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Travelog for: Harold Giraffe

Mechterstädt, Germany - 4th January 2012

By: iloveletters

Today a new toyvoyager arrived here. We, 
Monkez and me, were so excited when the postman brought a
package. On top it read 'Tiplitaps inside'.


We couldn't wait to open it but we first had to get a pair of scissors
to cut the adhesive tape.  Well, I actually only watched and Monkez
was doing the work.


And then there he was:  Tiplitaps  -  a little turtle.



We welcomed him and said hello.


Then he told us that he is a TV taking part in the Big German RR and
that Mechterstädt and Thuringia are his first stop in the RR.  One of
his missions is to visit all federal states of Germany. Tiplitaps even
has got a passport with some pieces of information  about him and
his hometown, which we read together.





Hope you have a great time here, Tiplitaps!

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Mechterstädt, Germany - 5th January 2012

By: iloveletters

What a boring and awful day.  Nothing to do and the weather outside is horrible!  Look at that:


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Mechterstädt, Germany - 7th January 2012

By: iloveletters

It is time for me to say Goodbye to Germany.

Mommy told me that my next stop will be Norway, which is  quite a
travel distance.  But I feel pretty comfortable in my envelope and my
host included some sweets for the journey, too.


Monkez and Tiplitaps waved Goodbye. Well, I will miss you!


See you in Norway!

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Svullrya, Norway - 3rd February 2012

By: Sollie

Hello Mom!

I have arrived Norway!
My hostess is sick tho, so we are stuck inside untill she gets better, but im doing well! :)


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Svullrya, Norway - 9th February 2012

By: Sollie


Today we have been outside, Ragnhild showed us the different skiis they have!


In the really old ones, you just used your own normal shoes, the bindings went around the shoes, very practical, cause you didnt need special shoes for skiing!


In the 80's they had something called the "Rat Trap", you used special shoes, with 3 holes under the front of the shoe, and those you put onto the binding where it was 3 pointy things, and then you locked the binding, and it was stuck.


Later on they got more modern, and now you just click your shoe onto the lock of the binding, the shoe has a little metal bar on the front, and that one you click onto the binding of the skii.
Very easy!


Here i am on a little trip we had with the car, its a lake behind me, and its been so cold, the ice has "grown" out of the lake, around the rocks there, hope you can see it, it was really a funny sight!


All of us together  :D

Lots of love,

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Oslo, Norway - 18th February 2012

By: Sollie

Dear mom!

Today we have been to OSLO! :D
I have been to the capital of Norway!
My hostess were meeting up with a friend who were visiting from The Netherlands, and we spend the whole day in Oslo, it was lots to see!
And here are some pictures!


All of us in Ragnhilds bag, in the car, on our way to the bus!
It was 45 minutes driving to Kongsvinger, where the bus would drive us further to Oslo.


Here we are on the bus, it was a 1 1/2 hour drive by bus...


But we were looking outside, and played some games, and time went fast! :)
Here we are at the bus stop Rød, thats where you could change busses to go to Gardermoen airport!


We arrived Oslo at 10:30, it was raining a little all day, but not too much.
Oslo is called the tiger city, and this statue was a gift to the city, for its 1000 year cekebrating being a city! :D
Its right outside the train station, at the beginning of the Karl Johan street, THE shopping street in Oslo, and the street u to the royal castle.


This is us, outside the national theater! :D
We even found a Geocache here!


We were inside the church in Oslo, but didnt take any pictures, cause it was not allowed to use flash.
They were repeating for a concert aswell, so we didnt want to disturp.
On the walls they have a little exebition, pictures from the tragedy in Oslo 22 July 2011
Hostes started to cry, so we left again...


Inside a shopping mall, we saw this little statue, do you know it?
Its the little mermaid that they also have in Denmark, in København! :D
So i feel i almost been there aswell ;) hehe


At the end of the day, we went to the Opera house in Oslo...


Its really big, and a little weird, and it costed a lot of money aswell! ;)

Had a great day, and hope you like the pictures!!!

Im having a good stay here in Norway, and I hope to see more exciting things and places very soon :)



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Svullrya, Norway - 21st February 2012

By: Sollie

Hi there!

Today we went for a little walk, it was very nice weather, and hostess needed to go to the local shop, and we could come along!


This is outside the local shop, im sitting on the "liers bench", its called that for years and years by the locals here.
This is where people come together to talk, mostly older people sit here in the summers, meet up and chat about what happened lately.
Its called the liers bench, cause they say people lie when they meet here, they talk about the fish they just caught (and it usually gets bigger than what it was) or about the big elk they almost shot in the forrest the other day...


I got really scared when i saw this one, but hostess sais the Troll is not real!
They can't stand sunlight, cause then they turn into stone, so this one was a fake one ;)


This is the local shop, its a really old shop, from the 1800s something.
The local people has always been the owners of this shop, they have a board that decides important things that happens to the shop, and those people are elected by the members of the shop.
When you are a member, you also keep all the reciets you get when you shop here, and at the end of the year, you get a certain % of that back.


This is the local church, its very pretty i think!


We are waiting for another TV that should come any time soon, but there was nothing in the post today either :(


This is where im staying at the moment! :D
Its an old school from 1920, and the hostess father bought it many years ago, together with a friend.
Her father lives on the 3rd floor, and on the 1st and 2nd floor, there is a museum, and a library! :)


Hostess is not only doing ToyVoyagers, she is an addicted GEOCACHER aswell!
Geocaching is a game, where people who play it, hide boxes (or treasures) all over the pleace, in all countries and everywhere worth a visit.
You then download that place its hidden into your GPS (handheld GPS for walking, not car) and then go treasure hunting! 
It is soooo cool! 
This is one of HER own geocaches, its right outside the house she lives in, and the museum.


