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Travelog for: Guss Elephant

Indian Welles, CA, USA - 12th March 2009

By: renees

Lucky Gus won free tickets on the radio to the BNP Paribas Open! It's a huge tennis event and was tons of fun!
Haven't met anyone famous yet, but it's not over until this weekend!!

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Santa Maria, California, USA - 14th March 2009

By: renees

Went to visit Renee's parents and I made some friends
This is Qi (Chee) the whippet:
B-Bop the Doxie Mix:
and Rocksy, the mini dachshund:
She got a little too friendly!

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Pismo Beach, California, USA - 15th March 2009

By: renees

We got to go to the beach! Pismo Beach is beautiful, it was a great day

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San Louis Obispo, California, USA - 15th March 2009

By: renees

We then went to San Luis Obispo, which is north of Pismo Beach. Beautiful rolling green hills. We walked around down town and took a wrong turn:
Bubble Gum Alley! BLECH!
Then we went to the Fancy Madonna Inn!
SLO sure is beautiful

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Disneyland!, USA - 25th March 2009

By: renees

Guss got to go to Disneyland! My best friend and I have season passes so we try to go once a month or so. Guss had an awesome time!
Seeing Mickey in Flowers:
Saying hi to Walt and Mickey:
Checking out Main Street:
It's a Small World:
Guss didn't want to go in there!
Meeting Buzz Lightyear
and Mr. Potato Head:
He Even rose the Roller Coaster! GO GUSS!
the golden gate bridge in CA Adventure:
and the cool California sign on our way out!

Bye Disneyland!

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Mexico, Mexico City - 17th April 2009

By: manzanita

Hello, I'm Cipa, a girl from mexico and i'm the new guss's host =)

The first Guss's pic in mexico!


Guss with mexico's flag


On evening we go out to the garden to watering the plants being there Guss was trying to climb the tree but suddenly he got excited because on the tree was growing a little apple..


he also smelled the flowers


and at the end of the day Guss made a new friend Mrs. bottle opener, hahahaha...


until tomorrow!!

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Zocalo, Mexico city, Mexico - 18th April 2009

By: manzanita

Today on afternoon Guss, my mom and i went to  haberdasher's shop at downtown.


After do the shopping we were walking by downtown; let me tell you that mexico's city downtown it's really beautiful and have much historical places, too many squares, museum and more great buildings, Guss could see much interesting things, such the "Danzantes Aztecas (aztec dancers)"day, them dance with the rithym of the drum and them make a offering to the Aztec Gods; it's a very folkloric moment to see them doing some dancings.

Guss was really amused



later mom bought a mexican meal named "Tlayuda" it's a tortilla made with green corn have fried beens, white cheese, nopales and sauce it taste very good, Guss tasted it and to him likes it!!

after eat, i showed to Guss a statues that represent how mexico's city was founded at the aztec times; at that times the city has other name and was "Tenochtitlan", i told to Guss the myth of how it happened: that people from a little town called "Aztlan"  was contacted by The God Huitzilopochtli and  he told that them must to found other city in a place where them see an eagle on a nopal devouring a snake, that was the signal; aztecs found it on a Lake then in that place there founded the new city.

Here's Guss watching the statues.

To be continued.

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Zócalo, Mexico City, México - 18th April 2009

By: manzanita


We continued visiting the downtown. I'm here watching the beauty of Palace Goverment, you know mama, Cipa told me that each 15th September -date of mexican independence- the president go out to the principal balcony of this palace and shout proclamation of independence such do it the heroes long time ago, after, he plays a big bell and all people says "Viva Mexico!!!"

In front of palace there are the main square and on it there's a reproduction of "El Angel De La Independencia" , the original it's located on avenue "Reforma", this angel its very famous to be emblem of the city.


now we walk a little and i find a very big cathedral, my host explain me, This is "The Metropolitan Cathedral" its very old and was the first cathedral in whole south america, the big clock that has, was broke too many years until 3 years it was repair, now each hour we can heard the bell!!

in front of cathedral

Mexico's city downtown it's a very beautiful place it was declared world heritage by UNESCO; there are a lot of beautiful buildings, old streets and much interestings places to visit we haven't enough time to went all over, but cipa told me that we'll back soon.


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Post office Palace, México - 19th April 2009

By: manzanita

Was a sunny sunday and cipa and i went to visit Post office Palace.

Here is where she always send her mail; the post office it's a cold place and have an incredible architecture, was designed by an italian architect and the building was inaugurated in 1907 by the mexican president at that times.

The building have 3 floors and in the secon there are 2 little museums one about mail history and  the other is the maritime museum; mama see the elegance of the office.

on sundays them rest...

That was my visit to post office palace, was nice  :rolleyes:

Have a good day mom!

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Host house, México - 20th April 2009

By: manzanita


Today was a calm day, we didnt go out of home we stayed resting, so on afternoon cipa and i were playing with her kittens. She is "Canelita"
in english it's cinnamon.

Are 5 kittens but she will gave all of them because alredy have 5 old cats more. To watch them playing it's so fun and amused, even i watched a cat fight!!

My host, me and a kitten.

Good week!!

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universum, México - 23rd April 2009

By: manzanita

Hola mom!!

I want to tell you my day; today i went with my host's sister, -Ixchel, that's her name-  to her work, she works in a very fun and interesting place, at a science museum named 'universum'. Ixchel is at the kid's room where there are a lots of book, toys and science to learn in fun way.

Here i'm infront of a tunnel light!


A mini roller coaster

I'm not a pin, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!

Among colorful letters

Mama i am very excited because i've learned alphabet and some numbers!!

continued in next post...

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universum, México - 23rd April 2009

By: manzanita

I was playing with the fruits and i learned their names, and you know mom, that plastic fruits has nice smelling!

later i drew using a crayon


also i pass through a cube made with elastic bands..

phew!! was hard but i achieve it!!  ;)

I was in Africa!!

also i went to North Pole, so cold there!

and later i back to mexico..

Was a great day, i cant wait to have more fun!!

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