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Travelog for: Kibblet

home, Wales - 28th May 2011

By: miapearl

Today, a package has arrived!
Hello Moony and welcome.

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Grandma's house, England - 4th June 2011

By: miapearl

We went to Grandma's for a few days over half term.
It was too hot to do much, not even help Mummy, Daddy or Grandma with the weeding.

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Magna, Science Adventure Park, England - 5th June 2011

By: miapearl

It was time to head back home to Wales but first, we stopped off at the Science Adventure Park, Magna.
We came here before! We started in water!
A whirlpool, and a water-raising complex.
Raising water, I'd better stand clear because when the cone gets full, it tips over dropping the water!
A tap!
Next stop fire!
A four-stroke engine. The middle bits are back. In the background is a two-stroke engine.
My host turns the wheel and the middle bits come forward and the outer bits go back!
The fire tornado exhibit is hot!
Lighting isn't good in here.
Next stop was the main section where the steel was made. We allowed the newer visitors to have their photos taken with the big melt demonstration.
We went up to Air, but they removed the air-hockey :(
Final stop was Earth. There were wheelbarrows to move "rocks" to the sorters.
This is a hydraulic pump and cylinder.
Time flies.... The centre is closing so we'd better go now....

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Home, Wales - 5th June 2011

By: miapearl

Home at last and there was a pile of post including a parcel.
We welcomed a new visitor Gwennie

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Home, Wales - 20th June 2011

By: miapearl

Today, a new visitor arrived.
Welcome Lupus-Tigger.

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Home, Wales - 30th June 2011

By: miapearl

Ooo a Parcel....
Whose voice can I hear calling?
Hello Bobi, are you my distant cousin?

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Agricultural Show near Caernarfon, Wales - 2nd July 2011

By: miapearl

Mummy took me out today!
Today is a beautiful day and we've come to the local agricultural show just outside Caernarfon.
The first place we visited was the poultry tent.
They had many chickens on display...
This is a prize winner.
They also had pets... Best pet in show - a snail!
Afterwards, we check out the crafts tent. Look at these yummy sponge cakes.
And more cakes...
Outside, there were some old tractors.
I can't reach the steering wheel.

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Grandma's house, England - 22nd July 2011

By: miapearl

We've come to Grandma's house!
There are lots of ants in the garden. This book says that ants don't like crossing chalk!
There's an ant...
It still is in the same section...
Hmm, it has escaped. The ants we've watched seem quite happy to cross the chalk. Back to the drawing board.

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Home, Wales - 7th September 2011

By: miapearl

What have we here in this box?
Hello Jellybean

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Home, Wales - 3rd October 2011

By: miapearl

To celebrate Clyde's arrival and also to wish some of us who are travelling to pastures new
we shared a doughnut!

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Home, Wales - 24th October 2011

By: miapearl

Today, we welcomed a new visitor Tiger Lilly
Clyde was shy so we had another photo taken.

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Post Office, Caernarfon, Wales - 4th November 2011

By: miapearl

We are looking out of the window at the big wide world. Some of us are leaving for new adventures.
Bon Voyage and take care. Wheee! I am also leaving!

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Meerbusch, Germany - 12th November 2011

By: Tom+Jerry

Hello Mum! I'm in Germany! It's so nice here! I'm safe and warm and will upload some pics soon.

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Kierst, Germany - 13th November 2011

By: Tom+Jerry

We had wonderful sunny weather on Sunday and went out for a walk along the river Rhine to the Rhineferry.
I had a look to the opposite shore and the beautiful skyline of Kaiserswerth.

ferry and Kaiserswerth.jpg

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Nierst/Meerbusch, Germany - 13th November 2011

By: Tom+Jerry

Tonight we had a visitor - neighbour's cat!!! I said hello to her  :D

meet the catI.jpg
meet the catII.jpg

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