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Travelog for: Sweetsy

Essen, Germany - 15th January 2009

By: BlackCat

so, today I want to show you some photos of me :)!
I already know where I will travel soon :)! And I am really excited :)!




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Remscheid, Germany - 2nd February 2009

By: olgamaus

Hello Mummy,
I arrived in Remscheid today, at my first host's home.

My host's name is Katja. I had a nice postcard showing Zeche Zollverein for her. She likes it very much.

I was welcomed by four ToyVoyagers!


They are Fluffytail, Kelly Bear, Theodore and Elston Echidna.


They told me that they'd never seen a gingerbread man before. Elston thought I'd need something sweet to eat and offered me a pice of cake. He told me that he made this cake yesterday.


The cake looked very good and it also smelled good .... but is tasted really weird.


Elston told me it was an ant cake.


I like nuts, raisins, almonds, succade and sweet things like that.  I'll show this funny longnose how to bake good cookies and cakes.

Ants - I still cannot believe it.

Bye for today

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Remscheid, Germany - 3rd February 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
Katja showed me the town hall and the vicinity in her lunch break.

The town hall was built in 1906, was nearly completely destroyed in World War II and rebuilt than in a more modern style.



On the space in front of the town hall you can see a pillar, showing a lion, the heraldic animal of Remscheid.


Opposite of the town hall you can see a water tower. From here the whole town centre is supplied with drinking water. It is pumped from a dam in a valley up to the hill, to the town centre.


This street is close to my current home. In the background you can see a grammar school. I asked Katja if I could learn to bake cookies here but she said I could learn about biology, chemistry, foreign languages, German, maths and things like that, but not baking cookies.


This street is also close to my home.


Katja bought ball shaped sweets and pineapple juice from an Asian store. I also tried it, it tasted good. Katja told me that those balls were made of yellow beans.


They have really funny sweets here, with ants and yellow beans.

I'm waiting for something sweet with nuts!


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Remscheid, Germany - 6th February 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,

we went to the town centre today because we had to pick up a letter at the post office.

This is the shopping street.



A farmers market is taking place here on Fridays.





In this pretty house a music school is located.


Here you can see the central bus station.


This is the corporate building of the local newspaper.


Now I'll show you the public library.


This is one of the entrances of the shopping mall.


In front of the shopping mall you can see sixteen pillars showing the crests of all sixteen German states. This one is the crest of Northrhine Westpahlia.


Here we are inside the shopping mall.


When we came back home an envelope with a ToyVoyager was waiting for us.

Louis the rat arrived.


Katja brought some delicious cookies for us, they are called Nuss-Schiffchen (nut boats).




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Remscheid, municpal park, Germany - 8th February 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
it started snowing yesterday in the evening, but it is not cold enough so most of it already melted away.

We went to the muncipal park in the afternoon. We have to walk only a few minutes to get there. But first let me show you where I'm living at the moment. It's the house of the left side, we are living in the attic storey.


I can see this church from the windows of the living room.


We had to send two letters, one of them to you :D


This is the observatory, situated in the muncipal park.


We rested in front of the memorial for victims of several wars before World War I.


This is one of the walking paths in the park.


This is a pond where lots of ducks and turtles are living. It is still frozen.


The weather is not very good, but we had fun anyway.


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Remscheid, Germany - 13th February 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,

today a cute little teddy bear from Hungary, Peti, arrived with Harold from Australia.


Elston will leave tomorrow so he had planned to bake lamingtons, the "Australian national cake" for us as his farewell dinner.

The other two ToyVoyagers from Australia helped hin. The kitchen was a mess afterwards, but they represented delicious lamingtons.

Lamingtons are squares of sponge cake, dipped into chocolate icing and covered with dessicated coconut.

While the sponge cake had to cool down for further treatment Katja offered us a glass of sparkling wine, also very delicious.


Have a look!



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Remscheid-Luettringhausen, Germany - 14th February 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
today the weather was sunny and of course we wanted to go outside.

Katja wanted to meet a friend who is living in one of the other districts of Remscheid, in Luettringhausen.

Luettringhausen is a really old district, with a lot of woodland around.

We went there by bus. On our way to the bus station we saw a part of the town that we saw the first time today.

We went to the bus station in front of the central train station. On the next photo we already reached it.


This is the bus station, in the background you can see the building site of the new central station.



The next photo is showing the town hall of Luettringhausen.


