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Travelog for: Izzie

Home In Missouri, USA - 3rd December 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

My name is Izzie and I'm a pink Dachshund. I LOVE the color pink more than anything else, well, besides my mom. I do not enjoy being called a weiner dog or a hot dog.  :mad:

I will be putting a photo of myself up very soon, but I must get the right shot. I can't put up a bad photo of myself, now can I?


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Home in Missouri,, USA - 7th December 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Hello, again!

I was FINALLY able to find the perfect photo of myself. Since it is Christmas time, I thought it was a perfect choice. Pretty, huh?


Steph also measured me just to make it clear how big I am.
It looks like I'm about 6 cm tall and about 15 cm long.  I know the last photo looks like my nose is before the end of the ruler, but it was just how the angle was.  :D


If you wanna host me, please PM Steph! I'm going to spend the holiday here, but I'd love to start traveling in January!

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Home In Missouri, USA - 9th December 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Today, we were excited to see that Mystery has arrived! So glad we have another tv to celebrate the holidays with.


Mystery also came with a key and told us that his brother Mercury had left it behind when he became a toy voyager. He's trying to find what this key unlocks since apparently the note was ripped. He also wants to find his brother, too.  Hope he accomplishes these things. I'll gladly help him out!

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Home In Missouri, USA - 11th December 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Look who arrived today, Mom! It's Eisa! I'm glad to see the little pineapple here! Hope she enjoys her stay with us!

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Fredericktown, Missouri, USA - 17th December 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Today, we made a gingerbread house. Isn't it nice?


Then, settled in to watch some Christmas movies.

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Fredericktown, Missouri, USA - 25th December 2009

By: brilliantlyxx



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Fredericktown, Missouri, USA - 1st April 2010

By: brilliantlyxx

Today, I have finally left home and am headed to San Diego, California! I'm pretty excited to some more of the United States. I wonder what it will be like out there. Steph says that she's never been before.


Next stop, San Diego!  :D

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San Diego, California, USA - 5th April 2010

By: Nancyjb

Hi Mom!

I was released today from my envelope after a long, dark trip, which was especially bumpy Easter Sunday for some reason.

When I came out of the envelope there was my new host in San Diego, Nancy, her dog, Mitzi and another Toy Voyager named Agatha!

I ate some jelly beans with them and they told me about the earthquake on Sunday afternoon!  That must have been what I felt!  Wow, my first earthquake - welcome to California!

Then today it rained, I thought it didn't rain in California!  Oh well, it was sunny by the afternoon.

Here's a photo of me arriving and of the bookshelf where we stay safe from Mitzi and hopefully, earthquakes!


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San Diego, California, USA - 30th April 2010

By: Nancyjb


This is the last photo of Agatha and I before the two new TVs were released in the TV Worldwide Release this weekend.

From left to right is Agatha, Bubbly Bunny, Rosie Bear and me.

I hope they both find a nice host and many happy travels.


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San Diego, California, USA - 9th May 2010

By: Nancyjb


Here's me and Izzie with our hosts scrapbooking stuff.  There were hundreds of (mostly) women scrapbooking this night from 6pm to 11:30pm. 

There was music, contests and prizes.  It was a lot of fun.


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Cancun, Mexico - 17th May 2010

By: Nancyjb


Agatha and I arrived in Cancun, Mexico yesterday with our host, Nancy and met her friend, another Nancy from New York City, at our very nice Ritz Carlton Hotel.

This is the view from our room.  The water is beautiful and warm but the waves and rip tides are a bit rough, much like they are in San Diego.

It's also hot and humid here but that's ok as it is so beautiful!  Our room is nicely air conditioned.


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Cancun, Mexico - 20th May 2010

By: Nancyjb

We drove 2 1/2 hours from Cancun to Chichen Izta yesterday.  The toll road was very good but we did have some very strong rain.  It's hot and steamy out here in the jungle in the middle of the Yucatan Peninsula.

We are staying at the Chichen Hacienda Hotel which is a beautiful little place right next to the ruins.  It was built in the 1500's with some of the stones from the ruins!  It is where the Carnegie Institute of New York workers came to stay in 1923 when they rebuilt the Chichen Itza ruins.  There are lots of beautiful plants and birds all around.

The first photo shows us in our room with a new friend we made:  Chichen, a purple bunny.  He's not going to be a TV as he's going to a friend of the Nancy's in San Diego.

The next photos are by the big pyramid that you see in the travel photos.  At each of the corners is a big snake. 

The big ring at the top of the wall was on the big ball field nearby.  The players had to hit a hard rubber ball through the ring without using their hands or feet.  If they succeeded then they were sacrificed by being thrown into the cenote below where they died!

Then the other photos are by the cenote which is a big sinkhole in the ground.  These sinkholes are all over the Yukatan and many of them you can swim in.  They are very interesting.

The ruins of Chichen Itza are one of the modern wonders of the world and it was a thrill to visit!


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Santa Monica, CA, USA - 28th August 2010

By: Nancyjb


It's been awhile but we have been busy.  Agatha is still with us too.

On Aug. 28 we picked up our host's friend, Nancy, at the San Diego airport.  She had come from New York City and we all were going on a drive up the California coast in our host's car.  Our host's name is Nancy also!

Our first stop was in Santa Monica.  They have a famous pier that you have seen in movies and TV.  It is the west end of the famous old Route 66.

On the morning of the 29th we walked along the beach and the pier.  It was partly cloudy and not a great beach day but the views were nice.

Can you spot us on the Santa Monica sign?!


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Ojai, CA, USA - 29th August 2010

By: Nancyjb

Hi again,

After visiting Santa Monica and Venice Beach the Nancy's decided to drive inland to find warmer weather.

So they drove north east to Ojai, CA which is a small town in the hills where a lot of artists live.  It is a pretty town with nice neighborhoods.

We stayed at the Green Iguana hotel.  It was warm enough to sit by the pool but not hot unfortunately.

But it was a very nice hotel and lovely little town.


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