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Travelog for: Brook

Mantel, Germany - 8th August 2012

By: WingedWolf

Hello ~

I'm Brook and I want to see as many different places as possible  :rolleyes:





Nice Greetings,

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Mantel, Germany - 9th August 2012

By: WingedWolf


I played outside with my friends Lancel and ManuLi today! We had so much fun and the weather was great! 8D



See you,

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Guestfamily , Germany - 21st August 2012

By: Knuddelhexe

Hi mom. Its very nice here. Today my guestmom gave me a funny yellow thing for breakfast. She called it a banana. It smells so delicious. And it tastes more better. After breakfast we went out and she allowed me with Jasper (its a little moose from switzerland) to climb a tree. It was really funny.


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at guestfamilys house, Germany - 29th August 2012

By: Knuddelhexe

Hi Mom. Here i'll show you where we sleep at night. Its very warm. We sit on the terrarium of host moms snakes. They are very cute. The cornsnakes are so small. I think they are about 40 centimetres. After breakfast we made a trip to the mall. Its very hot here in Nuremberg.

Write you back soon.

Lots of love, Brook


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Bridges of Nuremberg, Germany - 11th September 2012

By: Knuddelhexe

Hi Family. Today its my last time with my new friend Jasper from Switzerland. We visited some interesting Bridges in Nuremberg. We started at the "Henkersteg". Near that is the House where in medievil times the hangman lived. After that we walked a way along the River Pegnitz. Behind us you see the Maxbrücke. A few minutes later we paused in a cute little hole in the wall at the Fleischbrücke. Its called Fleischbrücke because in middleage there was a slaughterhouse. At the next picture xou can see me at a nice fountain. I am a little bit sad because Jasper is going to America now but my guestmom told me that a new TV will arriving soon. At the end of our journey we met a big rabbit. can you see me on this picture?

Hope all is well at home. Love and hugs from yours Brook.


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My Host's Home - Mönchengladbach, Germany - 3rd November 2012

By: Tom+Jerry

Hey Mom, I safely arrived at my new hosts and met my two new (and very nice) buddies - NoMi and Viola.

They helped me out of the envelope and gave me a biiiiig hug and a warm welcome  :D



I really look forwards to a great time with them!!
Will update you later - take care! Love you :-*

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My Host's Home - Mönchengladbach, Germany - 6th November 2012

By: Tom+Jerry

Today, we cooked pumpkin soup. Hmmmmmmm - yummy!!!

First we had to prepare the vegetables. I was Chef de Cuisine  B) and cut green onions

Afterwards, we had to carve the pumpkin. Goodness, this was a very hard one!!! But finally we made it  :D

After this hard work we had to pause for a breath ... and for a sherry  ;)

We put all the ingredients into a huge cooking pot and added several spices

Finally, soup was ready and I must admit it was superb  :D

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Post Office, Düsseldorf, Germany - 8th November 2012

By: Tom+Jerry

Today, NoMi is leaving to his home town in the US!
I will definitely miss him  :thinking:

We had a yummy breakfast this morning and he's well prepared for his long journey back to Minneapolis

Before he climbed into the envelope, Viola and I clasped him and we did'n want to let him go. We felt a bit blue  :( ... but he's anyhow happy to travel home!

Look, I'm a very strong guy!!  :o

We helped him climb into the envelope.

Bye bye, NoMi!!!  ;)

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Wickrath, Germany - 15th November 2012

By: Tom+Jerry

Hi Mum,

last week we went to a nice theatre and enjoyed a cabaret show.


Viola is going to leave soon to travel to her next host. Therefore I really enjoyed one of my last evenings with her.

Love you  ;)

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Post Office, Düsseldorf, Germany - 20th November 2012

By: Tom+Jerry

Hi there,

today I had to say goodbye to my buddy Viola  :(
I really look forwards to the next TVs coming, but I enjoyed the time with her and was a bit sad to say goodbye.

I told her not to be too sad

A big hug

Another big hug  :D

Then I helped her to climb into the envelope

A last goodbye

And then I placed the adress label on the envelope to make sure she will arrive safely  ;)

Bye bye Viola, thanks for a great time :-*

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Post Office, Düsseldorf, Germany - 30th November 2012

By: Tom+Jerry

Hi Mum,

today I had to say goodbye to hostmum and hostdad  :( I was quite sad.
First of all, I checked my travelling envelope and I must say it looks comfortable  ;)

Then I put the adress label on the envelope to make sure I will arrive safely at my new host's home!

Ooooops, I think this is the wrong way  :o

I waved my hand a last time and then climbed into the envelope - goodbye hostmum and hostdad. Thanks for a great time!!!  :D

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Karlsruhe, Germany - 5th December 2012

By: zauberaeffle

Hello mum,

I have well come in Karlsruhe and I am glad about the vacation.
I look forward for skiing  :p

I have warmly been welcomed here by the other TV Bär Schär, Robby, Viola and Xiaoxia. Now I like it quite really well here.
There was another TV coming to host-mum. Zebra fr Hansen Zebra brought all the skiing things with her.  :p

Today host-mum got a present from beelicious. She was so excited!! She is loving the small pink bear.

We have played hide and seek and when host-mum found us, we all sat on the illuminated reindeer and the sledge.

Greetings Brooke


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Karlsruhe, Germany - 8th December 2012

By: zauberaeffle

Hello mum,

yesterday, we haven't gone to Strasbourg. It was the purest snow chaos in the streets. In addition, host mum is ill. We have postponed it until next week on Wednesday now.

We had nevertheless much fun. Since it has snowed so incredibly, we have a snowball fight made, a snowman built at once and zebra fr Hansen has his first ski attempts behind itself. He of course has fallen just to, however, hasn't hurt himself fortunately.

After that we have warmed ourselves up in the apartment. Host mum has built up a hayrack, this one looks really terrific!

Kind greetings


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Strasbourg, France - 13th December 2012

By: zauberaeffle

Hello, mum,

today we (host-mums parent, here sister and her boyfriend, Xiaoxia, Viola, Robby, Zebra fr Hansen) were  in Strasbourg on the Christmas fair.
It was wonderful. Everywhere it smelt of mulled wine, cinnamon, carnations, waffles, little cookies...

We have sauntered through the small lanes, have eaten something and have drunk.

We were also in the Strasbourger dome, but, unfortunately, there one was not allowed to fotograph. This would have become absolutely great pictures.

After we were again at home, we have celebrated resignation of Xiaoxia and Robby. It was nice with the two ones.

After we had celebrated, we packed our things for the ski vacation..... Soon it goes off!!!
I am excited  :p

Dear greetings


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Wolkenstein, Val Gardena, Italy - 15th December 2012

By: zauberaeffle

Hello mum,

we (host-mum and her family, Viola, Zebra fr Hansen, Bär Schär and I) are good in Wolkenstein, South Tirol arrived.
The weather is not exactly the best. From the Dolomites we do not see a lot, because it is snowing so strongly.

Tomorrow I hope the weather becomes better.
I am dog-tired because we have driven off already at 3 o'clock in the morning.

Greetings Brook


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