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Visit all six continents

Travel around the world, and pose in front of famous monuments of each country I would visit

Visit lots off real dogs and make pictures with them

travel to all country´s in Europe

make pictures in snow in 6 different places(country´s)

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Travelog for: Kayla

Kirchberg, Toy-Hostel, Austria - 24th April 2012

By: BettyBoop

Hello mom,  :D

her are the first pictures from my new home. Nothing special so far but today was snowing. Unbeliveabel when you think its already end of april.  :thinking:


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Kitzbühel, Austria - 14th May 2012

By: BettyBoop

Hello mom, dad and dogs, :D

today we spend a nice day outside at the black lake (Schwarzsee) in Kitzbühel!!! We walked around and had some coffee there. Later we went for lunch in a verry good restaurant called Vordergrub. Jammy jammy. Back at home in the evening my mom cooked some good dinner for me. Some good stuff for a dog  :D :D :D :D

Thats all from now...i love you all  :D :D


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