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Travelog for: Mr Pumba

My home, Germany - 16th November 2011

By: Sookie


My name is Mr Pumba and i have a mission - to find my best friend Timon!
I'm really excited what i'll see!
I have a fear of flying so i only want to see Germany, Austria and other country on the german border!

Please read this:

Thats me!

Hakuna Matata!

Mr Pumba

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Federal States of , Germany - 16th November 2011

By: Sookie

I visited this federal states of Germany

[]  Baden Württemberg
[]  Bayern
[]  Berlin
[]  Brandenburg
[]  Bremen
[]  Hamburg
[]  Hessen
[]  Mecklenburg - Vorpommern 
[]  Niedersachsen
[X]  Nordrhein-Westfalen 
[]  Rheinland-Pfalz 
[]  Saarland 
[X] Sachsen
[]  Sachsen-Anhalt
[]  Schleswig-Holstein
[]  Thüringen


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Hilchenbach, Germany - 17th November 2011

By: Sookie

My Mama also took some pictures of me!


and i met another TV, Penny the Cat

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Short Info!, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: Sookie


here is Sookie, Mr Pumbas Mama.
I've made him a passport, it will travel with him.
Every host can write his/her city in it and tick the box if a mission is complete!
And every host should send it with Mr Pumba to the next host or me!
Thank you :)


PS: We would love it, if the hosts could add the longitude and latitude! :)


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My hosts home, Germany - 21st November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hello mommy!  :D

Today I arrived at LadyButterflys home! What a journey, but I'm happy to arrive safetly. It was a good idea of you, to give me such a big parcel, so I could have a little walk during my journey.


After opening the parcel, LadyButterfly told me not to look around, because she was doing a great housework. She was cleaning all cabinets, so it looks a little bit chaotic. But I can understand it, next saturday she want to take out the christmas stuff and for that it should be really clean.  ;)

But the coolest thing, was this sign!


And there where also other TVs! I'm not the only one here, thats so cool! They made a welcome committee for me. I was so happy about my new friends.


Oh, oh, oh mommy... guess who I met?


Baby Simba isn't a TV, he is the toy of my host and she owns him since she was a little girl. I was so happy to see him, now I only need to find Timon, but I'm sure I will find him during my journey.

So mommy, I like my home for time and I'm sure I will have a good time here.

Have a nice evening mommy, I miss you!

Mr. Pumba

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Ebersbach/Sachsen, Germany - 24th November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Heyho mommy!  :D

Wow today I took a little walk with LadyButterfly and another TV named Mr.Zwie-Fox. We went to a hidden place and if somebody have asked me befor I was there, I hadn't believe that this can be true.

Our walk wasn't very long, behind a residential area and next to a factory hidden between trees and bushes, there is a hidden place where the Spree rises.


This place is called the "Spreeborn" it's the very special name of the fountain of the Spree. There are two other fountains, but this one is the oldest known fountain.

Here you can see the fountain! But today there was a plate over it, because it is allready prepared for the winter. In spring or summer you can see here the beginning of the river Spree.


This is the blazon of saxony... it is one of four blazons which are shown around the pavilion.


And this is one of four stone signs!
I try to translate it into english!
Watertable of the Spreeborn
387,26 m
over the Ostsee


Befor we went back home I read this sign!
The main information of this sign is, that the Spreeborn is the oldest Spree-fountains of all.
But there are also informations about saving our nature, because right behind the Spreeborn in is a factory, but the owner of this factory does everything to save the Spreeborn and the very small nature around.


That day was so cool, mommy! A little bit cold, but Mr.Zwie-Fox and me could sit in the bag of the stroller. It was so cuddly in it!  ;)

I hope you have great days too, mommy!

Mr Pumba

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My hosts home, Germany - 27th December 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hey mommy,

I know now many time has passed, but you know why and LadyButterfly told me she is very happy you aren't mad with her. So this travellog update is from the beginning of december!


In the first week of december LadyButterfly took out many boxes, because she wanted to decorate the flat. She asked me and the other TVs to help her and she has not to ask a second time. It was so exciting to look into the boxes and find the sweet christmasstuff.


There were so much things inside the boxes, it was amazing and between the stuff we played hide and seek. I think I will win, when I could have a hat from Santa. You will not find me in all these things or what do you think mommy?


Mommy are you now mad at me? I know, I'm a really cheeky warthog, because I jumped on the crib. But don't be mad, me and my other TV-friends wanted to play a crib scene and I should been the angel who told Mary she is pregnant with little Jesus!


And here you can see one of LadyButterflys most loved things in the christmastime. This is a smoker which is build of her boyfriend, when he was 7 years old. It was a present for his grandmother and when she died he took it back and now it is the most loved smoker and I can tell you, he is working perfect!


Ohhhhh mommy we made cookies!!!!!!  :D
I was so happy when LadyButterfly showed me all ingridients and asked me if I have a clue what we will do with them! Hehe sure I had a clue and so I helped her to make the cookies!


