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to be on the top of the Empire State building

to visit Finland and see in a shop with Inge Löök postcards

Sit on a Ulmer Schachtel on or near the river Donau

see sheeps by the Mont St Michel and on the Clifs of moher

see Dresden and Berlin

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Travelog for: Gwënelle

Waldbillig, Luxembourg - 17th April 2012

By: Lisianne

My mum ask me a few weeks ago if I want to travel the world.
I say YES but am I not to small?
It seems no,
and so I'm nearby ready to go!
But where?
Did anybody know ???
Since today I have my ID , I be checked and ... what now!!!

Here you can see me few weeks ago when mum's first TV's come in our house to be host. They tell me so much about travel that I want to try it on my own :D


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Waldbillig, Luxembourg - 17th April 2012

By: Lisianne

Did this cute TV really took a picture from me my big sister and my little brother???



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Echternach, Luxembourg - 18th April 2012

By: Lisianne

Today we went quick to Echternach in the park, when we were there it start raining :(

This is the only picture I could take!


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Waldbillig, Luxembourg - 18th April 2012

By: Lisianne

back in Waldbillig it continue to rain,

so we decide to complete a part of my friend Mush's life mission

we played Monopoly ... and let him win ;)


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Waldbillig, Luxembourg - 19th April 2012

By: Lisianne

Today is the day,
I'm going to travel.
My mum told me that my parcel is ready ...
        ... I have to say good bye to all my friends

to Telie, Mush, ThomasHH and also to my best friend Horizon!

I jump in my envelope, and up we go :D


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Tampere, Finland - 24th April 2012

By: emmakko

Hi mum!
I just want to tell you that I have arrived safely! The weather hasn't been so beautiful today so I have spent this day by relaxing inside the house. It's a bit quiet here as my host is studying for her Russian exam.

Kasurinen asked me to tell you that he will come soon!

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Tampere, Finland - 27th April 2012

By: emmakko

Today Kasurinen and I were decorating Kasurinen's journey book. First I showed him my journey book:
Then we started decorating his book.
Look what Kasurinen gave me! A tiny Finnish flag! I can add it to my journey book so that everyone can see where I have been.

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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 28th April 2012

By: emmakko

I'm now in Hämeenlinna, a small town where my host's parents and sister live. This is my first Friday in Finland and I just heard that for many Finns Friday is the "sauna day". They think it's relaxing to sit in a small, hot room and throw water to hot stones. I had thought that I would just lie on the sofa and watch Finnish tv-programmes while the crazy Finns are bathing in the sauna, but I was so wrong...
Mum, help me!!!
"the heart of the sauna":

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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 30th April 2012

By: emmakko

Today was a warm and sunny day (the warmest day of this spring) so my host took me and her sister's TV Konsta to see the historical part of Hämeenlinna.
Häme castle is the most famous sight in Hämeenlinna. It was built at the end of the 13th century. Today the castle is a tourist sight and a museum but can you imagine, this castle has also been a prison!

The castle is located by the lake Vanajavesi. The park that is located by the castle is so nice and many people come here to walk, relax or enjoy the view.

Also the prison museum and the artillery museum of Hämeenlinna are located next to the Häme castle. As they aren't so girly sights we decided to not visit them. But we took a couple of photos of the artillery museum anyway.

The weather was so fine that Konsta and I just decided to sit on the bench and enjoy the sunshine.

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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 4th May 2012

By: emmakko

Today my host and her sister took us toyvoyagers to play their favourite game, disc golf!
Disc golf has become a popular game here in Finland during the past few years. The idea is to throw a disc at a target. Most disc golf parks are located in the forest as they have so many forests here!
The disc golf target looks like this:

Throwing the disc...

I found it!

The forest was full of these beautiful small flowers:

A group photo of all the toyvoyagers who were playing disc golf: Me, Barnabas (currently hosted by my host's sister) and Konsta (the TV of my host's sister)

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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 11th May 2012

By: emmakko

Hi mum!
This morning Emma told me that today is going to be a special day and that we will have many things to do. First I helped Emma with vacuum cleaning...
... And then we placed old newspapers all over the house. I was wondering if this is a Finnish tradition or something. Those Finns do all kinds of weird things, I have noticed. Maybe they are going to have some kind of newspaper party?

When the house was clean and the floors were covered with newspapers Emma introduced me to this colourful guy. He was so colourful and I was sure that he will be one of the guests of the newspaper party.

When Emma's mum came home from work we went to the car and drove a loooong way...

And when we came back home we had got a new family member, a miniature schnauzer called Pyytti!
She is so small and pretty, isn't she? By the way, I realized quite fast why we had placed newspapers on the floors...

Möksö was a bit confused at first. She is so used to be the baby of the house :)

The proud big sister:

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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 21st May 2012

By: emmakko

Greetings from Finland again!
It has been a warm and sunny day here in Hämeenlinna. Well, I have learnt that when a Finn says that the weather is warm, it doesn't mean that the weather is truly warm :)
In the morning helped my host mum to write a letter to her penfriend who lives in Belarus, and after that we wrote some postcards. My host mum is a postcrosser, too!

Later in the afternoon we were sitting in the garden and enjoying the nice weather. My host mum was crocheting. Her goal is to crochet 80 small pieces that are all different and make a blanket.
In the middle of the garden there is a small plum tree that is almost as old as my host mum!

I also saw a tiny red cottage in the garden and wanted to take a look at it. My host mum told me that she and her sister used to play in the cottage when they were small. These days they are a bit too big to play in the tiny cottage but they have wanted to keep the cottage as it is. Isn't the cottage lovely?!

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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 26th May 2012

By: emmakko

The final of the Eurovision song contest will be held this night. My host mum and her sister bought sweets and made small flags because they think it's interesting to watch the contest. My country is not participating at all and Finland is not participating in the final  :p so we made other flags.
We're ready!

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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 28th May 2012

By: emmakko

Today we have had a typical summer day here: it has been raining. My host mum had planned to take me to Aulanko park today, and as we are not made of sugar we decided to go there despite the rain.
Aulanko is a park that is tried to be kept as natural as possible. It means for example that they don't fall any trees there and it's not ok to pick flowers there.
This forest we visited doesn't look like a typical Finnish forest. It was an exciting place and we were sure that if there are trolls or fairies living in Aulanko, they are definitely living here!
Can you see me?
Believe it or not, but this place is located less than 2 km away from the centre of the town!

We left the amazing forest and went to the Aulanko tower to see some Hämeenlinna views.
Who said Finland is the land of forests?
The tower:
In the tower. This place could also be from a fairy tale!
I'm the ghost of Aulanko!
We also had with us the ToyVoyagers that my host mum's sister is hosting right now:

Last but not least we went to see a bear statue that is located near the tower.
Mum help! The bear is eating me!!
The stairs to the bear statue were soooo long. 321 steps, we think!

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Tampere, Finland - 31st May 2012

By: emmakko

Hi again!
Today we visited Tampere because we had heard that someone is waiting for us there!
Welcome to Finland, Suny!
As you can see, we have already become friends. We thought we are so small that we need only one seat, and we also decided that we are so small that we don't need to buy a ticket  ;)

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