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To see other horses from around the world

To visit the horse guards in London

To travel to County Clare, Ireland

To visit the Spanish Riding school in Austira

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Travelog for: Dean

Richlands, North Carolina, USA - 6th August 2009

By: Pixiedustlady

Hello everybody! I am Dean the Quarter horse.  I used to be a show horse but now I am retired and want to travel the world and meet other people and maybe see some other horses :)  I am good and I do not eat a lot.  If you want to host me please contact my owner.  I look forward to meeting you.


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Aach, Germany - 22nd August 2009

By: Sissi

Hi mommy
I arrived very well over here in Germany! I'll ask Sissi to update asap!
Hugs, Dean

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Eigeltingen, Germany - 24th August 2009

By: Sissi

Hi mommy

Today we made a trip to the Lochmühle in Eigeltingen. Eigeltingen is a small community with around 3.500 inhabitants, about 5 km away from Aach where Sissi is living.

The Lochmühle itself is a 400-years-old farm which is nowadays a theme park that is very popular, esp. for families.

Look, that's me in front of the sign that stands in front of the entry!

We saw pigs ...

... and horses.


There were many ponds, too.


All 5 of us  B)

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Radolfzell, Germany - 28th August 2009

By: Sissi

A trip to Radolfzell

We went to Radolfzell these days.
Radolfzell is a town at the western end of Lake Constace. It is a well known health care city and an important railroad junction. In 1990 Radolfzell was named the Federal Environment Capital City of Germany.

Radolfzell was developed out of a monastery founded in 826 AD as a "cell" under Bishop Radolf of Verona. The town belonged to the Abbey of Reichenau, then to the house of Habsburg for a long time, and for 40 years was a Free Imperial City.

This is me at the market place. In the back you see some signs that lead to the museum, lake, park, etc.

We then went to the lake. We had to pass the railroad and took a photo with a train. Sissi told us that she went to school for 3 years here in Radolfzell and always came with train.

Then we reached the lake. There was a little girl with her parents coming, too and when she saw the lake she told “Oh!!! The sea!!!”. Actually, Lake Constance is really also named “Swabian Sea” (not officially though).

There were also many ducks and swans.

On the other side of the harbour mole is the harbour with many ships.

In the end we also made a group photo!

Bye bye!

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Aach, Germany - 15th November 2009

By: Sissi

I'm on the way :)

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Chongqing, China - 6th December 2009

By: vikey_qian

I am arrived in China, my host named Vikey is a high school student,
There is vrey beautiful, i am so happy.~


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Chongqing, China - 29th December 2009

By: vikey_qian

Hello, everyone~ have not seen you for long time.
Vikey have taken me to her school, it's a beautiful middle school~
here is me,


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Chongqing, China - 31st December 2009

By: vikey_qian

in the bookstore, :D


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Richlands NC, USA - 25th January 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

I am now back home!!! I had a super long ride all the way from China and now I am back home in North Carolina!!  I have met the TVs that are here and we talked about our travels.  I am checking my flight details for my next host and I am excited to get going!!

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Calgary, Canada - 8th February 2010

By: smaug

Hi Mum!

I got to Canada :D! There was a bit of excitement around my envelope when I arrived :stare:...


...and it turned out that they were the other TVs that are currently visiting here :). They are Lucy K and Michel from Germany, Hedgie from Australia, Mortimer_ from Greece, Nijntje from the Netherlands and sammino who is a stay-at-home TV.


They are all really nice and have many stories to tell, plenty to chat about ;).

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Calgary, Canada - 15th February 2010

By: smaug

Hi Mum!

Today we watched a bit of Winter Olympics on TV. First we followed the men downhill, the biggest event of the games :stare:. I was cheering on the Americans and they won a bronze medal :D making me very happy ;).


Later we watched some cross country skiing.


In the afternoon the weather was quite nice so smaug took us out for a walk :). First we went to see the Saddledome. The arena is the home of the Calgary Flames hockey team, but it also hosts other sports, concerts and, during the stampede, you can find games with cattle and horses in there :o.


On the other side we could see downtown Calgary with the Calgary Tower.


Then it started getting darker and we went home where we watched some more Olympics on TV ;).

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Calgary, Canada - 21st February 2010

By: smaug

Hi Mum!

Tomorrow Lucy K will travel to her next host, she is going to Lithuania :o. So tonight we gathered together to wish her a safe trip :).


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Calgary, Canada - 1st March 2010

By: smaug

Hi Mum!

Today it was Mortimer_'s birthday, so this morning we all sang happy birthday for him :).


Later smaug and sammino arranged some special cheese meal for him.


It was hard work, but, with some little help ;), he somehow managed to finish it :rolleyes:.


Later we decided to watch a movie :). Smaug recently got his new zone-free DVD player so we tried to set it up....without much success :(.


After the failure with the DVD  we sat down to chat a bit. Michel received last week a postcard from his mum and took a chance to tell us something about his hometown, Hamburg. It must be a nice place, I hope I’ll go there one day :).


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Banff, Canada - 6th March 2010

By: smaug

Hi Mum!

Today smaug had to drive through Banff National Park and we went with him :). He was a bit in hurry, but the day was so nice that he wanted to take some pictures of us and so stopped briefly around Banff.
Here you can see the Bow Valley behind me…


…while this is Cascade Mountain :).


Hopefully next time we pass here we’ll be able to take a few more photos ;).

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Calgary, Canada - 10th March 2010

By: smaug

Hi Mum!

A new guest arrived today :). We were very curious when we saw that smaug came back home with a parcel.


And, after opening the envelope, we found out that our new friend is Etwas, a ghost from Germany. He arrived directly from Russia and brought over a nice card and some lovely Russian chocolate, how nice :D.


We wanted to know everything about his travels, but he is a bit tired after such a long trip, I guess we’d better let him get some rest ;).

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