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To help all abandoned plushy toys find homes

To get all orphaned plush toys at Gracy's Place adopted

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Travelog for: Gracy

Oregon, USA - 5th March 2008

By: BunTraveler

                                      WELCOME TO
                                    GRACY'S  PLACE

Gracy has found her calling in life.  As a rescued plush toy herself, Gracy wants to help all forgotten, abandoned or orphaned plush toys find permanent adopted homes and become toyvoyagers just like her.

Gracy is known as the little helper here at "Gracy's Place" where rescued-orphaned plushies are being held while they are bathed, get new clothes and arrange for adoption papers.

You can help Gracy too by adopting a rescued plush toy from "Gracy's Place."
This is what you need to do in order to help the over population of discarded, unloved plush toys.

1.  All rescued/orphaned plush toys need at least one parent. Someone that will agree to love and protect them for life.

2.  All orphans when adopted must become a toyvoyager.
Using either one of your free numbers or a purchased tag from the online toyvoyager shop.

To receive your plushy from "Gracy's Place", please send 6-First Class U.S. "forever" postage stamps to help with postage to send your adopted plushy to it's new family.           

Please select your adoptive plushy and notify BunTraveler by PM.  You will then get a return PM to let you know if your choice is still available and let you know you can then send your trade item. 

Helping Gracy's Place is a good thing.  You are adopting still adorable, sweet loving plush toys from dark drawers, a lonely shelf life, jumbled over crowded sometimes dirty living conditions,  then giving them a new adventurous life to look forward to.

Gracy says thank you to everyone for helping Gracy find homes for all her plushy rescued friends. 
All photos of new rescue's will be listed here from time to time.  All their information will be added here too.

All questions about adoption or selecting a certain plushy, can be directed to BunTraveler and she will get right back to you.  Please send her a PM from here.


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Oregon, USA - 6th March 2008

By: BunTraveler

There are 3 little bears still available for adoption.  They are looking for caring and loving homes where they can be traveling toyvoyagers.


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Oregon, USA - 7th March 2008

By: BunTraveler

This little rescued bear has found a new adoptive home and will be going to England any day now.
We know he will have a wonderful home.

Thank you so much for adopting one of Gracy's little rescued friends.


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Oregon, USA - 19th March 2008

By: BunTraveler

Gracy has been busy this week in rescuing more of her little friends. 
Space is limited and over crowding can become a problem but Gracy can not turn away a little face that might need a new home. 

All of these rescued plushies will be shown in seperate photos of smaller groups for viewing in a few days.

If you are interested in trading for one of these adorable little guys then please read the first page in Gracy's journal. **Scroll this page>>>>>>>
Here is where you will find complete information needed to adopt one of these rescued plushies.
If you have a question about any of these rescues please send BunTraveler a PM.


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Oregon, USA - 20th March 2008

By: BunTraveler

Here are some of the latest plushy babies that were rescued by Gracy.

Two little moose were trying to find a way out of the group of other lost plushies and finally found a place to stay until adopted from Gracy's Place. 
They would like to take a long hike back to Canada or maybe visit another state where moose live. 
Little DrakeDuck and LoosyGoosy and a poor little sea turtle we named SamanthaSad---were all crounded inside a big ben of other plushies and they could hardly breath. 

Help them take flight and someone please help this poor little sea turtle find the sea again.  Maybe someplace warm like Florida or the Islands.  Samantha is soft and sweet in nature and looks kinda sad. 

If anyone is interested in adopting-----please let BunTraveler know.  She will help you arrange your adoption.




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Oregon, USA - 20th March 2008

By: BunTraveler

These two little characters were not difficult to rescue.  They have such happy little faces even under the living conditions they were in and we know they would love to travel around the world and share their adventures with everyone.

Little Frog has no name but he seems quite jolly most of the time.

Little purple bunny is clever and she totes around with her a backpack for keeping little treats from her travels.
She is waiting to be adopted and get a new name,  either with "Little Frog" or maybe to someone who would like her as their only one.



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Oregon, USA - 20th March 2008

By: BunTraveler

These 3 little bears can't say enough with their eyes.  Little Panda is very kind and happy to be most anywhere.

The other two bears were so happy to be rescued that they thought they would like to stay here forever.  But---with the way things are growing around Gracy's Place we think they wouldn't mind finding a home of their own either.

