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Travelog for: Kunigunde

Casa Grande,Arizonia, United States of America - 3rd October 2009

By: zeroghostly

Today Zero and I are going out on the town  B)
Were going to a Rave!
It should be a lot of fun,
Zero is widely known in the rave scene as a Kandi Kid

It should be a lot of fun!!

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Kissimmee, Florida, USA - 19th April 2010

By: Sheldon's Mommy

Hi Mom! I'm here safe in Florida, with my new friends. They are so nice. We are going to do a lot of fun things! We will take lots of pictures of me and my new friend Sheldon, especailly when we go to Disney World. I'm so excited!!!!


Today we did a lot of shopping. We went to Wal Mart and to Publix. My host had to get a new microwave, and buy some tea.



It rained all night, and they wouldn't let us take pictures inside. This is me in my host's van, looking at the rain.


As a treat to welcome me, we went and got a Redbox movie.


There were so many to choose from! It was hard to decide....


Eventually, I picked this movie:


It was really funny! We are about to go to McDonalds and get some dinner, so I have to go.  Bye Mom!
Love, Kunigunde

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EPCOT, Walt Disney World, Florida, USA - 23rd April 2010

By: Sheldon's Mommy

Hi Mom!
Today I got to go on a fun fieldtrip to EPCOT. It was amazing actually being in Walt Disney World! Unfortunately, my host's camera deleted most of the pictures we took :mad:

Here is me in front of Spaceship Earth. It was a really fun ride, and I even got to listen to it in German!


After that we went on Mission Space! Here I am outside of it.

And this is the inside!


Here I am waiting to get on the Nemo Living Seas ride!


Those are all the pictures that were left on my host's camera. We went on a lot more, and had funn in the World Village. I visited my homeland there, and we got to see the dinner show there! We ended up with an extra FASTPASS for Test Track, so I get to keep it as a fun souvenir. I had so much fun at EPCOT today! Thank you for letting me come here Mom!

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Kissimmee, Florida, USA - 27th April 2010

By: Sheldon's Mommy

Hi Mom!
Today I got to help make some delicious tacos, with a Puerto Rican twist! First I had a yummy cookie as a treat though!


Here is the special spice we used for the tacos. It's called Adobo, and is made of lots of kinds of peppers, onion powder, and some other secret ingredients. Oh, Mom, it makes the food taste really good when you use it!


Here is my taco all done! I rolled it myself, can you tell?


After dinner we played Mario Kart on the Wii. I lost a round, so that is when we took this picture. I won all the other times though! ;)


Then I decided to take a nap, and guess who layed down with me... my host's dog Rufus! We napped together. He is a nice dog!


I am tired still, so I will go to bed. Goodnight Mom!
Love, Kunigunde

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Kissimmee, Florida, USA - 29th April 2010

By: Sheldon's Mommy

Hi Mom!

We went to a fun pool party today at my host's friend's house! I got to meet so many nice people!




Here are the rules we had to follow. Some of them we broke, but don't tell! :p


This is me doing a trick with my host and her friend Tiffanie. Can you see me on top of her head?


We got a cake because my host's friend graduated his first year of EMT training. It was funny because we forgot a knife and had to cut it with a fork!



We got into a frosting fight. I got some on me, but we all washed it off, so I am still good! Mom, these people sure can be crazy!


I had a lot of fun at the pool party! Soon I am going to Disney World again, and I am really excited!
Love, Kunigunde

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Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, USA - 13th May 2010

By: Sheldon's Mommy

Hi mom! I have been really busy here. I went to Disney again, and here are a few pictures:

Here I am outside of Space Mountain. The flash made my color funny :(! It was a nice ride, with all of the pretty scenes, and it was really fast!
[img]<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/48654606@N04/4867829518/\" title="115_0311 by postcards_to_send, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4100/4867829518_7b333a452f.jpg\" width="500" height="375" alt="115_0311" /></a>[/img]

Here you can see the Cinderella Castle in the distance, lit up. It was so beautiful mom!
[img]<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/48654606@N04/4867217979/\" title="115_0316 by postcards_to_send, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4076/4867217979_976d82eb95.jpg\" width="500" height="375" alt="115_0316" /></a>[/img]

This is the sign for the Carousel of Progress. They have a very fun song in that ride! "There's a great big, beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day." My host taught me the words before we went, and we sang with the ride!


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Kissimmee, Florida, USA - 18th May 2010

By: Sheldon's Mommy

Hi Mom!
Oh mom, last night there was a really big lightning storm here! The lightning was really close, and I got scared by it. My host stayed up with me and we watched her favorite show The Big Bang Theory together because we couldn't sleep. Mom, that show is so funny! The storm finally ended around 3am, so we slept very late the next day!  :D

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Kissimmee, Florida, USA - 20th May 2010

By: Sheldon's Mommy

Hi Mom!

Today we made some chocolate chip cookies. My host gave me the recipe to take home, isn't that great? They were chocolate chip, and use a super secret ingredient....TABASCO SAUCE! Have you ever heard of putting hot sauce in cookies, mom? I hadn't, but it did make the cookies really really good! I can't wait to make them with you when I get back home!!!
Love, Kuni

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Kissimmee, Florida, USA - 29th May 2010

By: Sheldon's Mommy

Hi Mom!

Today is was very hot, so my host took me swimming in her pool! We had a lot of fun and played a new game called Jailbreak. Then, when we got tired of swimming, we played a card game with her family. It was called ERS, and very fun! We used Florida Gators cards because that is the college sports team my host likes! They have a cool mascot!
Love, Kuni

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Kissimmee, Florida, USA - 7th June 2010

By: Sheldon's Mommy

Hi Mom!

Today has been a very lazy day. The air conditioning is broken in my host's house, and it is very hot. I hope that it rains so we can cool down some! I have been helping my host do some of her college work on the internet. She is taking lots of classes, and I wanted to see what college is like. Mom, it is a lot of work for her, but we had fun while I helped! My host says that soon she will have an End of School party, and that I get to stay for it. I've never been to one, so hopefully it will be very fun!
Love, Kuni

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Orlando, Florida, USA - 12th June 2010

By: Sheldon's Mommy

Hi Mom!

Today we went to my host's friend's house to watch a UFC Championship Fight. It was very interesting!

There were a lot of people there, so there was also a lot of alcohol too. Here I am with an Elvis wine glass full of Sangria. I didn't drink any because they said I was too little....

Before the fight started we played lots of games. We played foosball with some of the guys and us girls won!

Then we played a big game of charades called Guesstures. It was really fun, and the way some clues were acted was really funny!

After that I helped my host's uncle Harvey fix his car. Do you see me there?
The flash of my host's camera made me look white! :D

The fight was really fun to watch!!! There were so many people screaming and shouting about who they wanted to win, Mom, I could barely hear anything on the tv!!! It was over really fast, and I don't remember who won. Oh well.... I liked the excitement in the air, and it was really fun!

Oh, Mom, I just got wonderful news! I am going to Chicago for three weeks! I've never been there and my host is taking me as a special surprise! I'm sooo exited!!!! I'll take lots of pictures to show you when we return, but now I have to go pack.

Love, Kuni

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Kissimmee, FL, USA - 18th July 2010

By: Sheldon's Mommy

Hi mom! We got back from Chicago today, it was so fun!I will post the pictures when my host gets the cd from her aunt. Today we unpacked, and are taking a small break. I will write more tomorrow.
Love, Kuni

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