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Travelog for: Robby

postoffice Bruchsal, Germany - 26th April 2007

By: fam-united

You should think, that my family tries to introduce me, before they send me away. But I was wrong. The photo is taken on my last day at home. One shows me alone on the sofa and the other shows me with the three toyvoyagers Eddy Bear, Taro and Björn Bangsi, who also left the house with me.

I'm so curious to see the world now and maybe to remind some people of us little poor seals. Although I'm a baby seal, I will go out and do my job: I hope, that everyone, who sees me, will do something against the killing of seals and for a better life in the seas and the whole world. I know, that this is a big job.

My travel plan:
Yumi in Japan
friends in Delmar, USA
Carolcaracol (Brazil)
Jessicamarques (Brazil)
January 2009:

March 2011: BlackCat

December: Sookie


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Ishikawa, Japan - 3rd May 2007

By: yumi

Hello from Japan!

I arrived in Japan two days ago (on May 1st) safety.

My first photo in Japan was taken with the Japan national flag because we have Constitution Memorial day today and Japanese people usually fly a Japan national flag in front of their houses on national holidays.
The red circle of Japan national flag means the rising sun.

コピー ~ IMGP3295.jpg

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Ishikawa, Japan - 5th May 2007

By: yumi

We have a national holiday named Children's day today (May 5th)

We used to celebrate boys' growth but at present we celebrate children's growth in general.

Families with boys set out dolls for the Children's day which patterned after warriors and heros(samurai) and fly carp streamers.

1)Carp streamer
  The carps means one family-The black one (the biggest) is father, the red one is mother, and the rest are children.

2)I'm wearing a helmet for samurai-Kabuto in Japanese that Yumi made with origami (a piece of sequare paper)

3)Me and my toyvoyager friend Eddy Bear who came from England

4)Me, Eddy Bear and Tokio who is Yumi's new toyvoyager.

コピー ~ IMGP3114.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP3300.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP3304.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP3305.jpg

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Ishikawa, Japan - 8th May 2007

By: yumi

Yumi is going to travel Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka from May 10th to 18th.

Of course, she will take me many places. I can't wait!!

I'm reading a book for Kyoto with Eddy Bear and Tokio who travel with.

I'm waiting in the bag. I know it is a little early...

コピー ~ IMGP3312.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP3313.jpg

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Narita, Japan - 10th May 2007

By: yumi

I'm sorry but I haven't uploaded my travelog for a while.

I traveled Tokyo from 10th to 14th of May and Kyoto from 14th to 18th of May with Eddy Bear and Tokio.
I also visited some places in Ishikawa and Toyama while Yumi's English friends were staying at her house.

May 10th.
I left Yumi's house in the evening on May 9th and took a night bus for Tokyo. I couldn't sleep very well on the bus because I was too excited. I took the bus for about 7 hours.
In the morning, I arrived in Tokyo and took an express train for Narita airport to meet Yumi's friends from England.
Before I met them, I went to the obserbatory at the airport and watched some airplanes. I wished I could visit somewhere by the airplane.

コピー ~ IMGP3351.jpg

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Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan - 11th May 2007

By: yumi

Last night, I could sleep very well with Robby and Tokio.

In the morning, we visited Asakusa.
Asakusa was very close from the hostel we stayed.

When we were walking along the sidewalk, we found Asahi Beer conpany building pretending to be a beer glass with an adjacent golden object. It was very big!

Then, we went to Senso-ji temple and Asakusa-jingya shrine
Senso-ji temple- the oldest temple in Tokyo and it is said to have been built in 628.
Asakusa-jingya shrine- the shaden architecture donated by Iemitsu Tokugawa in 1649 and still remains in the shrine.
Asakusa is a very famous and popular places for tourists and was very crowded there.

コピー ~ IMGP3431.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP3448.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP3545.jpg

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Ginza, Tokyo, Japan - 11th May 2007

By: yumi

Then, we went to Sony Building in Ginza.

There were many kinds of Sony products such as tv, camera, computer, mp3 player and so on. We could try them.

