


Okay, we need 300 gramms of flour. You can use flour from the supermarket, but i prefer fresh grounded flour.




Okay, let's put the flour beside, because first of all i mix the butter with sugar.


Then i add 3 eggs, one by one.


Next step is to mix the flour with baking soda..


..baking powder..


..and Gingerbread-condiment.


I mix it all up..


and put it into the butter-sugar-egg-thing and mix it.  :D


Now we need some baking chocolate.


You can rasp it with a knife, but the easier way is to use a rasp like this one  :)




Next thing we put into our dough are 3-4 bananas.


You can mash them with a fork like this...


But hey.. you know me  ;) i got this cool rasp, so let's put the bananas into it!


Wooohooo.. much easier and faster  :D


Now i have to mix all together


And finally we need 2 teaspoons of cocoa for our dough.


Now i butter my cake pan with margarine and put some flour on it


Then the dough...


and i bake it at 160°C (circulating air) for 55 minutes. The recipe says 60 minutes, but i think its better to take a look at the cake some minutes earlier.. to check out if it is already finished.


After this time i check the cake with a toothpick. If there is no dough at the toothpick, the cake is finshed.  ;) But.. hhmmmm.. i think it not ready yet. Let's give him some more minutes...


Okay, now the cake is done.


Hmm, but he wont come out of his cake pan... Maybe a cold watered flannel will help..


Oh no.. nooooooo! You cannot believe what happened.. the cake felt out of his cake pan.. but only one half.  :o Oh my god.. what to do now? I tried to make the best of a bad job..



I know it isn't looking very good, but hey.. i can handle this with some chocolate!


And i put some smarties on it, to detract from this horrible looking cake. Hahaha  :p




Well, i think it looks great therefore, that i had so much trouble with this cake :) What do you think?


And it is sooo yummy!


Don't be afraid of this recipe. Usually the cake is very easy to bake and Eustachia told me, that she never had any trouble like this. But you know about moments like this. There is a camera and everything goes wrong!  :rolleyes:

I hope you enjoyed my first recipe-story... and more will follow! I promise!

Cooking Carrie

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Kitchen, Germany - 21st April 2012

By: Eustachia

Hello my cooking friends  :D


Today i wanna show you a typical hessian recipe, named Potatoes with Pointer's sauce (german: Kartoffeln mit Deuter Soße).


The sauce is named pointer's because the sauce is very liquid. When you take some sauce on your plate, you make a mess. This person who got the most blots showing to his plate was very hungry. So the blots "point" at the person who ate the most. That's why it is called pointer's sauce!

Haha, wow it's not that easy to explain this in english, but i hope you understand what i mean  :)

But now we wanna start with our cooking!

This recipe is very very easy but sooo delicious! I promise! It tastes a bit like Tarte Flambee (german: Flammkuchen).

First of all we boil our potatoes. If you don't like potatoes with skin, peel them first.


Here are all ingredients we need for the sauce.


10 minutes before the potatoes are ready, we start with our sauce.


So first, we cut the onions..


and raost them gently in hot oil.



About one minute later we add the diced ham and roast it all together.



Then we deglaze it with 1 cup of cream.


We also need one cup of milk, so we can use this cup to measure it. Put the milk also into our pot.


I prefer the sauce more viscous. Therefore i boil it up..


and thicken slightly with a mixture of our sauce mixed with a little bit of flour.


Now it is more viscous. Perfect!


Add some salt and pepper and ready is our sauce.

Now we put 4-5 potatoes on a soup plate..


and dash over the "Pointer's sauce".

Enjoy your meal!


This was my last recipe from Eustachia for now.
Now i will start my travel and collect as much recipes as i can from all over the world.

I hope you enjoyed the updates. See you next time  :D

Cooking Carrie

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Host's house, Germany - 30th May 2012

By: rabbits

Hey Mom! I arrived yesterday, and I already cooked my first meal! I will post the pictures later, because my host is very busy right now. Here is a picture of my envelope finally being opened!


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Host's house, Germany - 16th June 2012

By: rabbits

Hey Mommy! :)
How are you? Host mom is soooooooooooo sorry for not updating my Travelog! She's been really busy with school, but now she's got Summer Vacation, so she's got time now. :) In the following pictures I am meeting my host mom's rabbits (Shadow is the Black and White one, Jasmina is the plain white one) and the neighbors cat, Pauline. :) She sniffed my tag :)

Image 1.jpg
Image 2.jpg

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Hattersheim, Germany - 2nd August 2012

By: rabbits

Hey mom! :)
Host mom is SO sorry that she hasn't had time to update my Travelog. She has been very busy lately. But today host mom finally had time to write down one of the recipes I cooked with her- Sauerbräu Soup (Recipe is from host moms Great-Grandma).:) She will add the picture of the finished soup and me to the book later this week.

Image 1 CC.jpg
Image 2 CC.jpg

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Hattersheim, Germany - 29th September 2012

By: rabbits

Hey mommy :)
Host mom is SOOOOOO sorry that she hasn't updates my travelog for weeks, school has been demanding most of her attention. But host mom finally had time to add my picture to the cook book.

Screen Shot 2012-09-29 at 2.58.02 PM.jpg

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Hattersheim, Germany - 29th September 2012

By: rabbits

Hey mommy :)

Here are some pictures of me helping to make the Sauerbräu Soup :) The recipe is from host mom's great grandma :D

Sauerbräu Soup
(no translation) :)


1 onion
1/2 cup of flour
1 1/2 cups of water
3 dried bay leaves (german: Lorbeer Blätter)
7 potatoes
4-5 smoked sausages
Bouillon Cube
Bay Leaves

First, peel and slice the potatoes and dice the onion. Afterwards, roast the diced onion gently in a big pot with some oil. Then mix the half-cup of flour with the 1 1/2 cups of water in a separate bowl and pour it into the pot with the onion and stir. Then flavour the soup with salt, the bouillon cube and vinegar and stir gently. Afterwards add the sliced potatoes to the pot. Then chop the smoked sausage and add them to the pot along with the bay leaves. Cook the soup for approximately 45 minutes.

Enjoy :)

The following pictures show me helping make the soup :D

Sorry for the bad picture quality- it was getting dark outside


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Hattersheim, Germany - 29th September 2012

By: rabbits

All done :)


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