First of all we had to put all ingridients together and kneed it to a dough. It was so hard for me not to try a little piece of the dough, but I was strong... ok maybe i ate a really, really tiny piece of it.... psssst don't tell it LadyButterfly!  ;)


The next step was to roll out the dough and because LadyButterfly had forgotten to take the rolling pin with her from her parents, she used a old bottle!


This is me watching the cookies if they are ready... and they smelled so tasty... hmmmmmmmm!


And in the end I was the first who could try the cookies! They were soooooooo delicious! So I ate my first cookie on my journey, on step closer to fill this life mission! Cool!!!

I hope you are doing good mommy!


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Sohland, Germany - 28th December 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hello mommy,

today I want to tell you of my christmas! I hope you had also such a nice one as me. The christmas eve was a great day, especially for me, because there were so much delicious things to eat for me!  ;)

The day started with opening the christmas calender! Yummi I was the first at the calender so I was able to open it. The chocolate was great, but now the calender was empty... how sad!


Then the day got busy! Big bags with presents, food, chocolate and clothes were brought to the car. When we sat in the car, LadyButterfly told us, we will visit her parents on christmas. So we drove to Sohland, where LadyButterflys father prepared allready the christmas tree. He said it is almost perfect!

The minutes went so slowly so me and the other TVs decided to sit around the wreath and talk a little bit.


And then we got many christmas cards! Some other TV-hosts wrote us and LadyButterfly some cards. I think this is very nice and we all were very happy about that!


Later that day, LadyButterfly and her family leaved us to go to the church. So we (me and the other TVs) waited for the family to come back and guess what mommy... we had nothing to eat!!!  :o
But the good thing was, when all came back, we had dinner! LadyButterfly made her famous Creme Brulee and I was a little bit sad you couldn't eat it. It was so tasty and the right thing for me, because I was starving a lot after such a long time waiting!

After the dinner, we had to wait in the kitchen, because LadyButterflys parents prepared the living room! In this time I ate all remains of the others!  ;)
But the best thing was the livingroom. It was a ocean of candles and presents and LadyButterfly has a christmas tree just for us TVs!


And this is the big tree!


At the end of the evening... I was so gorged... I couldn't move anymore. So I sat infront of the fire and watched the flames... it was hypnotizing!
Can you see me?


It was a very nice christmas mommy and I hope you had also a great one!
I miss you very much!


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Sohland, Germany - 31st December 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hello mommy!  :D

Today just a short travellog update, because there isn't much time!  ;)
We are very busy with preparing for our TV-New-Years-Party and I think it will be amazing!

But I write you on this way to wish you a great New Years Eve and a much more better start into the new year. I hope 2012 is full of health, luck and love for you and that you have a great party tonight!


Happy New Year, mommy!

Mr Pumba

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Sohland, Germany - 3rd January 2012

By: LadyButterfly


I hope you had a great start in the new year 2012 and also a big party, like me and my new TV-friends. We had a big party, with drinking, playing and eating and it was phantastic to celebrate and welcome the new year together.

But the first thing I want to tell and show you is from the day befor the New Years Eve. When I got up and took a look out of the window I saw... SNOW!!!
It was amazing, LadyButterfly it snowed all night long, so everything was covered with snow. But sadly it wasn't enough to ride the sleigh. So we decided to have a quiet day with many hanging around.


The next day... New Years Eve... we started in the morning to drive to LadyButterflys parents. We were invented to celebrate also the New Years Eve with them.
So our we planed a big party there.

Our party started with a drink! Don't worry mommy, I wasn't drunk!  ;)


But the very best thing of the whole evening was the dinner! We made raclett with meat, cheese, pineapple and many other delicious things. I never have eaten so much befor and I almost couldn't move after the dinner.


First I made some chicken and baked it with cheese, together with a potato also baked with cheese and a bread with herb butter it was amazing.



After the dinner LadyButterfly tought me the recipt of a cocktail! It is really easy and very delicious, so maybe you want to make it too.

You only need some peaches out of a can and champagne. Make puree out of the peaches and fill it into a champagne glass until it's half full. Then fill the rest with champagne. You wouldn't believe how good it tasts. We all liked it!


Then was playtime! We played together "The game of knowledge"! It was funny, because it was so old, there were questions which are very strange. Or do you know whats the numbre of the time announcement?  ;)


And then... 0:00 am comes closer and closer and then, we all welcomed the year 2012. We drank champagne and sang together to say "Hello" to the new year. It was so funny and amazing!


I know... soon I have to leave LadyButterfly so I thought it is a good idea to send me with a rocket to my next host... but I didn't work. So I think the postal way is the better way!
And don't worry mommy! That was only a joke... nothing happens to me... LadyButterfly never permitted to shoot me into the sky with a rocket!


But it got a little bit rainy outside. So we shoot all our rockets into the sky and then went in! There LadyButterfly had another surprise for us. We made pouring the lead and you wouldn't believe what my figure was!
I got a plane, what means... I will travel a lot!
Wow... the lead knows everything... strange!  :o


I had a great evening mommy and I hope you too!
Have a happy new year 2012 with only good things for you!

