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Travelog for: FuzzyTowelefant

San Jose, CA, USA - 12th February 2007

By: deirdrebeth

Fuzzy was conceived on a cruise ship that didn't make it to Aruba...all his young life he's heard stories of mythical places that nobody he knows has ever actually been too.  Some of these places are well documented, others seem to be just legend.  As Fuzzy grew older he decided his only goal in life was to actually visit all these mythical places he'd learned of.

His first, and greatest wish, is to see the island of Aruba

Back on Friday the 13th of May, 2005 Fuzzy's parents had been brought together when a nice human couple had been forced to rapidly change their wedding plans when the cruise ship they were on decided that instead of docking at Aruba (which was experiencing horrible storms) it would circle in the ocean for a while and then go to St. Maarten instead.  For the couple, this meant that they were not going to get married on the Natural Bridge after the bride and her party rode horses to the site...instead they were to be married in a suite on the cruise ship with elephants to stand in for the horses.  So...had everything gone as planned Fuzzy would have been born a horse on Aruba...but instead he was born a towelefant with an overriding passion to visit mythical places.


These are Fuzzy's parents...they are still cruising the Caribbean and would love it if their baby dropped in for a visit too!


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Hockey X Sports - Oakland, USA - 24th February 2007

By: deirdrebeth

Fuzzy was left on the comfy side-view mirror of a hockey parent (they had the cool license plate surround identifying themselves).  I hope that he was either found and carried home and will soon continue his journey...or was left for someone else to find in the same place.

Good luck Fuzzy!!!

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