コピー ~ IMGP3679.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP3674.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP3647.jpg

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Tokyo tower in Tokyo, Japan - 11th May 2007

By: yumi

In the evening, we visited Tokyo tower.
The tower was built in 1958 and the height is 330m.

We went to the main observatory(150m) and the special one(250m) We could look across the entire city of Tokyo at a glance.
We watched the sunset and the night view there. It was really beautiful!!

コピー ~ IMGP3756.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP3793.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP3813.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP3860.jpg

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Tokyo, Japan - 12th May 2007

By: yumi

The next day, I visited the Imperial Palace East Gardens with Eddy Bear and Tokio.
The weather was very nice too.
The garden was very big and had many kinds of trees and flowers.
I relaxed there and had forgetten that I was staying in the metropolis Tokyo.
The house was used as a guardhouse.

コピー ~ IMGP3941.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP4020.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP3997.jpg

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Kyoto, Japan - 14th May 2007

By: yumi

Good bye Tokyo!

Eddy Bear, Tokio and I left Tokyo for Kyoto today.
We got on the bullet train (Shinkansen in Japanese).
It was very fast and comfortable.

コピー ~ IMGP4443.jpg

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Kyoto, Japan - 15th May 2007

By: yumi

Today's weather in Kyoto was very sunny and warm.

In the morning, Eddy Bear, Tokio and I visited Kyoto Gyoen (Kyoto Imperial Palace) to watch Aoi Festival Parade.
We went there one hour before the parade starts as we wanted to have a good position.
The Imperial Palace is surronded by a wall called Tujii and there are 6 gates. The wall is about 450m long from north to south and is about 250m from east to west. It was very big!
Until 1869, before the capital was moved from Kyoto to Tokyo, it was the residence of the Imperial Family.

Aoi Festival is the oldest in Kyoto.
Over 500 people, 36 horses, 4 cows, 2 bullock carts and a palanquin decorated with aoi (hollyhock) leaves, set out from The Imperial Palace, proceeding to Simogamo Shrine, hence to Kamigamo Shrine, all in all an impressive 18km (12.8miles) journey.

We watched the parade near the Imperial Palace. It was very interesting and beautiful.

コピー ~ IMGP4482.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP4580.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP4503.jpg

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Kyoto, Japan - 15th May 2007

By: yumi

After we watched the Aoi Festival Parade, we visited Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion). It was very beautiful!
The temple was built in 1397 covered in gold leaves and has a golden Chinese Phoenix on the roof.

コピー ~ IMGP4600.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP4606.jpg

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Kyoto, Japan - 18th May 2007

By: yumi

I visited Fushimi-inari Taisha(shrine) where is the head shrine of all other Inari shrines built across Japan.
The shrine was built in 711 to enshrine the god of grains and later other deities were also enshrined.
The approximately 4km long path lined with thousands of red Torii gates are very famous!
Torii is an archway to the approach to Shinto shrines and the symbol of Shinto, Japanese old religion.
I passed through the red Torii gates, not all of them though.It was beautiful!

コピー ~ IMGP4838.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP4852.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP4875.jpg

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Kyoto-Ishikawa, Japan - 18th May 2007

By: yumi

I found a bamboo long path and explored with Eddy Bear and Tokio.
I became the leader of the adventure!(Pic 1)
I played with a fallen leaf.(Pic 2)

The last day in Kyoto was today...so I went back to Ishikawa in the evening.

コピー ~ IMGP4869.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP4881.jpg

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Gokayama, Japan - 20th May 2007

By: yumi

Today Eddy Bear and I visited Gokayama.
Tokio stayed at home as he went there with Cassiopeia in April.

Unfortunately, the weather was not good...
Both Gokayama and Shirakawago are registered as World Heritage. They are popular for houses with a rafter roof which were built a few hundred years ago.
Gokayama has two villages named Ainokura and Suganuma.
Ainokura has 20 old houses and Suganuma has 9.
We visited both villages. They were very peaceful and beautiful.

コピー ~ IMGP4966.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP4946.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP5002.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP5040.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP5057.jpg

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