Mr Pumba

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Ebersbach, Germany - 5th January 2012

By: LadyButterfly

Hi mommy!  :D

Woah do you have also such a great storm? Outside it is so terrible, I won't go out today... even I wouldn't send my worst enemy out. We have storm, rain and snow, everything in one... it is horrbile! Sometimes we have no TV because of the bad weather, but luckily the net still works so I can write you this lines!

Today LadyButterfly showed me her favourite recipt for spaghetti with tomatoesauce! It is very easy and I want to share it with you, maybe you could make them, when I'm back home?  ;)

First of all here are the ingridients you need!

1 pack of spaghetti
1 can of tomatoes (you can also use fresh tomatoes)
1 pack of instand tomatoesauce
1 onion
1 poultry sausage
salt and pepper


Befor you do anything else you have to cook water for the spaghetti. Make them the way you like... that depends on you!


The next step is to slice the poultry sausage and fry them until they got colour.



When you fry the poultry sausage you can slice the onion *sniff*
No I don't cry mommy... *sniff* no really *sniff*
Damn onion! *sniff*


Also fry the onions until they are glassy!


Open the can of the tomatoes, but be carefull the edge of the can, can be very sharp! Give the tomatoes to the onions and let cook a little bit. You can now spice it with salt and pepper or you wait with it for the end!


Next step is quiet easy! Just make the instant tomatoesauce like it is said on the back of the bag. You can make it in the ready tomatoesauce we allready made.
Now you can spice the sauce if you havn't done it befor!


Don't forget the spaghetti!


And now our spaghetti are ready!


I hope you like the recipt!
So mommy, I hope you will not blow away because of the storm. Better stay inside today!  ;)

Love and miss you!
Mr Pumba

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Ebersbach-Neugersdorf, Germany - 19th January 2012

By: LadyButterfly

Hello mommy!  :D

When you'll read this, I will on my way to Austria, I'm very excited, the first time I will leave Germany. But now I want to tell you something amazing!

I finished my first life mission!  :D

I saw a real pig and I had also dinner with it, it was so cool!
I visited the farm together with LadyButterflys boyfriend, because she got a bad illness. She wasn't able to talk or do anything else, so her boyfriend took care of me and helped me to finish my life mission.

On the farm I visited Rudi, he is the familypig and lifes with his family for over two years. LadyButterflys boyfriend told me it is a special pig because it is so big. Many of his conspecifics aren't growing that much, because they will slaughtered befor they are one year old.


I also had dinner together with Rudi, but he has much more bad manners than me! But he gets just the best food! Only buns from a baker and everything the family also eats.


I also tried to sit on Rudis head, but that was very hard. Rudi has always hunger and so he tried to eat me. Because it was to dangerous for me, I decided it is better to sit next to him.
He has a really good life, even if you can't see it on the picture, but he has a biiiiiiig stable, with much place and much more straw for his own.


Just a few days later it was time to say goodbye! All TVs get together to say goodbye to me and wish me a great trip to Austria. They made a sign again for me and sang the song "Time to say goodbye" from Andrea Bocelli for me... I had some little tears in my eyes!


In the end, they helped me into my box and prepared it for my journey to Austria.
Now I'm on my way and hope my trip won't take so long. I'm sure it will be great in Austria and I will see many new things. I hope I will be there soon!  :)

Love Mr Pumba

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Schwertberg, Austria - 27th January 2012

By: Vreni

Hi mum,

today I arrived in Schwertberg/Austria, the weather was really fine. The sun shined the whole day long, but it was too cold for going out.

http://i620.photobucket.com/albums/tt288/VerenaF/ToyVoyagers/DSC023911.jpg http://i620.photobucket.com/albums/tt288/VerenaF/ToyVoyagers/DSC023931.jpg

I also met some other TVs, named Dusk and Airi:


Oh and look what I've found in Vreni's living room *_*

http://i620.photobucket.com/albums/tt288/VerenaF/ToyVoyagers/DSC023971.jpg http://i620.photobucket.com/albums/tt288/VerenaF/ToyVoyagers/DSC023981.jpg http://i620.photobucket.com/albums/tt288/VerenaF/ToyVoyagers/DSC023991.jpg

You've got to know that Vreni is a big "Lion King" fan, she already was in Hamburg, watching the "Lion King" musical <3

She told me that I'll meet Timon, I'm happy looking forward to see him :)

Love you mum <3

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Schwertberg, Austria - 29th January 2012

By: Vreni

Hi mum <3

today we did some fitness with Vreni, 'cause she got a baby 7 weeks ago and she wants to get slim again for summer, bikinitime, you know? :D
We really had to sweat a lot :O


Now I feel like I could fly *_* it's a great feeling mum :)

Hope to see you soon, luv ya <3

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Schwertberg, Austria - 8th February 2012

By: Vreni

Hi mum,

today a new TV arrived at Vrenis place, we all said "Hello" and took a group photo :)


I went out, to see the snow, Vreni lent me a hat to protect my ears from the cold:


aaaaaand today we got some special quests, I was really nervous and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them:


My best friend Timon came to visit me here <3 and also Simba wanted to say "Hello"


At the end of the day we, Vreni and me, wrote somthing in my passport:


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