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Travelog for: Gaspode

At home, Wales - 25th March 2010

By: miapearl

Mummy has received the ToyVoyagers ID for me, woo hoo, bow wow. I would love to see the world. If you would like to show me your corner of the world, please send a message to Mummy.

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Holland Arms Garden Centre, Wales - 28th March 2010

By: miapearl

Off we went for lunch. Mummy had an envelope to open. I wonder who is in it.
Wakey wakey, rise and shine.
Hello, my name is Gaspode the dog, what is your name? Twix, what a lovely name that is. Squizzle, come and meet our new friend.
After lunch, we wandered around the garden centre.
They also sell things for pets
As well as trees and other plants.
We'd best get going - we are going for walkies.

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Moelfre, Wales - 28th March 2010

By: miapearl

We all went for walkies around Moelfre. There is a coastal path around the Isle of Anglesey.
Can you see some of the mountains of Snowdonia with some snow on over in the distance?
This is a monument at the Seawatch Centre to the Royal Charter, a steam clipper returning from Australia to Liverpool was shipwrecked in hurricane force gales on the Anglesey Coast near here in 1859. Most of the passengers and crew lost their lives. Some drowned because they were weighted down by the gold they were carrying.
Almost a century later to the day, another ship, Hindlea, hit the rocks in the same spot by another gale, but this time the outcome was different as all the crew were saved by lifeboat from Moelfre.
The RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) has a lifeboat station at Moelfre which opens to the public. We had a look around.
Look at all these medals awarded to the brave and courageous people of the RNLI.
I didn't get my photo taken with the lifeboat, but Twix and Squizzle did. Before we left, we gave a donation. The RNLI is funded mainly by voluntary donations.
We saw fossils in the rocks on the beach too.
It was a nice afternoon for a walk, but then it was time to go home

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Caernarfon, Wales - 23rd June 2010

By: miapearl

Today, post arrived. I wonder who is in the parcel.
Hello dotdog
Here we are, alfie langer the bear, Nippy the penguin, Bubo the owl, Gaspode the original dog - that's me, & Lintilla the sheep.

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Skegness, England - 28th August 2010

By: miapearl

Today, we have come to the seaside town of Skegness on the North Sea coast.
This is an RNLI lifeboat.
The tractor tows the lifeboat down to the sea for launch.
A nice boating lake with the funfair in the background.
What a nice sandy beach. Shame the clouds have brought occasional rain showers.
Almost time for these donkeys to go home.

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Baytree Owl Centre, England - 29th August 2010

By: miapearl

Today, we have come to this nice little owl sanctuary
Are you a wise owl?
Are they looking at me?
This is a kookaburra.
A nice owl.

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Hunstanton, England - 30th August 2010

By: miapearl

Today, we have come to the Sea Life centre at Hunstanton.
These skates and rays like to come up and see the people looking at them.
As well as skates and rays, there are also dogfish in this tank.
These fish have a toilet they could use!
A spider crab.
An axolotl.
Snakelocks anemones.
A shark.
Here we all are in front of the shark tank. The fish behind didn't want its picture taken clearly.

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at home in Caernarfon, Wales - 2nd September 2010

By: miapearl

Today, we decided to look at the map because some of us toys are continuing the journey around the world.
Mandy Sheep is off to Germany today, and Lintilla is off to Russia. Tomorrow, Nippy will be leaving for The Netherlands.
Goodbye, safe journey.

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at home, Wales - 6th September 2010

By: miapearl

Mummy just returned home from walking big bro to school to find two small packets in the porch.
I wonder who has arrived.
Hello Dusel and Squizzle

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Lindisfarne, England - 24th October 2010

By: miapearl

Today, mummy has taken me for a brief visit to Lindisfarne before going further south along the coast. The causeway was relatively clear of water but the weather was a bit wet and windy. Lindisfarne is a tidal island.
This is Lindisfarne Castle.

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Bamburgh Castle, England - 24th October 2010

By: miapearl

After visiting Lindisfarne, we came to the little coastal village of Bamburgh. Atop a hill and overlooking the sea sits a mighty castle
We decided to go and visit inside this castle.
The castle has undergone renovation and restoration.
The castle is home to a museum about one of its former owners, the Victorian industrialist and engineer, William George Armstrong (Lord Armstrong).
A bomb sight and computer.
A propeller.
Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah Mk.X engine.
Bronze model of the castle and various pictures.
A nice clock.

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Seahouses, England - 24th October 2010

By: miapearl

After visiting the castle, we drove further down the coast to Seahouses. This was where my mummy caught a boat last year to take her out to the Farne Islands. This was not going to happen today!
Look at those waves.
I hope the lifeboat, called the Grace Darling, was not needed to go out in this weather. Grace Darling was a heroine of the 19th century - her father was a lighthouse keeper on one of the Farne Islands when disaster struck. She rowed out to rescue people from a sinking/wrecked boat in dreadful weather.
They keep their waterproofs in a room, unlike at Moelfre when I sat on the upside down wellington boot.

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Dunstanburgh Castle, England - 25th October 2010

By: miapearl

Mummy took me to another castle today.
It is the largest in Northumbria, built in the 14th century but was damaged in the War of the Roses.
It fell into decay and wasn't restored.
The castle overlooks the sea

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Alnwick, England - 26th October 2010

By: miapearl

Today, we spent a little time in Alnwick. There is a big gardens here and castle. However, time was short and we wouldn't have had enough time to fully appreciate the gardens or castle.
We did walk around the outside of the castle.
This is the Lion Bridge.
Another entrance to the castle. There are statues all around the walls and there were gargoyles too.
We did have time to visit a small museum. Alnwick has an International Music Festival.
This museum had historical exhibits too. The area being close to the border with Scotland saw action.
Upstairs, there was an art exhibition.
Outside, there was a statue to Harry Hotspur. He was a fighter, and fought against the Scots and the French.
He led a rebellion against Henry IV and was forming an alliance with Owain Glyndwr but died on the battlefield in Shrewsbury.

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Etal Castle, England - 27th October 2010

By: miapearl

Today, we have come to yet another castle, this time it is a ruined one.
They have cannons and a portcullis gate.
Inside another castle entrance is a museum about the Battle of Flodden Field which happened a few miles away in 1513. These are the flags of some of the people who fought there.
This is one of the castle towers, with the gatehouse in the background.
The castle was captured by King James IV of Scotland shortly before the Battle of Flodden Field.
The Tower House
We were on the other side of that portcullis earlier. The curtain wall linked all 4 towers of the castle, but only this section remains.
That's the tower with the portcullis.

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