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Be a Train Conductor

Watch the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace and try to make them laugh

Beg for les saucissons (sausages) from a Charcuterie (butcher shop) in Paris

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Travelog for: Gustafson

Detroit, MI, USA - 27th February 2007

By: blankie

Well I am getting myself ready to head out for my first big adventure. I am heading to Montreal and Mont. Trembalnt for some sightseeing and skiing before my guardians leave me in the wild. I am very excited about it. I have heard great things about the Canadians and can't wait to meet them. I am sure they will help me find my way onto my next adventure!

I am posting some pictures of me saying farewell to my friends here in Detroit.
One is me and my pal Spike and the other one is with Cheese. He has been many places. He thinks he may sign up to this site and post about his many adventures. He is small but he is a great friend!

Gus and Spike.jpg
Gus and Cheese.jpg

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Mt. Tremblant, Canada - 5th March 2007

By: blankie

Well my trip to Montreal and Mt. Tremblant was very exciting. I drove to Montreal on Thursday with my friends and arrived late in the evening. I hoped to explore the city the next day before heading up to Tremblant for some skiing, however we got ambushed by a blizzard and with the snow being over my head, I got stuck in the hotel. I did play in it a little though.

Mt. Tremblant was a lot of fun! I went snow tubing down a big hill and stayed in the pedestrian village. My balcony had a great view! I was afraid to ski after seeing how big the hill was and I heard visibility was really bad at the top. Not to mention cold brrr!

On our final day there my friends and I decided to part ways so I could begin my next adventure. I decided to wait on top of a bench to meet some new friends to take me on another adventure. I can hardly wait to meet them or see where my new friends will take me and what adventures await me!


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It's a mystery, Who knows... - 16th March 2007

By: blankie

Hmmm... I seem to be lost. Where could I be! I thought a family found me but maybe they forgot me here. I hope they take me someplace exciting or log me in so my friends in Detroit don't worry about me too much! Don't worry I'm fine... I think!

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Don't know, Don't know - 30th April 2007

By: blankie

Well I guess that little boy and his family who took him in Mt. Tremblant are holding him prisoner in there home.  I really do hope that they log him in and take him on an adventure or his poor little heart will break.  :(

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