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Meet Up With Leo Lion My Twin Brother Throughout My Travels

Visit Africa and See Wild African Flora and Fauna

Visit South America and See Some Beautiful Beaches

Visit A Real Desert and Get Pictured With A Real Cactus

Be Hosted By Many Nice People and Return Home Safely

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Travelog for: Fred Lion

Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 26th May 2008

By: sararingham

Hello! My name is Fred Lion, as you can see I look identical to one of Sara's other toyvoyagers called Leo Lion. Sara picked me up and asked me if I wanted to travel like his twin brother. I was shocked that I even had a twin brother, so I asked Sara if one of my life missions would be to meet up with Leo Lion on my travels. I'd love to see him, in real life of course!


Sara already has my first travels planned. I'll be traveling to Lerie's house and seeing the Hunter Valley. So the travel hopefully won't take too long but I hope to see a lot! I wonder what I'll see. I'm glad my first voyage isn't too far from home. :-) Wish me luck and I'll write again soon mom! I'll miss you! <3333

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Hunter Valley , Australia - 29th May 2008

By: Lerie

Today i arrived in the Hunter Valley to stay with a nice lady named Lerie . She told me that i would be staying with her for two months and that i would get to see all around the Hunter Valley but even better i would get to go on a cruise with her to the south Pacific . Lerie told me all about how much i would love a cruise with the beautiful beach , wonderfull food and so many exciting activities that i would be able to do .

Lerie also introduced be to a a friendly Teddy bear named Dawsun . Dawsun will also becoming on the cruise . Dawsun and i had a talk tonight and i am sure we will be good friends . The sad thing is that Dawson is leaving for England tomorrow so i want see him again untill the cruise .

It has been along few days traveling so it is time for bed . Goodnight Mum . I am safe and well .

Fred and Dawsun.jpg

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Hunter Valley , Australia - 1st June 2008

By: Lerie

This weekend i left the Hunter Valley and Traveled all the way to Canberra to stay for a few days and do some sight seeing with my host parents .
We visited the War memorial and i saw the Grave of the unknow Australian solider and got my photo taken on a tank with Dawsun . We also visited Telstra Tower it is 195 meters tall and you can see all of Canberra when you are at the top . We also had our photo taken with the parliment house in the back ground . I had a great time while i was there , it was a bit cold but it was worth it .

fred at parliment 2.jpg
Dawsun fred on tank.jpg
unknow solider.jpg
telstra tower.jpg

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Hunter Valley , Australia - 3rd June 2008

By: Lerie

Today i was really sad , Dawsun had left for Devon and i felt lonely . Lerie Tried to cheer me up she introduced me to a tiny dog named Riley . Riley wants to be a toy voyager too. I told him all about my journey so far and after a while i didn't feel as lonely

Fred crying.jpg
Fred and Riley.jpg

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Hunter Valley , Australia - 15th July 2008

By: Lerie

Hi sorry i have wrote anything in a while but i have been so busy lately . I meet a nice new friend to keep me company . Blue . She is a little cat . Lerie took me out to Hunter Valley Gardens and we went to Roche wines. Roche wines is one of the younger wineries in the hunter valley but the vineyard where they get the grapes from has been around since 1890.
They make  Sparkling Semillon, Semillon, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Unwooded Chardonnay, Chardonnay, Rosť and Shiraz. I learnt all about how to make wine and the history of Roche wines .

blue and fred.jpg
fred at roche wines.jpg
fred driving.jpg

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Hunter Valley , Australia - 15th July 2008

By: Lerie

Today Lerie took me to old Maitland Gaol . I learnt all about the history of the gaol the inmates and some interesting stories . It was so cold there i thought i was going to turn purple .I went in to the cell where Ivan Milat was held . Ivan Milat is also know as the back packer murder. in the 90's and 80's Ivan is know to have killed local and international hitch hikers . He is currently serving seven life sentence in Goulburn Gaol .

maitland goal.jpg
in cell.jpg
the back packer cell.jpg
the watch.jpg

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Hunter Valley , Australia - 19th July 2008

By: Lerie

Hi i have spent the last few days in the Blue Mountains exploring the beautiful sights and having a wonderful time . We took heaps of photo but i have not be able to download them yet but soon they will be here

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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 7th October 2008

By: sararingham

Well... that was a long trip... not sure where I was for some of it but I'm glad to be back home. Mom says I'll be going back on the road again soon after a bit of a rest and home and finding a new reliable host for me this time... my last host got really busy and couldn't update me like she wanted to, so she sent me and Tiah Tigris to my mom's house... we'll be staying a while I think... :-)

Well today, was quite a warm day... we helped mom do the laundry, we had to wait a while though since it takes a while to get enough clothes to put all of them on the line...

After we had enough myself, Chiro and Tiah Tigris helped mom put the clothes on the line, we helped what we could, which wasn't as much as I would have liked but it's because we are so small!...

...and after all that work, we came inside to see another pile of laundry for Sara told fold... man, it doesn't ever end does it? lol... oh well, do you see Chiro? He's so small, but he's there...

...and then finally we got to meet up with the other toyvoyagers that are staying with Sara at the moment. There's quite a few but some of them will be moving on pretty soon onto other hosts...
From left to right it's Bellatrix, Bally, Jonas, Luv Leon, Chiro, Manner, myself of course, Lollipop and Tiah Tigris.

Oh, and I also got to meet a little Australian friend today as well, although he doesn't speak english he was very pretty...
...he's called an Eastern Rosella, they're not as common as Galah's and Cockatoos in the area... but you still do see them from time to time... I couldn't get too close as I didn't want to scare it away... isn't it pretty though?