These other two bears were sitting around with jelly on their faces and we think they have been into someones jelly jar.
Now cleaned up and ready to be adopted we think these two boys would love to be just about any place that might have raspberry or strawberry jam.


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Oregon, USA - 20th March 2008

By: BunTraveler

These 2 puppies (one sort of well known in parts of the states)  have other ideas and want to travel most anywhere they can meet up with a whole bunch of other dogs.  They are "begging" to be adopted.
Maybe go for a run on the beach or run along a bike trail.  Or maybe see the world from your backpack.

Mischievious cat is looking for some trees to hang out in or possibly travel to Africa or Indonesia.  With those big eyes he could even do some night traveling.  Adoption to cat lovers only---please!


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Oregon, USA - 20th March 2008

By: BunTraveler

Smiley is a "Party Guy" and being adopted only means one thing to this little guy.  Birthday Parties and anywhere they might have cake, cookies, candy and balloons!

Maybe you would like to party with this little Smiley Face----hmmmmmmmm?

These three bunnies,  if adopted,  probably won't make it in time to help pass out jelly beans and Easter eggs this year,  but they would love to be adopted and help you eat your Easter treats.
They are warm and cuddly and fuzzy.  Just right for a hug!


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Oregon, USA - 20th March 2008

By: BunTraveler

Here is little green someone that was hanging onto my leg and telling me that everyone around the place is hitching a ride out of here and no one has seen her sitting there waiting.

Who can resist this face?  This little Dino girl is wanting to take on some new adventure and travel to meet up possibly across the world with other little Dino girls.  Please don't make her wait too long.  We find her irresistable.



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Oregon, USA - 26th March 2008

By: BunTraveler

Our rescues are still being adopted.  If you are interested in someone, please let us know as there are bears and bunnies and a few others left to find homes.

Drake Duck and Quack are now both going to Australia.


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Oregon, USA - 26th March 2008

By: BunTraveler

HUGS is getting kind of spoiled here  :rolleyes: and needs to find his own home pretty soon so someone else can spoil him. 

He likes living in the west and likes wearing his new hat.  His new hat will go with him if he is adopted.
He isn't very big only weighing 3 1/2 ounces (approx.90gr.) and he is just 5 inches (approx.12 cm).  Easy to ship an love.

Let us know if you would like HUGS to come and live with you.


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Oregon, USA - 3rd April 2008

By: BunTraveler

Updates!  These rescues need homes.  Gracy has a few of her little plushies still available from previous rescues but most have found homes.  Thank you everyone.

This week Gracy has adopted a few more little friends.  They are all shown below.  She can't help it if she wants all little plushies to have a home.  Maybe you can help her.

They can be adopted here.  You can adopt one or more, just let us know if you are interested in adopting.

Please read the information on the first journal listing for details and then send us a PM.

If you want seperate photos of anyone, want to know the weight and their height then please ask and we will send it to you by PM.


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Eugene, Oregon, USA - 20th April 2008

By: BunTraveler

Gracy has started a new mission.  She left last week on a voyage to Australia.  She realized that she is needed in many countries all around the world to help in rescue missions and to help others find new homes for their rescued plushies.

Soon she will report in and let us know about this mission.

We look forward to hearing from Gracy soon and read all about the new rescues she will be helping her new host with.

Write home soon Gracy.


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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 23rd April 2008

By: sararingham

Reporting from Australia. First thing I did when I came out of the bag with the chick is I had a bit of rest, then Sara first introduced me to some other toyvoyagers...

There's Garfield, Bon, the happy chick, of course myself and Toothy Walrus... and then of course I was more than excited to see the already rescued soon to be toyvoyagers...

Whilst Sara says they're not up for adoption yet, they're learning all about the world and getting quite excited, I showed them how many toyvoyagers I've saved myself and they got very excited. We're going on another expedition to save more toyvoyagers soon. :-)

But for the mean time these little toyvoyagers were more than happy to learn about Sara's two adopted ones that I helped resuce... Veggies and Samantha Turtle then they got even more excited. Sara's not sure if they're going to be release into the wild or to become other toyvoyagers will planned journeys, we shall see how things go! One way or another they know they'll be toyvoyagers soon!

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