Katja's friend was already outside with the family dog, Pepe. Pepe is a four month old puppy.

We took a walk in the forrest.



When we came home we played in the garden. They have a hanging basket-chair here!



Louis the rat suggested to build a snow man. I liked the idea but Kelly Bear, Peti and Harold Giraffe preferred sitting in the basket-chair.




Katja got a piece of carrot from the kitchen and soon the snow man was ready.



We were chilled to the bone than and went inside. Katja and her friend already made coffee. They also had sweets for us.



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Remscheid, Germany - 15th February 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we took a walk today to the district Hasten and to the outskirts of Remscheid. Hasten is one of the oldest districts of the town, dwellings and mostly old factories close together. This district was not destroyed in World War II, so most of the old houses remained.





Hasten is surrounded by woodland. We saw a hedge of holly, covered with snow. I liked it very much, although it'l looking a little bit christmassy.


Isn't this house pretty?


We than went to pick up Katja's friend who wanted to walk with us. She is living in a district close to Hasten, it is called Rath, a housing area with mostly one-family-homes and terraced houses. From here you can see Hasten again, in the background.



From here we went into the forrest. First we had to cross a road in the valley, than we had to walk uphill again.


Katja told us that in summer many horses are grazing on these pastures. In the background you can see the hill with the town centre, unmistable the silhouette with the water tower and the tower of the town hall.



We were walking along the border of the neighbour town Wuppertal. Hidden in the forrest are a few more small hamlets like this.


We had so much fun in the snow!


On the way back it started to snow again. Can you see it?


Back home we all had to sit on the heating because our bums were wet :D


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Remscheid, Germany - 18th February 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we had a party tonight!

Do you know why?

Theodore is Voyager of the week, so he had a reason to celebrate. Fluffytail and Louis even made a medal for him.



We had delicious food: cheese, olives,  tiny tomatoes, sweet pepper and nachos with cheese dip.






We were even allowed to taste beer.


We had lots of fun tonight.


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Remscheid, Germany - 23rd February 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we visited the carnival procession in Lennep today. Lennep is one of the oldest districts of Remscheid. Katja's partens are living here and it's the only carnival processioin in town.

It is helt for about 30 years on Carnival Monday. There were about 25 floats and marching bands.

First we went to Katja's parents. They are living in the seventh floor, the top floor, of a multi-storey building in Lennep. From here you can overlook the whole old town. Many of those old houses are older than 250 years.



The carnival procession started on a fairground and made its way through the town. It came around the street where Katja's parents are living, so we only had to go down to the street to see it.

It was a rather small procession. In other regions of Germany, in Cologne, Duesseldorf and many parts more in the south of Germany, hell is breaking loose at carnival time, from  Thursday, called „Altweiber“ (insuffiently translated to Woman's Carnival Day) until Tuesday. Almost nobody is working than, schools are closed and almost the complete population is celebrating and drinking gallons of beer (that's the part Katja also loves :D )

We were still waiting for the procession here.


It was coming than!


This is one of the marching bands.


These girls were the winners of the "Miss Shop"-Contests. There were "Miss Aldi", "Miss Fressnapf", "Miss Saturn" and so on. They were wearing fancy dresses made of plastic bags.


I know that you like cows :D :D :D


They were throwing sweets into the crowd, we also collected some of them. We had a lot of fun today.


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Remscheid, Germany - 26th February 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we visited Katja's friend today. She broke one of the bones in the metatarsus about four weeks ago and she had to undergo an operation last week. She still cannot leave the house so we visited her. Katja and Karin are knitting socks when they meet. Katja bought a cheesecake at her favourite bakery.


It was really delicious.



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Remscheid, Germany - 27th February 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
the weather is horrible, no more snow and sunshine.

To cheer us up Katja decided to bake a chocolate cake. I think chocolate cake is the perfect thing when the weather is so bad.

For this cake you need

300 g dark chocolate
140 g butter
4 eggs
200 g sugar
pith of 1 vanilla bean
100 g flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
4 tablespoons cocoa powder
50 g sour cream


First we had to melt 227 g chocolate with butter. The rest of the chocolate had to be chopped.


Than we had to stirr the eggs with sugar and vanilla to a tight foam, for at least 5 minutes. The melted chocolate and butter had to be mixed into eggs and sugar, than flour, baking powder and cocoa powder, than sour cream.  Finally we had to stir the hacked chocolate into the dough.