Well, I'll write again soon mom, promise this time! <3

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San Antonio,Texas, USA - 12th November 2008

By: RockVixen07

Hello mommy!!
I'm posting this late since I was pooped out from my travel. =)
I made it safely to Texas where Ecaterina was waiting for me!

Ducky Duck,another TV visiting, was there to greet me as well and Ducky was happy to see another TV!
She ordered pizza as a welcome dinner
It was delicious! I had 4 slices. I think I ate most of it =\
Ecaterina was very nice for buying me a welcome dinner and I loved it.
So I woke this morning really refreshed.
The baby wanted me to sleep in his crib so that's where I woke up!
But I did end up waking by myself as Ecaterina's son woke up waaaay to early for me.She came and got me so I could help find breakfast!
That was delicious too and now I'm full. Ducky Duck and I decided to sit by the window since it was nice and breezy this morning.
We saw some ppl come home for lunch and leave.
I'm glad we don't have to work!!

Well mommy, that's it for now.
Ecaterina says we'll be going to work with her tonight and I'm excited!

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San Antonio,Texas, USA - 14th November 2008

By: RockVixen07

Hi mommy!
Today Ecaterina took me and Ducky Duck out for some air since we've been cooped up.
She forgot to buckle me up heh heh
We had to stop for gas...

So we headed to a small picnic area and this is the view from our table
Me and Ducky waited patiently as they got the stuff out
Kicking back...

Then it was time to eat!

But it started to get dark so we munched and decided to head out.
We made a pit stop at a small airfield.
This is where the people who have "more" money keep their private planes. The news stations have their helicopters there as well!
Ecaterina had to make a quick stop at Wal-mart for some last minute groceries.
They had a Christmas tree already up!
After she got what she needed, it was time to head home.

That was my day!!

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San Antonio,Tx, USA - 16th November 2008

By: RockVixen07

  Today Ecaterina took us to work with her.
We had to stay in her purse, in a locker while she worked though. I got to chat with Ducky Duck!
Then she took us out when she got a little snack break

Then I had a soda! mmmmm

well mommy, that was my evening!!
Till tommorrow....

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San Antonio,Tx, USA - 17th November 2008

By: RockVixen07

Hello mommy!
Ecaterina took us downtown to Rivercenter Mall.
It was a bit cold outside as a cold front did move in but she did keep me warm!
We parked in the mall garage

Ecaterina was a bit hungry and so was I as we really didn't have lunch yet so we stopped by a pretzel place in the mall.

Part of the mall

Afterwards, we headed outside and passed by the Riverwalk.
We didn't go down there as it was crowded and she had her son with her. Plus, it was much colder since we're by a river!

One of the hotels called the Menger which is said that one of the rooms in their is haunted. If you pass it the first time, it won't be there but if you come back, the room will suddenly be there! Employees have said to have seen ghosts in the room and guests have experienced weird stuff!!

And of course the all famous, The Alamo!

If you look closely behind us, you'll see a group of people in black called El Studiantos. They're a group of musician students from Mexico that come here to perform. They happened to be at the Alamo.
Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside. =(

In this area, were the flags of Texas.
There was a man talking about the story of the Alamo. We didn't go in because we didn't want the baby to disturb the speaker. We were find out here!
This was a canyon used in the battle just mounted on stone.

It was getting colder and dark so it was time for us to go!
We passed by the Alamodome where bands, singers and other events takes place
I had fun today but its good to be back in a warm bed =)

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San Antonio,Tx, USA - 18th November 2008

By: RockVixen07

So we wanted to show where we are staying!
This is where we usually sit while Ecaterina is busy

We choose movies from here when we're bored

This is where we help make breakfast, dinner, lunch,etc!

Where we sleep. It was fixed...then the baby got on...no need to explain =)

We watch TV from here when we're lazy!

And lastly, this is where we eat

Well thats all for now

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home,Texas, USA - 21st November 2008

By: RockVixen07

Yesterday was a relaxing day. Ecaterina took us out for a stroll with her son. But we made a stop at the front office!

Thats it for now =)


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San Antonio Missions, USA - 25th November 2008

By: RockVixen07

Sunday Ecaterina took us to see the Missions!
This is the first one we came too
This area is a burial site for the descendants of the Indians
who lived in this mission.
Behind us are ruins of what used to be one of
the rooms for Indians.Yiou can see whats left
of the walls.
They were VERY small!
As we walked along, we found the stations of
the cross on the ground in front of some rooms.
This little lady sat in front of her flowers (She was a statue!)
This was the exit....
But it was really the entrance to the mission and
outsiders needed permission to enter.
This is the trail they walked to get up here.
And we came to the river where they came on boat,
and docked.
Of course the water was much higher then.
This was their irrigation ditch. They had a whole field of
vegetables which was away from the missions. The ditch
helped stopped the water so they could get what they needed.
You can see slots in the stone where doors were inserted.
Its not much to look at now, but back then it was once
a beautiful field filled with veggies!
Next was, Mission Espada.
There wasn't much here,but a room that was left
standing where a few of the Indians lived.
Not all of the rooms had their original door and window
panel like this one.
Here, we went thru a beautiful corridor where flowers
and plants alligned the sides. This is also where some
of the Monk's rooms were and info center.
Here is the front of the church. Amazing isn't it?
Next stop..
I can't remember what this is,but I think they were
just tools they uncovered.
This Monk is who roamed around the grounds in
those days. Now, the Monks living there say every
once in a while they do see a ghost Monk walking
around on the mission grounds.
Ecaterin said this Monk freaked her out.
He looks scary! From the side, he's even creepier!
This mission is the biggest one of all of them.
Can you tell by the huge church?
Here I am at the front at the alter. Ecaterina
said this picture is a bit freaky with the light
shining down on the cross.
Lastly, is the front of the church!
After our outing, I was pooped. We had McDonald's and headed home!
I had a lot of fun!


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