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See as many trains as possible.

Meet Charlaine Harris or a True Blood actor.

Visit the USA.

Visit Sweden.

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Travelog for: Eric Northman

back at home, Germany - 1st April 2012

By: Sookie

I'm baaaack!
The travel was so.. Urgh :D
But now i'll sleep and sleep and sleep :)

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Home, Germany - 11th April 2012

By: Sookie

Hello World,
it's me.. Eric Northman!
Yes, right, that's my name!
Me and my Mommy are big fans of the Sookie Stackhouse - Southern Vampire Mysteries Novels and of the TV show True Blood.
That's the reason for my name. Eric Northman is the coolest vampire of the world. I'm the coolest bear of the world, so it fits perfect. :D
I wanna meet Charlaine Harris, the author of the Sookie Stackhouse series, shes soo great!
My Mommys boyfriend loves trains and he infected me with the "trains-are-so-nice" virus, so i'll see maaaany different trains, maybe i can drive one, too?


I hope we will be good friends and you can show me the world?!

Eric Northman

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Home, Germany - 12th April 2012

By: Sookie


I'm so excited! I will travel to Indiana/ USA!
I'll start this afternoon!
The Elliott Family will be my hosts and show me eeevvvveeerryyytttthhhiiinnngg! :)

See you soon, guys!

Eric Northman

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Postoffice, Germany - 12th April 2012

By: Sookie

Good bye good, old Germany!

Howdy USA!

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Greenwood, Indiana, USA - 26th April 2012

By: Elliott Family

I have arrived!  I have arrived! 

I am at the Elliott Family's home.  They were very happy to see me.  They were getting kind of worried about me.  The first thing they did is take me outside for some fresh air after my long journey.  It was a beautiful morning!  Cool and sunny.  It is springtime here.  This is a great time to visit this part of the USA.  Greenwood Indiana is in the Midwestern part of the USA.  It is known for beautiful spring and fall.  The summers can be very hot and humid and the winters cold and unpredictable, so I'm glad I am visiting now, when it is a great time to be outdoors!

After I rested and relaxed from my travel, my hosts got out their world map.  They showed me where I am and where I came from.  I covered a lot of ground and ocean on my journey here!  The children are familiar with this world map and must look at it often.  At first they couldn't find Germany, but once they were told it was in Europe, they were able to locate it easily.  They are very smart in world geography for a 4 and 7 year old!  :D

The next thing the children wanted to do was introduce me to Hop, their other TV visitor that they are hosting now.  I was happy to meet my fellow traveler!  Hop is from Switzerland.  He has been here for about a week and he says this family is very nice and has made him feel right at home.

I have to go now and get busy exploring!  B)


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Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - 27th April 2012

By: Elliott Family

Today, I went on my first adventure with my host family!  We went to downtown Indianapolis.  Indianpolis is the capital city of Indiana, the state where my host family lives.  Indianapolis is the 11th largest city in the USA.  Here is a cool website that tells more fun facts about this place:  Indy Bragging Points.  Indianpolis is about 30 minutes from where my host family lives.  Host dad works in Indianapolis and today he took the little boy with him to work.  Host mom, the little girl and I met them later in the day at the zoo.

On the way to the zoo, Host mom took a little detour to show me Lucas Oil Stadium.  It was built a few years ago in preparation for the city hosting the Superbowl...the BIG Event in American football.  My host family really enjoys American football.  Indianapolis has a great team, the Indianapolis Colts.  The city hosted the Superbowl at the Lucas Oil Stadium this winter.  My host family says it was an incredible event!  I got a picture in front of the stadium.  Here is a website that tells all about the team:  the Colts.

We visited the Indianapolis Zoo.  It was an awesome zoo!  We arrived just in time to see the zoo keepers feeding the seals and sea lions.  They did amazing tricks and lots of splashing to get those little fish that the trainer had in her bucket.  My favorites were the bears, of course.  Because Bears are the coolest animals.  This zoo had a brown bear like me and a polar bear.  The brown bear was relaxing in his enclosure and I got a picture with him.  The polar bear was pacing about and looking like he was having a bad day, so I couldn't get a picture with him.  We also saw lemurs, giraffes, lions, rhinos, elephants, sharks, and bats.

The bat exhibit was extra cool to see, since my namesake is a cool vampire! 

At the zoo, I rode my first roller coaster!  Super Awesome!  It was fast and sort of scary, because I was in the dark and couldn't see when the hills, curves and swerves were coming.  The zoo has a family coaster.  The kids were so excited to ride it.  They had never been on it before and the little girl had grown just enough to meet the height requirements to ride.  I had to hide in my host Mom's backpack because I cannot meet the height requirements, but I was there.  I felt the rush of riding fast and even heard the host Mom scream out loud once.  I heard the kids laughing out loud.  I really liked the ride, because I am a very brave bear.

This zoo also has a train, and I love trains!  I saw it go by, but wasn't able to ride today.  It takes people around the zoo in open-air cars while a zoo guide tells you a little about the animals here.

I'm having a great time so far!  Looking forward to more fun adventures!


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Greenwood, Indiana, USA - 5th May 2012

By: Elliott Family

Today we went on an adventure to play at some local parks.  At the first park, we played on the playground and then took a nice walk along a path through the woods.  We played peek-a-boo in the trees.  My host family showed me some really neat bat houses that have been put up along the trail.  They are the wooden boxes way up in the trees.  This gives the bats a place to sleep during the day and having the bats around helps keep the mosquito population under control so the park can be enjoyed more in the summer time.  The little girl wanted to show me and my friend Hop, everything in the park.  She loves the playground.  She is very brave, like me!  After our walk, we got back in the car and went to another park.  Of course, the first place we went was the playground!  We climbed and rode the slide with the little girl and then took pictures in an area that is known for family photo shoots in the park.  After this park, we were all tired and wanted to go home, but my host Mom said we had to run errands and said we would play a game.  We watched for American flags along our route...whenever you saw a flag, you shouted "Flag!".  The little girl is very good at this game.  She wanted to get a picture of Hop and I in front of a flag since this is our first visit to the USA.  It is not very good, and hopefully we will get a better one another day!  Many businesses have an American flag flying in front of their business.  Some personal homes also have a flag flying in their yards.

That is all for today!  It's been a busy day and time to go hibernate!


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Greenwood, Indiana, USA - 17th May 2012

By: Elliott Family

Today I will begin my journey home.  I'm outside getting some fresh air before I get tucked away for the flight home.  My host family has really enjoyed my visit and has wished me well on all my future travels.  I'm also saying good-bye to my new TV friend named Hop, who is also heading home to Switzerland, today.  It would be cool to run into him again some day on our travels!  I'm looking forward to touching base at home with my family and friends and then moving on to more adventures!  Bye for now! 


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at home, Germany - 23rd February 2013

By: Sookie

Hey guys!

Yess, i was a long time away.. But don't worry!
I only slept :D my Mama was angry, because i overslept so mich :'(
Now it's time to travel again! But where? I dont know!
Let's surprise :)

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