They come in different shapes and sizes, this one is just an old film roll holder, perfect, cause it keeps dry, witch is important, cause on the inside, it has to be a piece of paper, a log roll.
If you find this cache, you must sign it with your nick name, thats the proff you have been there and has found the cache!


And after you have signed it (always be careful that no mugglers sees you,cause its secret, only for the ones doing geocaching, or else the caches can be found and maybe destroyed or thrown away) you put it back as you found it, always being careful with the nature around it ofcourse!
When you come home, you log on to www.geocaching.com and log your finds there, and after a while, you have quite a list of treasures found! 

Love and greetings from Norway!


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Svullrya, Norway - 8th March 2012

By: Sollie


Today we went to Finnetunet, thats an open air museum, free to visit, in the middle of the little Svullrya.


It has old houses they they have restored, and put here, these houses were build in the 1600s by the Finnish people who got banned from their own country by the swedish king, and had to come here, where he thought they would never be able to make a life.
But the finnish people made homes, build and made farms, and became very good at it!
So good that the few swedish and norwegian people already living here, got very jealous, and told all kinds of ugly things about them, that they did magic and stuff, so they got trouble.


Many people in Svullrya still has finnish blood in their bodies, this is a main house by the way.


This is used for a play they have here every year, the 2nd weekend of July they have their own Republic here, and have all kinds of things to do.
And they made a play about how it was like to come to Sweden and Norway in the 1600s, how the Finnish people got treated and how life was back then.

It was fun to have a look at this place, and i have been told its even more beautiful in the summer! :D


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Svullrya, Norway - 14th March 2012

By: Sollie


We are planting some seeds, this will sometimes grow up to be carrots!


It was pretty easy, and fun, and we all helped, so we all will get credut for it when they grow up :D


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Svullrya, Norway - 25th March 2012

By: Sollie


It is 10,9C outside today, and that is pretty warm here for this time of the year.
The snow is melting rapidly, and we decided to have a little picknic outside!


We had thee, fruit ind cakes, and good company!


Orkku and i shared a mandarin, it was lovely! :D


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Trysil, Sweden & Norway - 8th April 2012

By: Sollie

A geocaching trip was planned today, going by car from Svullrya, towards the Swedish boarder in Åsnes Finnskog, then follow the 45 road up, untill we met the 62 road, follow that one into Norway again, head for Trysil, Jordet, Osen, Elverum and back home again.
This is our trip, in pictures! :D


We started early in the morning, it was 08:00 when we started the car, and headed for Sweden!
This picture is a little bit later, at about 10:00 in the morning, its along the 62 road in Sweden, we stopped here to find a geocache, and we found it, and a beautiful vieuw aswell!!!


This is Klaraelven, it was Trysilelva, before it enters Sweden, and becomes Klaraelven!


Just a little warning, if you want to use the river here...we didnt, and drove on...


We passed a giant with an acordion, a big sculpture made in 1987, and its now a tourist information here, places to have a rest, buy souvenirs...and ofcourse...find a geocache! ;)


Next stop, still in Sweden, but closer to the Norwegian border, this used to be a protection against the germans in the 2nd WW, i dont think they ever got used, as Sweden was neutral, and Germany didnt enter Sweden then.


They have made a little resting place here, so if you want to have a bite to eat, or need to use the toilet, you are welcome...


Us, at one of the several well hidden shooting places, they went into these holes, and then into that "hat" and they were well protected against other shoters, but had good vieuw themselves!


The number and info about this shooting place.


It was a nice vieuw from the cache place, a little scary to look down,but everything went well, we found the cache on this historical place, and went back to the car.


Lunch time in the car, it was a little cold, so we sat inside, instead of on the picknick place...


This is the old border marker between Sweden and Norway.


And another geocache was found here! :D


In the background you can see the tree boarder, they keep a few meters clean, so you easy can see the boarder between Norway and Sweden :)


And soon, we are back in Norway again!


Plassen Church, while we were searching for this geocache, we could hear the organist playing inside the church...


We were pretty sure they were practising for that evening, it said they had a concert!


Its a very pretty church! :)


Kongeparken, The Park of the King, was made here in 1949, as a reminder of the King of Norway, who fled from the Germans in the beginning of the war, and took cover under theese trees, while the Germans bmoben the bus he had been in.
Every one was safe, luckily!


A little info :)


Left: King Olav, the father of our king Harald.
Right: King Haakon, the king who then fled from the Germans.



You can see the Trysil mountain in the background :)


At the end of the day, we visited Osen, and a geocache lying by TWO churches!
This church was built in 1777!!!


Old stuff ;)
But impressive to look at, thinking about how old it is, and how many people have walked in and out these doors...


They decided to keep the old church as a memory, they saw the value of this old building, while building the new church in 1923.
They still have some celebrations in the old church, like Olsok.

We had a GREAT trip, hope you liked the pictures! :D


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Svullrya, Norway - 6th March 2013

By: Sollie

After being in Norway for about a year, i am finally returning home to my mom in Australia.
It has been nice to see all the seasons in Norway, but home is always the best place to be.
It has been quiet here, not many pictures, but i have been safe.  :D


I heard that i will be mailed tomorrow, looking forward to see you again, and bye bye Norway!

Ha det bra!


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