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Travelog for: Nathalie

Sneakysnail's hosue, England - 20th April 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello mummy.

Today, as it is Easter Sunday, hostmum set up an easter egg hunt for us! Our treat for helping her with the cleaning the other day!

She hid eight small eggs around her house and then one giant one too. I began looking on the sofa but did not find anything there so I went to search elsewhere. I looked in hostmums camera bag and found my first egg! I opened it up to see if anything was inside and out fell a little ring sweet. Quickly I munched it and continued looking on the table. In the fruit bowl another egg was hiding amongst the bananas. A heart shaped sweet this time. Yum!

I searched high and low and found no more eggs. Until... I looked in the big plant pot! Hidden deep in the pot was the giant egg!!! I called the others over and together we pulled it out of the plant pot. As we opened it up, we wondered what could be inside. There was a whole packet of sweets. EACH! We ate our sweets and then hid the eggs for each other again. Sadly there were no prizes in them this time.

Bye for now,
Nathalie  :D


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Somewhere, The World - 23rd April 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello mum.

I'm on my way home!

Today it was time for me to leave Sneakysnail's house and begin my journey home to see you. Before I left, we took a commemorative photo of us three good friends. I am sad to leave them but one day we might meet again.

I packed my bag and said goodbye to my buddies and then I got into my envelope. I snuggled down and hostmum taped it up and took me to the post office.

Yours, Nathalie :D


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