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Bake delicous cakes with her hosts.

Drink coffee.

Meet Winnie-the-Pooh's friend Tigger.

Visit Asia, where Tigers come from.

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Travelog for: Tiger Lilly

at home, Remscheid, Germany - 10th January 2009

By: olgamaus

My name is Tiger Lilly. I would like to travel the world to learn how to bake cakes. I want to bake fantastic cakes with fruits, chocolate, nuts and cream. Some day I would like to visit Asia where my ancesters come from.


I heard that I'm going to travel with Thiele, the little pelican. He was a guest in our house. That will be fun!

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still at home, Remscheid, Germany - 11th January 2009

By: olgamaus

In the evening Germania, I and the TVs Ninni, Theodore and Big Bird  helped my mentor  to make snowballs. We did not make them outside but in the kitchen.

My mentor Katja had promised her sister-in-law to bake a cake for her. She was celebrating her birthday a few days ago and will need two cakes tomorrow to celebrate her birthday at her working place in a elementary school.

So Katja decided to bake snowballs.

But how can you bake snowballs?

First you have to bake a sponge cake, or you can buy one.

Then you prepare a cream containing curd cheese, creme fraiche, whipped cream, some sugar and amaretto. Here are the ingredients:

250 g curd cheese
150 g creme fraiche
125 ml amaretto
50 g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar
400 ml whipped cream
2 packets Sahnesteif (a white powder which keeps the whipped creme tight)
200 g desiccated coconut


First you mix curd cheese, creme fraiche, sugar and amaretto. Then you have to make whipped cream and stir it to the other ingredients.


Now you have to rip the sponge cake into small pieces. Put the crumbs into the prepared cream and mingle both.



Put the desiccated coconut into a larger box. Then you have to form little balls with wet hands and to roll them into coconut.


We put the snowballs into paper muffin cups. Ready!


They are delicious!

I'm already anxious if I will bake cakes with my future hosts!

Tiger Lilly

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Essen, Germany - 17th January 2009

By: BlackCat

Hello Mum,

I wasn't the only ToyVoyager that arrived here today. Here arrived Bruni Lila, Cassandra and we two. So we are all new and met Tilda, Thiele and Friendship Bear. So much Toys :)!


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Essen Margarethenhöhe, Germany - 28th January 2009

By: BlackCat

Today we went with BlackCat when she visited her boyfriend at work. He is working in a company that is in the Margarethenhöhe.
The Margarethenhöhe is a jewel of the city. It is one of the loveliest examples of the German garden city idea. This area of the city is idyllic and was donated in 1906 by Margarethe Krupp on the occasion of her daughter Bertha’s wedding. Maximum two storeys high, comfortably equipped flats for workers and employees were developed following the plans of architect Georg Metzendorf. Even though the area gives a feeling of unity, no house is the same. Various design elements such as bow fronts and hedgerows, arched gables, plaster and natural stone foundations were used to give homes individual appearances. The estate has been under historical preservation since 1987.
It was really nice there but it was still dark, so the photos aren’t so good.


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Essen, Germany - 3rd February 2009

By: BlackCat

Today we made some cookies for the budgies of BlackCat. She found a recipe online how she can make cookies for her birds herself and wanted to try it. So we went with her in the kitchen and helped her as good as we could.

Looking for the grain feed

Putting an egg to the flour

Mixing it

Putting the grain feed into the mix of eggs and flour

Mixing it again


Making little cookies of it (not perfect, we know)

and now we have to wait 15 minutes…

The cookies are ready =)!

And the birds are happy about it.

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Essen, Germany - 5th February 2009

By: Apperveilchen

Hi Mummy!
I arrived savely at my next host's. It's a good thing that Thiele and I travel together. That way I always have company and it doesn't get boring or scary. I found out that I will travel on a plane tomorrow. We have to pack tonight and then go to bed early.


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Düsseldorf, Germany - 6th February 2009

By: Apperveilchen

We started out early in the morning. It was still a bit dark outside. Here's our plane to go over the Atlantic. We couldn't use the flash because of the reflection in the window.

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on a plane, over Great Britain - 6th February 2009

By: Apperveilchen

We had a great view from the plane. The UK was covered in snow.
Which islands could these be? http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn233/Apperveilchen/toyvoyagers2/SSL16420-1.jpg

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on a plane, over Canada - 6th February 2009

By: Apperveilchen

After hours of just blue under us we can now see white again. It's Canada.

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Frisco, Texas, USA - 11th February 2009

By: Apperveilchen

I had a look around the neighborhood when we were out.

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Frisco, Texas, USA - 12th February 2009

By: Apperveilchen

Today we went to the playground. Lot's of other people had the same idea.

(I had taken more pictures here but they seem to have a data error. :( )

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Atlanta, Georgia, USA - 15th February 2009

By: Apperveilchen

I don't know where exactly we are but we are being man-handled. Some funny person went through our bag and just put in a note after that. I tried to read it but only got a glimpse before it got dark again. Something about all luggage having to be searched now.

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Essen, Germany - 19th February 2009

By: Apperveilchen

Today it snowed some. First I staying inside but then I look out the window and saw something orange jumping around outside, hunting snowflakes. It was so big that I thought for sure that it was a real tiger. I ran outside because I always wanted to meet a big tiger. The huge orange thing jumped on me and threw me around through the snow.
When we finally came to rest and could talk, I found out that is was only a tom cat calles Räuber. If cats are that big compared to me I am not sure I want to know what real tigers are like.
The playing/rolling around outside was fun, though... I think...

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Merzig, Germany - 24th February 2009

By: Apperveilchen

We arrived in Merzig today. This is the great view from our dorm window. You can see the former hospital and the red cross ambulance station.

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a mailbox, Germany - 27th February 2009

By: Apperveilchen

It's dark and really tight in here but at least I don't have wings I need to accomodate somehow like thiele does and I can see well in the dark. I do wish we had a portable DVD-player to watch some movies but I'm glad Thiele doesn't have an mp3-players, his taste in music is questionable.

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