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Travelog for: Harold Giraffe

somewhere in, Germany - 19th March 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,

we reached a flying attitude of about 27.890 feet. I don't know exactly where we are the moment, somewhere high above Germany, heading to the South.



What a pity that I can only see clouds!


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Munich, Germany - 19th March 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we are in Munich now. I will meet my next host soon.

Here we are at Karlsplatz, also called Stachus, in the town centre.


We went to Englischer Garten to meet Pandamao. We met her in the beer garden there.


Pandamao took me and Womy with her.


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München, Germany - 23rd March 2009

By: Pandamao

Here I am - in Munich and looking forward to see all the sights.

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Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany - 29th March 2009

By: Pandamao

When we went to our host's home town we saw a well decorated with Easter eggs. Here it is the custom to decorate bushes and wells with lots of colourful eggs for Easter time. Pandamao told me that it is still early and that for the Easter week-end there will be many more eggs there.

a 012.jpg
a 013.jpg
a 014.jpg
a 015.jpg
a 016.jpg
a 017.jpg
a 018.jpg

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Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany - 29th March 2009

By: Pandamao

Pandamao also showed me the city centre of this small town in North-East Bavaria.

a 019.jpg
a 020.jpg

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Feldafing, Germany - 11th April 2009

By: Pandamao

Our host wanted to pick wild Bears Garlic. So we went to Feldafing at the lake of Starnberg and collected a bag full of Bears Garlic.

a 071.jpg

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Possenhofen, Germany - 12th April 2009

By: Pandamao

Another trip to the Starnberg Lake - I saw the castle of Possenhofen, that's the castle where Sisi - the later Empress Elisabeth of Austria - has spent her youth.

a 063.jpg

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Türkenfeld, Germany - 18th April 2009

By: Pandamao

Today I went for a trip to Türkenfeld to collect more wild herbs. The photo shows us with wild anemone.

a 070.jpg

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Tutzing, Germany - 19th April 2009

By: Pandamao

The weather was great, sunshine, blue sky and so I took a walk along the Starnberg Lake.

a 075.jpg

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München, Germany - 20th April 2009

By: Pandamao

As we could not eat all the Bears Garlic we had picked, we cut it and put it into olive oil - it will be used for pesto later.

release 026.jpg

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München, Germany - 25th April 2009

By: Pandamao

I enjoyed my stay in Munich but now it is time to move on to other places. Bye!

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Oberursel near Frankfurt, Germany - 28th April 2009

By: AnjaM

Hi Mommy,

today, I arrived safe and sound at Anja's house in Oberursel, close to Frankfurt am Main.

While I was still in my envelope, I heard some squeaky voices shout "Who's that, Anja? Another toy voyager to keep us company? Open it up, open it up!"

"Hold your horses!" an older voice said, "I have to open the envelope gently, don't want to scare the little guy!"

Then the envelope was opened, and I was met by four other TVs - Sweetsy the gingerbread man, Twix the rat, Wusch the frog and Garry the duck:


We all got a snack of Twix bars (Twix the rat's favorite snacks)


and then we told each other stories of our travels until Anja sent us to bed. Aren't we a nice group?


I can't wait to see what adventures await me in the state of Hessen!


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Oberursel near Frankfurt, Germany - 29th April 2009

By: AnjaM

German white wine: Riesling

Hi Mommy,

this evening, Anja had a friend over, and they opened a bottle of wine. It was Riesling, a nice German white wine, not too dry and not too sweet, and just perfect with a meal or to drink chilled on a warm evening.


The two ladies seemed to enjoy it, so of course, we wanted a sip, too.


Ah, quite tasty!!!


Wow, Mommy, let me tell you, we toy voyagers are not used to alcohol, so when we had finished our small glass, it made us very very tipsy!  ;)


So Anja fixed us up with some Alka Seltzer and told us to stay off the booze  ;)


Well, let's see about that  ;) After all, we've heard Anja talking about apple wine, a specialty of the German state of Hessen....

Tipsy regards

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Ronneburg, close to Gelnhausen, Germany - 1st May 2009

By: AnjaM

Medieval Fair and Market at the Ronneburg

Hi Mommy,

today, Anja went to visit friends for a long weekend (1st of May weekend). The friends live in Gelnhausen, approx. 40 km east of Frankfurt. Anja and her friends visited a medieval fair and market at the Ronneburg, and they took us TVs along.

Ronneburg History

Although built about 1230, the castle’s towers, battlements and walls are still intact. Situated on a hilltop, the tall tower makes a landmark seen for miles. The castle is associated with Count Zinzendorf in 1736, founder of the Moravian brotherhood, which later established religious colonies in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

The weather was  beautiful,  the rapeseed was blossoming everywhere, and soon we saw the castle Ronneburg


Anja and her friends scared us poor TVs, threatening to lock us in the stocks  :o, but then they took us along after all.


There were a lot of booths selling nice things

and of course there was a campfire and food and drink


A lot of people were dressed up in medieval clothes. Some of them looked scary at first, but they were all quite nice!  :D

We wandered around, enjoying the view and the fair and the shows, and of course the ladies did some shopping  ;)




I wanted a beautiful dress, too, like many ladies were wearing, but Anja said it would not fit me



After the last show, we went home, but Anja said we would return the next day.

Wow, we were all excited! Because with all the shopping and browsing and enjoying the shows, we had not even been INSIDE the castle yet!  :o


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Ronneburg, close to Gelnhausen, Germany - 2nd May 2009

By: AnjaM

Ronneburg, medieval fair and market - and the inside of the castle!

Hi Mommy,

like Anja promised, she and her friends took us back to the Ronneburg today, because we did so much shopping and browsing and partying yesterday that we did not even get to see the inside of the castle  :o

Of course, we were all eager to see the inside of the castle!

But first, there were other interesting things to see.

Close to the parking lot, there were some people hanggliding. Boah, this would scare the living daylights out of me!!!


Then, in front of the entrance, there was a guy with a "quad", one of these 4-wheel recreational vehicles. This would be more my case, and that is what my furry friends said, too  :D Anja and her friends were also really interested!


Of course, we got to ride it, too!  :D



But now on to the castle!!!

Excited regards

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