The cake had to bake for 20 minutes, 175 °C.



It's really delicious :D

Katja said that if we would cut the cake into really small pieces you could call it "cookie". (It would be a good idea because the cake has lots of calories).


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Remscheid, Germany - 1st March 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,

today it was much warmer than this week and the sun was shining. So Katja took me, Louis, Womat, Fluffytail and Kelly out for a walk. When the weather is good Katja seems to be unstoppable :D

She decided to show us Germany's highest railway bridge, Muengsten Bridge. Of course we walked there through the forrest.

Here you can see allotment gardens in a district called "Gueldenwerth".


We walked through a really pastoral area. Doesn't it look nice here? Only a few kilometres apart from the town centre.


We went into the forrest than.


On the next photo you can see how steep it's going downhill here.


We saw a collection of nest boxes for several sorts of birds.



This is an information board which is showing local plants, mostly herbs.


We reached a viewpoint and saw Muengsten Bridge for the first time, at least a little piece of it.


We rested here on a bench, enjoying the sun.


At the next viewpoint we could see the bridge.


Muengsten Bridge is made of steel. It is 107 m high and  spans the valley of river Wupper, which is marking the border between Remscheid and the neighbour town Solingen.

The bridge is 465 m long and was completed in 1897 A.D.

Katja knows a not very common path which is leading through the bricked pillars . From here you have an fantastic view.


... and here the other side.


Just above my heads were the railway tracks.

We walked downhill than, heading for the valley. We walked under the bridge, this time clearly lower than before.


Here you can see the River Wupper, running underneath the bridge, which is almost invisible because of back light.


We reached the valley than and took the following photo on a small bridge.


Half an hour ago we walked along the cute pavilion you can see in the background.


Underneath the bridge a leisure park was established. You can find restaurants here, lawns for relaxing, playgrounds for the kids and more.


After more than two and a half hour walking we decided to go home by bus. Otherwise we would have had to walk uphill for rmore than an hour.



The bus stop is really close to Katja's home.

I was so hungry that I had to eat a large piece of our chocolate cake than.


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Remscheid, Germany - 8th March 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,

yesterday it was rainingl in the morning. In the afternoon a friend called Katja and asked if she'd like to take a walk. She was unsure because of the weather but we got onto her nerves until she finally said "yes".

The ladies decided to walk to Morsbachtal, one of the surrounding valleys where the creek Morsbach is running.

First we had to walk to the district Hasten than always downhill.
What you can see in the background belongs to the neighbour town Wuppertal.




We saw the first blooming crocus in a garden.



Here you can see creek Morsbach.


There are some industrial plants along the creek, mostly companies which are existing for a long time already.


Here you can see trail markings for several hiking trails.
The R in the cirle is standing for "Röntgenweg", a hiking trail around the muncipal area of Remscheid, it is about 63 km long.

The second marking is standing for the project "Regionale 2006".

The encircled W is standing for a hiking trail around Wuppertal, the neighbour town. This hiking trail is even about 130 km long!
This valley is marking the border between Remscheid and Wuppertal, so both hiking trails are overlapping here.

The N means that is this a hiking trail which connects Friends-of-nature-houses.


The next photo is showing one of the old companies in the valley.


We left the valley than and had to walk uphill again to reach the town centre.


Look what happened to the weather! When we started we were afraid to become wet by rain.


It was a really nice trip today.


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Remscheid, Eschbachtalsperre, Germany - 15th March 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
today we took a walk around Eschbachtalsperre, which is Germany's oldest drinking water dam. It was built since 1889 A.D. and was opened in 1891 A.D.

There are several walking paths around the dam and in the vicinity of the dam. We chose one which was about 8,5 km long, only a short walk because of the bad weather.

We started at the dam and walked than into the forrest.



Motorway A1 is close to the dam. Here you can see the motorway service area.



We were sitting comfortably in the fresh moss.


A part of the forrest was overflooded, propably by lots of rain we had last week. Large parts of the tarn were full of frog spawn, on my photo it is not visible.


Our path leaded us away from the dam into the hinterland. Here we saw farms.


We saw an interesting weather vane on a roof.



Finally we returned to the dam.


We reached the masonry dam. In the background you can see a hotel.


Here you can read some informations about the dam.


This memorial is dedicated to the architect of the dam, Robert Boeker.


We took a last group photo, sitting on the masonry dam.


Although the weather was bad we had a lot of fun.


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