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To meet Spongebob someday.

Talk with other crabs.

Collect pictures with me in other countries.

Take a photo with a real crab and me.

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Travelog for: Krabby

Neumünster, Germany - 30th November 2011

By: Spongebob

Hi everyone,

I´m so glad to stay here! My mum has created me in a few minutes and now I´m here, it is so funny! I´ve heard about it from my best friend Hermann, which is in this moment on the travel to Vienna, Austria to visit Cessy.
Hermann told my mum, thats so lovely here to contact other TVs, that she had to start a second TV. And that´s me! Today we want to bring mums son Tom to the football pitch and then we want to go to the supermarket. But I think, that there are no other crabs I could meet (only frozen!!!).
Maybe we´ll find here someone who wants to host me to show me real crabs or something else? That would be very nice!


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supermarket Neumünster, Germany - 1st December 2011

By: Spongebob

What a pitty that there were only shrimps  ;)


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parking place supermarket, Germany - 2nd December 2011

By: Spongebob

Hi everybody,
on Wednesday I was the first time outside of my home. And it was so exciting for me because we saw a lot of new and sometimes strange things. My mum took a pic inside of our car, so you can see that´s very dark outside although its daytime....but Christmas is not far away and we have wintertime in Germany....


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mums work, Germany - 2nd December 2011

By: Spongebob

Here you can see some pictures at mums work, it´s a ticketshop for selling tickets for theatres, operas, comedians and manymore. Also it is the tourist-information of our city Neumünster.


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Hamburg, Volksparkstadion, Germany - 6th December 2011

By: Spongebob

Hi friends and fans! On Sunday I stayed at the Volksparkstadion to watch a real boring football game against Nürnberg! But the most important thing was, that our team the Hamburger SV won this match. It ended 2:0 for us so its not so necessary to make a good game.


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Neumünster, Germany - 18th October 2012

By: Spongebob

Now it´s time to make my first trip to a new adventure!!! Over almost one year I was at home in the dark! Some real nice guys from the german town Lüneburg gave us their invitation so I´m preparing my departure!

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Lüneburg, Germany - 22nd October 2012

By: dirkkus


Today I arrived after a short vacation in lüneburg , a old saltcity in the near of hamburg


First i met Galoppi , a friend from Jasmin. he had a good idea. we looked on the internet as my brother goes.
i hope to see a lot of new things in the next days.

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Lüneburg, Germany - 24th October 2012

By: dirkkus

Hi Dad
Today we make a trip to the zoo. i see a lot of animals. Tigers,Bears,goat and so on. For my mission I was hoping to find a crab,but i dont find them.
It was a long day, i`m very tired.
I miss you















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Lüneburg, Germany - 26th October 2012

By: dirkkus

Today we went to the city. It was wet and cold - my weather .



In the city i found a friend,,,,only paper


now i`m over a week away from home. i have homesickness but Monty consoles me


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Lüneburg, Germany - 27th October 2012

By: dirkkus

yesterday it was sooo cold. Only 4 C , but we went to the tree.There was a climping park.I have a lot of fun.
Next week I will be with you again , i miss you




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